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“Australia’s Stonehenge,”: the basis of all knowledge

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“Australia’s Stonehenge,” and so much more!

What follows is the “Conclusion/Hypothesis” taken from our archaeological paper written on the Standing Stones found within 40 kilometers of Mullumbimby, Australia.
During the brief period this site was first investigated before it was reluctantly destroyed, Frederic Slater (President of the Australian Archaeological and Educational Research Society) was so taken by the implications and enormity of what was constructed, not only did he claim this mound was “the oldest form of temple in the world” and contained within “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing,” he was also convinced it formed the foundation of “all knowledge past, present and future.”
Our brief was simple, to return to the site and determine whether Slater and his on-field colleague were justified in making such sensational claims.


As radical the notion of the first language beginning in Australia at this site may appear to be, we have already heard an Elder of the highest repute state that the first Original Language began in Australia (see You Tube, Egyptians in Australia Part 2), and read of an interesting academic ruse that led the mischievous academic responsible (who is one of Australia’s leading experts in Original rock engravings) to admit that there is no less than a 50% chance all written language began in Australia.
What began as a ploy devised by Australian rock art expert, Professor Bednarik, to counter the criticisms archaeologist Lesley Maynard was subjected to, who claimed that an ancient form of Original art, referred to as Panaramitee art, which is “characterized by thousands of small, pecked petroglyphs,” was the precursor to all forms of language and written communication. Such was the intensity of critiques, which had been leveled at her “for some years,’ Maynard stated she “was happy to bury it.”
Bedanarik, aware that “some of the art of other continents resembled the Panaramitee,” devised a simple questionnaire in defense of Maynard’s stance, with a twist in the tail. “He sent out copies of seven unlabeled diagrams of engravings and asked eight rock art specialists to identify whether they were Panaramitee style or not. In fact they were all from North and South America, Africa and Europe. The score of wrong answers was an abysmal 98%,” in that nearly every response nominated Australia as the country in which this art was created. Bednarik was left with two alternatives, either that “it is not possible to identify a Panaramitee style, or … this is a world wide style.” We, of course, subscribe to this world wide style originating in Australia then spreading throughout the globe.
Frederic Slater, the President of the Archaeological and Educational Research Society, was adamant not only did the First Language begin in Australia, but that he was able to access people who still knew the Old Ways and Tongue.
However, in that respect, Slater made one of his very few errors. To begin with he displayed an acute appreciation for the depth and intricacies of the Sacred Language, but underestimated its resilience. “You are working in a much higher cult which I doubt is understood by present day Aborigines. The teachers have all gone.” We beg to differ, the “teachers” are not gone, just out of sight until the time is ripe, and most assuredly one of those Elders, who spoke on behalf of others with similar knowledge of Lore and Sacred Language, was on site with us when counting rocks and chipping at the edges.

