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Hope Girl: TON speaks out on OPPT

The One Network Speaks Out on the OPPT

On Thanksgiving day, in one of the bravest interviews I’ve seen in a long time, Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Dani, Mel Batty, and Mel V gave a no-holds-barred personal testimony regarding OPPT filings and their creator Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.
The “OPPT Filings” are a set of documents that were filed with the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) that allegedly foreclosed on all world governments and restored the value of monetary and banking systems back to the people. In December of 2012 several alternative media groups were used to spread awareness of the filings via the internet. This resulted in as many as 20 million people having an awareness of the OPPT filings around the globe.
Two years later, millions of people have attempted to use the filings to stop the oppression of the governments over the people, yet the “foreclosed governments” certainly appear to still be open for business. Never the less, the effect that these filings have had on millions of people has proven to be quite profound in both positive and negative ways. While many alternative media groups reported on the OPPT filings, one group in particular, the One Network, took on the full responsibility of investigating and reporting on the filings and any follow up work from their lead creator Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.
The One Network (formerly known as 5D media) is comprised of a group of bloggers, radio show hosts and investigative reporters that have joined efforts in reporting news and perspectives that the main stream media will not disclose to the general public. For two years, several members of the One Network tirelessly reported on the OPPT filings, hosted weekly call in radio shows, established websites and facilitated the many people that followed what became the “OPPT movement”. Then they took it one step further, and shared a home in Morocco with Heather for the better part of a year.  During much of this time, they were isolated and cut off from most communications with the outside world.
This interview discloses the personal testimony of what they witnessed while in close living quarters with the woman who initiated the filings, that while seemingly had no effect on the governments, affected the lives of millions of people.
Some Highlights From the Interview
“The only reason why I agreed to do this interview is because I feel an obligation to share with everyone that was affected on the blog. I feel that responsibility to be that transparency we talk about. We want to give others who may have been misled an opportunity to heal.”-Brian Kelly
“There were times when the hurt was so bad, you almost thought you wouldn’t come through it.”
“We all stopped writing and Heather came up with a plan that we would all go dark.” –Dani
“We were lured here to Morocco as a job to take down the 5D media platform…”
“Through my daughter I was able to see the things that I wasn’t able to see before…”
“The filings had an effect that triggered a lot of people. They spoke to many of us and people felt it. Don’t regret what you’ve done if you’ve done it while walking in empowerment.” –Lisa
“The love, the connection, the togetherness that we NOW have as a group brings tears to my eyes. It’s like a Phoenix rising.”- Mel B
“I knew in my heart that when the exposure, when the evidence was there that Lisa wouldn’t just stand there and go with the flow. I knew she would do something about it.  I have been waiting for you guys to talk about it. It takes a lot of courage to go in and get into a story the way you guys have. People will look into this and may blame you that the OPPT didn’t deliver what it was supposed to deliver. You got in and got your hands dirty, and people will judge you for having that dirt on your hands, instead of thanking you for doing the work that they didn’t have to do” –Mel V
There is SO MUCH MORE in this interview it is really worth a dedicated listen. You can watch the interview here at  (Fix The World,  The One Network, and Removing the Shackles.)

Fix the World Involvement with the OPPT
Fix the World (FTW) has always been a service-to-others organization focused on humanitarian projects to help bring about change on our planet that would work to end human suffering. We always strive to take a neutral yet active position wherever we can. Because of this, we work with many different groups to see if we can foster collaboration towards achieving tangible results for positive change.
In December of 2012, FTW received the same announcement letter that other alternative media groups received asking for us to promote the OPPT. At the time, FTW was heavily involved in the creation of our new paradigm business model which eventually became the core set of principles for our organization.  We simply did not have the resources or the ability to devote the amount of energy needed to investigate the filings in too much depth. However, we did what we could at the time, which included a full “OPPT for Dummies” report, and a blog post attempting to voice the questions and concerns of the people regarding the filings.  We also developed a short term relationship with Charlie Miller, one of the original signers on the filings, and the other members of his team that resulted in this post.
Hopegirl was also involved in the initial conversations and reviews of the Courtesy Notices put together by Scott and Ken Bartle and Chris Hales. These courtesy notices were used by millions of people who sent them to their credit card companies and other debt collectors. This en masse action appears to be another incarnation of the millions of people who have been using laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to develop a system of freeing themselves from the financial slavery our credit system has created.

