Saturday 8 November 2014

The One Network welcomes MIP Peru !!

I am looking forward to listening and watching Dave's new radio show on the One Network!!

MIP Peru. Merge with The One Network. This is the New Radio TV show.

MIP Peru on The One Network First Show to be Saturday 15th November 2014 at 4PM Peru or 5 PM EST and weekly Following.
Click on the link to go to MIP Peru on The One Network, First Show to be Saturday 15th November 2014 at 4PM Peru or 5 PM EST and weekly Following at that same time .
MIP PERU will house the show from their own specially built studio.
This will be built at MIP HQ In Tarapoto. Peru.
Funding to build the TV Radio Studio has been warmly Received by Karl Moltzan  to our Paypal link Left of this site  and more funds for the Aquaponics office set up has been donated by Lars Goran Frederikson.
Here will be where Collective Imagination Meets Collective Consciousness and on a practical level that you can all enjoy and be a part of.
We as a team, will design the New Financial System for our San Roque De Cumbaza Project.
We will then set about the funding of the $30M Needed for the 5 year Reforestation Project of Auto sustainable life form.
And Yes You will  be part of the design to help design it with us with a disply  of,
“Out of The Box Soul searching” will be tantamount to its inception.
Here is how we start.
We have to begin with completely open minds, Throw all the other junk out,
The New System is based on The Triskelion.
First of all know what a Triskelion is.
The ancient Triskelion Thought to originate form Celtic ancient life is however seen in ancient artifacts all over the globe
The ancient Triskelion Thought to originate from Celtic ancient life is however seen in ancient artifacts all over the globe, The 3 nodes represent Past Present and Future.
In Terms of Energy The Triskelion works with the Energy given out by the Human Auric Field, based on the link in time to,
The Past, Present and Future.
Einstein even mentions it and so does Telsa.
Energy is Infinitely everywhere they both said.
So To Bring change it is important that we change ourselves.
 Here is a 7 minute video that explains just about as much as we need to know to get started.
Here is Mike Waters from NEST New Energy Systems Trust in alignment with PESN and Stirling Allan.
You can visit these sites by simply going here
NEST Click here for New Solutions in Energy.
NEST Click here for New Solutions in Energy.

As you may well know MIP Peru (Mission I’m Possible) is focussing on the Jungle reforestation and cleansing of the mind body and soul.
This is the change in each one of us that will see a brighter future.
Less Chaos and more truth, Means More Conscious Humans.
We intend to convert our Office into a living working version of Self Sustainability.
The Change is us it starts here.
Take a peak of our new Aquaponics and Pyramid in our mews garden.
MIP Aquaponics Hydro Ponics and Aeroponic System Complet with Pyramid Seed energiser and Nursury.
MIP Aquaponics Hydro Ponics and Aeroponic System Complete with Pyramid Seed energiser and Nursury.
Plastic drums cut in half to make the grow beds and 4 inch plastic pipe for the Aeroponics.
Plastic drums cut in half to make the grow beds and 4 inch plastic pipe for the Aeroponics.
What we wil be discussing on The New One Network Radio Shows
Welcome to our new Look Radio TV show every Saturday at 4 pm, where we will show you that Free energy is in about everything we can see touch, feel, smell, and even think of. If you can think it , it exists.
Welcome to the new Paradigm.
Up Next There will be a new window on the Top Tab of the Website that will cover the Radio shows and whats is up for discussion and when and with who.
There are attempts just now to create a spanish speaking version of this show with our Spanish Speaking San Roque community So that we can equally appeal to Life in Tarapoto.
The correct vibrationary level of our intent will, will in the Funding for our vast project and this is no 5 minute wonder ride, it needs total Collective consciousness, where you are the main player and we are the Open Source experts of all information.
Here is a List of Themes we will be discussing ( Please go to top tabs if there is something you have not understood) .
  1. The Triskelion and the New Financial Status and How to develope a new Paradigm Project Ourselves.
  2. San Roque de Cumbaza Project Explained The Big Picture, $30 Million For Human Integration to Nature and health wealth.
  3. Reforestation and How EM, Bokashi, Bio Char and Bio Gas is the energy of the future, Water is life and Soil feeds the Plants.
  4. The Plants are talking to us ? Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and all forms of Plants Tell us our history and make up, Find out how?
  5. Aquaponics Linked with Recycling Human Wastes, How we can go about this how we intend to turn Waste into  food & money.
  6. Micro Hydro Power and why Peru has abundant water supply and how we intend to use it as electricity too.
  7. The latest in Innovative technologies and free energy items up for grabs, a chat with some people in the know.
  8. Practical steps to build-in, reforestion to a jungle that has cleary been deforested by all mankind.
  9. Total self sustainable Village and its occupants and the Use of all facilities of the village as a museum for consciousness.
  10. Permaculture and How this project needs 5 years Project and 5 square mile Museum of Human reintegration with Nature.
  11. Healing techniques Using the latest state of the art supressed healing Modalities The Light Mandala is just one of these and a chat with more people in the know.
  12. Crystal energy & Orgonite and How we can incorporate this in our Auto Sustainable living.
  13. Vehicles of the future, Is it electric, Gas, Water powered ? find out what we have in store for the future.
  14. Life in and Around Tarapoto, Peru. Found out how well the people are doing naturally in a self sustainable framework.
  15. The Funding and Film.
Dave and the Gang Say ” lets all get into the Frequency & Vibration and we become the Energy.
In Light MIP PERU.

Click HERE to view the article video

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