Figure 13: Pyramid rock capstone used southern circle

Figure 14: Pyramid rock capstone used southern circle (note accompanying rock)
That small error aside, a man of his standing and knowledge, particularly in Egyptology, would only venture to make such challenging statements once fully armed with archaeological evidence of the highest calibre. The confirmation of his notes and interpretations along with a summary of some of the “28,000” words Slater had assembled, by an Original Elder fully versed in these matters, appears to be sufficient in every respect.
When what we had always called the six-sided rock was brought onto country, the way it was used, along with the accompanying hand signs and gestures as the Elder shared the six, and at a later date seven, meanings this one rock subscribes, was just as Slater had described in his letters. The rock belonged to this sacred mound, and has since been placed under care by appropriate people. What we did see was exactly how it was positioned and understood in the past. Both President and Elder were in accord. With each word from the sacred Language having four meanings, there are “20 different forms of suffixes” along with accompanying hand signs. This is, without doubt, the most difficult and mystical language ever spoken. And if this is indeed the very first time humans expressed their inner thoughts and inspirations, how far have we fallen?
The smaller mound promised so much, and from an archaeological viewpoint delivered very little. Fortunately, the little time that was allowed was ample for our purposes. With the exception of the small mound, all soil on the flats is a black/grey loam. The thousands of tones of exotic fill, sandstone and clay is a perfect road base simply because it bears no resemblance to the local swampy terrain. It was transported to this site, and equally there are sandstone rocks on site that weigh close to 50 kilograms.
There are records of Europeans, who were busy felling and burning trees disturbing Original people on the mound in 1840, who fled with a few special rocks in hand. It is not a post-Cook construction, that is a fact, but equally, it has no equal in this country and requires a scale of quarrying and transportation that was supposedly never part of the Australian landscape until the British Invasion.
There are no sandstone deposits in this area, nor should there be. Geological maps and hours searching the surrounding area only confirm what Slater claimed in his correspondence, this sandstone was imported from somewhere far off. Whether it is a site 21 kms away, or much further as we suspect, will be resolved soon, but for now the distance is secondary, what can be stated is that it is a massive amount that came from a long way off.
Many of the sandstone rocks found on the northern and southern slope have right angles, smooth faces and lines which seem to be very unnatural. All of these rocks were brought from afar, and leads us to conclude they have been quarried, transported, shaped and in some cases engraved, using technologies which were not supposed to be part of any pre-historic Original tool-kit.
So, in summing up, what was our check-list and as to whether the questions have been answered? In the case of the small mound/burial ground, yes. It is definitely an import, made from material brought from some distance.
There are sandstone rocks by the thousands within and scattered around the edges, most were used for fill but a few were definitely worked and shaped. We have found quite a few of the stones that originally formed “the Mystic Track of Life,” and have a map identifying the position of each rock which was charted about four months before it was reluctantly disc ploughed. The second, much bigger mound was most definitely leveled and terraced before the site was ploughed in 1940, this was also unheard of, but of even more importance was the message written on this boomerang-shaped mound. It breaks every linguistic convention in relation to the content and way humans first spoke. Never the province of esoteric philosophers, the first language was assumed to be basic, few in number and crude in presentation. The Original Sacred Language is a sublime, sophisticated and spiritual merging of symbols, arrangements, hand signs, body parts, animals and numbers into the first spoken and written language.
There are more questions unanswered than resolved, and no doubt some of our explanations are quite radical and not without alternatives. Nevertheless, the smaller mound is totally unique in this country, the materials inside foreign to the surrounding countryside and the sandstone rocks do not belong. Something, whether the participants in attendance or technology applied, was part of an equation which just doesn’t fit into any accepted account of pre-1788 Australia.
If other civilizations were in this country, as both Slater and ourselves are absolutely convinced, it would be remiss to not include Slater’s take on not only their presence but reverence. We are both in agreement in stating the Egyptians came as apprentices to be tutored in the esoteric insights and cultural refinements that were a part and parcel of the Australian landscape and Original philosophy. “There is no mistaking the fact that the aborigines (sic) … gave not only to the Egyptians their knowledge and their foundation of hieroglyphics and their philosophy but formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come.”
Rocks, dirt and archaeology aside, along with the multitude of questions raised, we believe all of this is secondary to the real gift and ultimate blessing this complex can bestow upon humanity in these uncertain times, and it has nothing to do with history or yesterday, but tomorrow. From the time the eight hawks first appeared on request, and even before, the Original Elders and Custodians were united in sensing the power and presence of the “Old Ones.” They were back, and they weren’t going and that has an impact on all of us irrespective of color, creed or gender. As bold as Slater’s declaration was, in suggesting these mounds and messages “formulated the basis of all knowledge” yet “to come,” the Elders and Custodians are insisting that is exactly the case. Was before, and will be again.
Opinions aside, there are facts and historical irregularities that are, as Slater rightly observes, “of worldwide interest.” Amongst all the excellent and sympathetic research, occasionally Slater erred, and one of his very few misunderstandings, his claim that this place is “the Stonehenge of Australia” is simply wrong. The circles of standing stones at Stonehenge chart solstices and important astronomical events, the complex in Australia contains the “basis of all knowledge,” astronomical markers, our First Language, solstices, religious tabernacles and humanities’ past history-beginning all the way back to Creation and spanning forward to future prophecies.
Maybe, just maybe, we have got everything wrong. It doesn’t really matter either way, because as it stands these standing stones and all that did surround just doesn’t fit into any accepted theory of human evolution, development and settlement. That is a fact, the rest of our research is a work in motion totally at the control of Original Elders and Custodians of Lore, and as long as this harmonious arrangement and sequence continues, the truth will prevail and more facts will be revealed.”
Written by Steven & Evan Strong

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