Many average people have been working on this for years through resources such as and many have had much success. Take for example the empowering story of Craig Cunningham, a hard working American who was pushed to financial ruin by the banking systems. He decided to get back, sued them for breaking their own laws, and was awarded tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Read his full inspiring story here:
Better Off Deadbeat: Craig Cunningham Has a Simple Solution for Getting Bill Collectors Off His Back. He Sues Them.

Over the course of the last two years, FTW has remained focused on establishing our organization and implementing our projects. We maintained our relationship with the OPPT movement (and many of our other partners) all this time in a neutral but supportive position.
In our QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) project FTW traveled to 3 different countries to build QEG’s.  The first was Taiwan where we were hosted by members of the PFC (Prepare For Change) group and followers of the popular blogger “Cobra”.  The second was Morocco where we were hosted by members of the One Network, and the third was the UK where we were hosted on a private farm by individuals with an enthusiasm for free energy.
In regards to the work of the OPPT filings, there has always been a burning desire in all of us to see how this would eventually pan out. This interview feels like a “full circle moment” where we can finally analyze the results.

HopeGirls Account of the Final Days:

Watching my friends and neighbors give their honest and raw testimony has inspired me to do the same. My family had been traveling for months with our QEG project facing battles of our own in the lower depths of the “free energy cult”. This past year, while we pushed forward to continue working on the completion and release of free energy technology for the people, the system began taking everything we had. They poisoned our water (fracking on our property), took our car (repossessed unjustly), took our home (foreclosed unjustly) and made it impossible for us to survive in America. Yet we chose to keep our attitudes positive and do the best that we could with what we had left.  I arrived in Morocco in the beginning of October to find a new home for my family and the Fix the World Organization, primarily because the cost of living here is ONE FIFTH what it is in America and the quality of life is better.
In the early days of my getting here Mel Batty joined me in my Air B&B accommodations and the two of us set out to find a new place to live. Six weeks prior to this, Mel had seen the “writing on the wall” for what was occurring in Aouchtam (the community that the One Network was living in with Heather) and went to great lengths to mobilize herself and create an exit strategy for the entire community. She taught herself the language in three weeks, went alone in cabs to a location an hour away and started introducing herself to the locals and asked them if they had any homes or apartments to rent. Her vision was a community by the beach in a nice clean area with good internet, nice houses that were all close to each other with space for all of the children to play and be safe. Most importantly, her vision was to keep everyone together, no matter what.
Together Mel and I secured the first home in Restinga, a beautiful paradise community close to the Spanish border in Morocco.  This community in the off season is almost completely empty and the prices are UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP.  It is approximately ONE FIFTH the cost of living here when compared to America. Both of our families have so little money to live on we were amazed at what we were able to find.
Restinga threeThe Fix the World House in Restinga Morocco.
restinga seven
Another Villa a few doors down from us where part of our community now lives.
Restinga OneOne view of the Restinga Neighborhood

restinga six
Another View of Restinga from one of the Apartment complexes nearby.

We then went to Aouchtam to get the rest of them out. It was difficult for me to return to Aouchtam to see how dramatically the energy had changed since my time there during the QEG build 6 months prior.   What once was a community of promise and hope, felt like it had come to the end of an era.  They had no running water for weeks, with many adults and 12 children living under one roof. They had very little if any money between them all. Water was being pulled up in buckets from the well and all washing was done by hand.
I remember sitting down next to Dani while she was sitting on the floor washing her children’s clothing in a plastic basin.  I told her I was praying for her and her family, for all of them… to get out of there and to a place where they could heal.
Heather took her kids and all her belongings and got on a bus to leave Aouchtam for good. Where she went or where she’ll end up, we are not sure.  But then, over the next few days, one-by-one, the rest of the community all left Aouchtam and came to the “Fix the World House” that my family shares with Mel Batty’s family.  They took hot showers, we cooked big meals, everyone had seconds, they slept in beds and on couches.  They sat and talked in groups and in circles. Everyone was on the internet non stop for the first time in months. The kids played on the clean beautiful beach and swam in the sea. I cried.  My prayers had been answered. The healing had finally begun.
Group Meals and long talks, during the first days in our new location.
restinga 4 Restinga is a full Wi-Fi zone with its own internet tower.

