Tuesday 2 August 2016

The One People: Headaches, Shadows and Rips in the Veil

Edited 08/02  21:43 to add:

Sorry my friends, I've had to remove the video of todays One People show.  "Someone" reported our intro song under copyright infringement and the entire audio track was muted.... for the whole freakin' show!!  Anyway I've edited the intro out of it and I will re-upload it tomorrow morning.  I'm sorry folks.  ..... this is fuckin' RIDICULOUS!


It was a wild weekend.  A Strange and Weird one.  On Todays One People Show, Lisa and I Discussed the physical reactions to whatever it was that happened, and danced in and out of various Rabbit Holes, including:

  • You might be in a Simulation when......
  • Seeing through the Veil, into the Matrix
  • The Shadow and the Light
  • Setting the intent to focus on the positive this week
  • .... and damn it!  We missed the End of the World.... AGAIN!!!!
Below are the links and videos from todays show.

love d

We Missed the End of the World.... Again!

Pokemon Go Creator Interview:

The FBI agent, discussing Hillary Clinton:

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