Monday 8 August 2016

Kurt Cobain's Death.... Mandela Effect?

This has just come up in the UnFuckers Unite group on Facebook.  It would seem that Lisa called this back in June when we discussed major events and how the "Mandela Effect" could change the details- ie: JFK's assassination and how many people were in the car.

It would seem that another "ME" - Quantum Crossover - has been discovered:

How did Curt Cobain, from Nirvana, die?

I've created a pole below of the 3 major answers that were given in the UU group, but I wanted to spread this out publicly much father to get a broader scope of the spread of the numbers between the "memories" of how Kurt died.

How did Kurt Cobain Die?

self inflicted gunshot to the head
massive heroin over dose
gunshot to the head AND massive heroin overdose
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