Saturday 7 December 2013

Now Let's talk about SEX

So we talked about "LOVE", now let's talk about SEX. ..... ok, not exactly "SEX" per se, but Sexual Desire.  Like the  "LOVE" article, I do not have answers, but I think that speaking about it openly may help a lot of people perhaps come to their own answers.   But this is just my personal opinion.

The topic of Sex is taboo in most circles of society, showing the castrating influence of Religion to warp something that has nothing to do with Religion.   To control Sex, is to control human desire and to control the exchange of energy that is part of the physical act of sexual union. Religion has vilified "sex" and turned it into something unclean and sinful..... unless you're making babies of course, lol. 

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession, but more truthfully is that SEX is the oldest exchange of Value- and in some ways the truest form of energetic exchange that we know.

Combine the religious aspects of sexual "Sin" and the societal  structures that wax between telling us that Sex is taboo, then using Sex to sell everything from beer to cars to sunglasses to deodorant, and add the media's portrayal of what sex should be and how you should feel about it and how you should do it and 10 ways to win a man, and 15 ways to keep him panting for more, and 12 ways to turn on your girlfriend, breast enhancements, penis enlargers, how to starve yourself into a stick person, pills for libido, pills for genital stimulation, pills for hormones, pheromone sprays, self heating personal lubricants, make up for your genitals, how to get that perfect Brazilian wax job,  ..... ALL of which create an illusion of what is "Normal".... none of which is attainable, therefore no one is feels adequate or "normal"....

.....and yet very few people are completely comfortable with their own sexuality and their feelings about Sex to openly discuss it, so therefore they live with perpetual feelings of inadequacy believing that they are the only person who feels this way, because obviously the rest of the worlds population are sex gods and goddesses, because that's what Cosmo tells us!

Enough said on that topic, I brought it up merely to spotlight the taboo aspect of openly discussing sex and sexuality, which has been incredibly highlighted to me over the past few months.  So I am going to openly talk about my own thoughts on Sex.

My own personal journey to sexual understanding and my experiences with sex are a perfect back drop to all that I wrote above.  I was brought up in a strict christian religion where sex was equated with sin, unless you're married, and even then, just about everything beyond the missionary position is considered risque and verging on pornographic.  I left the church and home at 18 and started my own journey to discovering what sex was and how I felt about it.....

..... the journey has been an ever challenging, ever confusing one- influenced by what the media said I should be and feel, what my girlfriends (who had also been listening to the media) said I should be and feel, and what my boyfriends (who had also been listening to the media) said I should be and feel.  Which left me feeling .... inadequate and unnormal. 

I enjoy sex!!!  It is definitely pleasurable, and with the right partner it could be incredible.  I am lucky enough to have had an amazing partner for the past 15 years- who loves me and loves pleasing me..... and yet, over the years I have found that my physical urges, my "sexual desire", has been getting less and less.  It's not that I enjoy it less, it's not that I am not having a great time..... but my "need" of it has lessened.

In the past few months I openly started to discuss my very quickly fading libido with a few close friends..... only to discover to my shock that I'm NOT alone, nor the only one.  From there I expanded the conversation to more female friends and with the very few exceptions, they further verified to me that I'm not even remotely alone in this feeling.

The reason I'm writing this article is that almost every single woman I talked to about this said the exact same thing:

"Oh thank god!  I thought it was just me!!!  I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me!!!!"

So I opened the floor to the oh so dreaded "Sex" conversation in my Skype room.  While the conversation itself was definitely subdued and constrained (gotta love those taboos!), many people did respond openly, but more people sent me private messages on the topic- the vast majority of the PMs echoed the  "I thought it was just me!!"  words.  And not all of them were women!!

Here is what I have discerned through all of these conversations:

- a large percentage of those that talked to me about it have noticed a drop in their "sexual desire/urges/needs" for the last few years.

- The vast majority have experienced a drop in "libido" (if you will) in the past 6 months or so

- Almost everyone who PMed me noticed a radical drop in the past two months.

This is where we get into the realm of supposition and personal opinion.  I believe that this drop in sexual desire is directly related to the energetic changes that we are currently experiencing. 

Conversations in the various Skype rooms daily revolve around energetic changes that we are all perceiving and experiencing- from physical and emotional symptoms, to "enlightening" consciousness changes- including many deeper conversations about aspects of consciousness and ONEness that are being experienced by a vast sea of people.

It seems to me that it is no coincidence that so many of us are working energetically and are ALSO experiencing a drop in sexual desire.   That isn't to say that everyone is experiencing this- and in no way means that everyone "should" be experiencing this symptom of change (we are all different and going through different changes and on different paths and perceive things differently!!), but when you receive an outpouring of messages of relief from so many people that are experiencing the same thing at the same time with the same feelings..... I cannot consider it to be coincidental.

What is the answer?  I don't know.  But I DO think that it has to do with the energetic changes within our bodies/minds/consciousness, and that these changes are directly links to a lessening desire for sex.  Is it that our minds/consciousness are now perceiving the greater ability of exchanging energy in other ways beyond physical Sex?  Is it that we are moving to a different consciousness space where physical "sex" plays a lesser role in the interactions of BEings?   Is it simply that we are seeing through the blindfold of sexual mythos that has been created by a society that is warped by greed, possessiveness, control and dysfunction, and are now SEEing that creation for what it is? Is it that we are experiencing "LOVE" at a different level of energetic exchange that is detached from the physical?  Is it that we are consciously lessening our physical desires to encourage us to expand our consciousness to new levels of energetic exchange?

All good questions.  I don't know the answer but I hope that by opening up this topic and asking these question that it may help others who are wondering and questioning and looking for an answer to their  own questions on this topic.

Love D

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