 restinga 5Some of the kids on their new playground.

The Butterfly Effect


In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The concept is, if a butterfly flaps its wings, then weeks later a hurricane may result.
If you throw a rock into a pond, you’re prone to focus on the rock, but what happens when you focus on the ripples instead?  Sometimes the ripples tell you an incredibly different story.
What are the effects of the OPPT filings and their creator? Before the OPPT filings were released to the public, many individuals were on a course heading in a certain direction. Each of these members of the One Network had their own individual bodies of work that they had spent years developing. Others in our world have devoted decades to common law and constitutional restoration in an effort to take back some of our rights as human beings. Some have devoted their lives to uncovering secret societies and conspiracy theory. After the filings were released no evident change was seen in the governing systems they were supposed to take down. But great change has been seen in the reactions of the people who read them.
Some Examples of Effects on the People Both Positive and Negative:
Millions of people used the filings as a tool to feel empowered to do something and stand up against the system.  While millions more criticized and did nothing.
Many people stood up against the system in their own personal situations (house foreclosures, erroneous charges, etc.) and failed. They blamed OPPT. Others were successful in an indirect way and credited the filings for helping them feel empowered.
Thousands of hours of time and energy were spent by individuals investigating the filings, what they mean and how they could be used to help the people.  For some, this made them feel like they have a valuable purpose. For others it made them feel like they were distracted and taken away from something more important that they should have been doing.
People started meeting other people that they never would have before through dozens of OPPT Facebook groups and in person meet ups all over the world. Huge relationship changes happened as a result of this. Marriages ended, new ones began. Alliances broke, while new ones were formed.
In the end, one definite result of the filings was a sort of new age culture reset; a separation and reconfiguration of human beings, our relationships, and our behaviors.

Why did this happen?
It seems that every where you turn, humanity suffers more and more. Poverty levels continue to skyrocket, the “middle class” is practically non-existent. And just about everyone either IS someone, or knows someone, that has had a vital part of their livelihoods (home, car, job, food, health) TAKEN from them by the banks and the governments. It used to be that in certain cultures, if you just worked hard, you could make ends meet and support your family.  Not anymore.  In many places, the system with its ever increasing fees, laws regulations and lack, has made it nearly impossible to live.
This leaves us with an ever increasing population of people that don’t have what they need. People who become more desperate, and increasingly creative on how to get by. People who end up in circumstances that are far beyond their control. Yes, some circumstances are the results of poor decisions, but increasingly most of these circumstances are a result of the state of our world.
This is the state of our world, and the state of our people, created by design by the system. The result is a populace of people, desperate for change, and ripe for a glimmer of hope that something like a set of UCC filings could help them.
The truth is, because they had such a wide effect on so many, SOMEBODY had to do the dirty work of investigating these filings to the fullest extent possible. Those somebody’s were the members of the One Network.
Moving Forward and Next Steps
Now that we have finally reached the end of an intense two year investigation, what next?  We are doing well, we are healing, we are blessed to be together and we want to invite The People to join us in our newly repurposed wave of planet changing work.
Currently, every one of us is in high gear to create viable new paradigm businesses that can support others in need while also supporting ourselves so that we can continue to do the work that we do. This is part of a new paradigm profit flow structure which involves the alchemy of giving. (please watch this interview for a full breakdown of this profit flow concept)
In other words, if you help us, we will help others and this is how together, we can fix the world.

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