Thursday 5 September 2013

RTS Skype room Sept 3/4

Hello all you awesome people!

This is yet another excerpt from the RTS skype room from the last 36 hours or so.  I've done my best to clean it up and get it organized- but copying and pasting from skype to wordpad does strange stuff to the copies.  I apologize if I've missed names- I've put an * where names are missing- or if  I have somehow mangled the posts and the order they were originally in..... it's taken me over 3 hours just to get it this well organized, lol, and that is while working with blogger twitching having a grand mal every 5 minutes .

(Note: I've added a few notes in the transcript- they are in purple as usual :>D)

*:The CN was always a process of educating the PTW and the agents in the system.  It was never meant to enforce anything.

D: yes.  The CNs were a notice, if you will, to the PTW that we are awake and we KNOW of their fraud.  Many people have actually had progress due to the CNs, which is fantastic for them, but the more important part of sending the CNs out is that it scared the freakin' crap out of the cabal and all their minions to realize that people are now calling the shots.  Not everyone is seeing the positive outcome from this yet, but they will.

[9/3/2013 8:23:28 AM]*: I am sure he did a whole lot more too.  I just know he is now without his home and he did do everything he thought he needed to do as suggested.[Tuesday, September 03, 2013 2:32 AM] kiwirob:<<< yes- right or wrong, I can see why in history oppressive rulers have only been brought down by violent (to at least some degree) action - not saying it's right but I understand how people with their backs against the wall just don't have time to wait.

D: here is the thing that many people seem to forget.  People are loosing their homes left, right and centre constantly right now.  Homes, vehicles, possessions.....  Now, 9 months ago they would of lost their homes.  end of story.  But because of the CNs, people stood up and fought the fraud based system,  in a way that was very public to all the employees of the corporations involved in stealing their property and shared their stories online for all the world to see.  Some won their cases. many lost.  BUT...... in doing so  they were part of an incredible push to put the PTW on notice that we KNOW about their fraud and that we ARE doing something about it!!!!

So...... it depends on your perspective and on how you want to view things- you can say "It didn't work!!  or you can say "I played my part to make it work!"

In my book, every person who sent out a CN and/or forclosure notice is a Hero.  They stood their ground and played their role in creating change. Yes, many lost their property- but the reality is that they would of lost it anyway.  at least they made that loss stand for something that matters.  I love them all- every single one of them for what they are accomplishing.
[9/3/2013 8:24:13 AM] D *: As I see it, if they manage to get a new system in place, it will only take a short amount of time for it to become clear to everyone that it is no better than what we have right now
[9/3/2013 8:37:42 AM] *: I think that it is 11;59:59 SECS on the time clock before things start to happen. No, the world is not going to end then, it is just when the things that we know are about to happen, will start. We can't stop this New World Order. It is sealed by the Elite.

D: We already did stop them darlin :D

D: Why do think everything is such a freak out mess right now in the financial world and politically- it's because they HAVE been stopped.  they are now in a corner- they can't go back, they have to go forward, but they can't do that because they have no assets no money and have lost their power.  so they sit in the corner shouting at each other and blaming each other....... hoping that the world won't figure out that there is no money left and there is only peas in their pea shooters. 
Open your eyes to what's goign on around you and really  LOOK - it's all done.  it's over.

[9/3/2013 9:26:41 AM] vlinder: D... I've a question...
"they have no assets no money and have lost their power"
If they don't have the money (numbers with a lot of zero's on a computerscreen) were is it all gone?
[9/3/2013 9:28:13 AM | Edited 9:28:46 AM] vlinder: Where is the money gone all the people paid to fill some pockets and still do?
[9/3/2013 9:28:23 AM] vlinder: gone into air?

[9/3/2013 10:31:09 AM] kiwirob: [Tuesday, September 03, 2013 8:23 AM]
<<< So...... it depends on your perspective and on how you want to view things- you can say "It didn't work!!  or you can say "I played my part to make it work!"- Morning D . So true!! 
 By "people with their backs against the wall just don't have time to wait" I'd more consider that to be someone who can't feed their family.

Losing one's house is horrible, uncomfortable and not something to aspire to......however - I promise you it doesn't kill you and one beautiful thing happens when your "assets" are stolen out from under can chose to lose your fear.....the freedom is amazing!

