Wednesday 10 August 2016

The One People: Ryan & Andy from Wake Up World

Everyone do a 5 minute tidy up because tonight we have guests (well.... last night we had guests)!!

It was lovely to be joined by Andy and Ryan, the founders of the Australian based website Wake up World. Ryan and Andy shared their journey of discovery regarding the enigmatic Gosford Glyphs at Kariong which took them all the way to the Kemet School in Egypt and their eventual, accurate translation.

 We also heard their personal stories of 'waking up', played with the 'mandela effect', discussed the latest video to break the internet and more. Click here for the chat room doc

  ABC scrubs websites of all articles relating to Glyphs.... Bosnian Pyramids

There are no Forests on Flat Earth video
 Original Russian Version English voice-over Earth is an Aliens Quarry video
Walt Disney - Paul Bunyan video

This is the Kurt Cobain's death Poll I mentioned:

 Photo's of the Blue Mountains trip Lisa mentioned.


  blue mountains pyramid 13977811_1593401900686011_660457568_o              


  13932210_1593399647352903_905316766_o 13940146_1593277104031824_1840840999_o  


  blue mountains 2 blue mountains 3

Here are the photos I showed from Gozo Malta

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