 *: gone into air?
D:pretty much.  most of it never existed to begin with, but now they can't pretend any more.   like I said- that's what the NASDAQ and NYSE "glitches" were a few weeks ago- they were stealing all they could in the hopes of using it to keep pushing their agenda...  but when it was transfered over through to Hong Kong .... it just vanished.  that's because that money was no more real than 1's and 0's on a computer screen too.  they HAVE to go to asset backed finances.  but don't have any assets any more.   now.... think this through everyone- what changed radically last year in the area of "assets" in the financial arena?
[9/3/2013 11:37:36 AM] D Breakingthesilence: hint: July 25th 2012
[9/3/2013 11:37:51 AM] D Breakingthesilence: THAT is where all their supposed "assets" went :D
[9/3/2013 11:41:19 AM] D Breakingthesilence:  then it only left valueless printed paper, without value is how I understand it
D:…ahhhhh but it WAS based on "real value".  but it was value that they could never reveal as the REAL value, could they?  To reveal what "value" their entire financial system was based on, would be to show the absolute fraud that they have perpetuated on the people of this planet.  hence then suddenly all the perceived "value" that they based their system on instantly disappears one day in july..... and suddenly they don't have ANY assets to base their monetary system on.
[9/3/2013 11:46:00 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (heart) as we are the real value of course thank you D :* :D
[9/3/2013 12:20:40 PM] vlinder: Ok.... I get it... a bit:) I hope:
The only money that's still out there is backed by our value, but they won't tell us and a lot gone into air by transfers. But the extremely, extremely, extremely rich people.... don't they have any money any more too?

D: heres the thing, let's say(just for shits and giggles) that they (the bank/corporate governments) took YOUR value, let's say that the value they assigned you a value of $1 million dollars.  So they take that, and then they leverage that by at least 100, if not 1000 times- so your value that they are playing with is now on their computers for $100,000,000 (minimum) instead of the $1,000,000 that they really "have".  now times that by 7billion people. They "had" exponentially 100 to 1000 times the actual value on their computers..... but THOSE numbers have NOTHING behind them- it's just make believe.

 Add to that that all the actual VALUE has been returned to each and every person.... and all they are left holding is the pretend numbers on their computer screens.  So when they STEAL $5.8Trillion dollars out of NASDAQ..... it's still just empty make believe "money" with no value behind it to support it, so it's worthless!!

....basically they have been breaking into these platforms and stealing monopoly money and no one will accept it because they all KNOW it's worthless!!!

That is a very simplified version of what's happened- it's actually far more convoluted than that.
[9/3/2013 4:01:40 PM] vlinder: Wow, thanks D. (F)
[9/3/2013 4:02:23 PM] D Breakingthesilence: did that helP?
[9/3/2013 4:02:27 PM] vlinder: So, all the bank accounts with a lot of zero's can do nothing with it.
[9/3/2013 4:02:44 PM] vlinder: but we are all still playing with the monopoly money left
[9/3/2013 4:02:45 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I'm sorry love- I forget sometimes to add the little details that make what I'm saying make sense (facepalm)
[9/3/2013 4:02:49 PM] vlinder: is that right?
[9/3/2013 4:02:50 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I'll try to remember
[9/3/2013 4:03:00 PM] D Breakingthesilence: basically, yep
[9/3/2013 4:03:32 PM] D Breakingthesilence: that's why there are consulates shutting down- for example- there literally is no money left
[9/3/2013 4:03:45 PM] D Breakingthesilence: HSBC called them on their fraud with the consulates
[9/3/2013 4:03:35 PM] vlinder: but why are they accepting our money, while that other money is worthless

[9/3/2013 4:04:14 PM] D Breakingthesilence: because they have to pretend that it's just another normal day in a normal week and there's nothing to see here, move along!
[9/3/2013 4:04:30 PM] vlinder: ok...! :)
[9/3/2013 4:04:44 PM] vlinder: we are holding up the theater
[9/3/2013 4:05:08 PM] D Breakingthesilence: so they pay jonny pretend money on a computer screen from the pretend money that mary deposited that she got paid by the same company that paid jonny the pretend money
[9/3/2013 4:05:29 PM] D Breakingthesilence: it's all just a big loop
[9/3/2013 4:05:47 PM] D Breakingthesilence: they've been doing it for a while- since 2008 actually
[9/3/2013 4:06:23 PM] D Breakingthesilence: but July 2012 came along and Heather, Caleb and Randall basically kicked them in the gonads and took their last dime and gave it back to the people
[9/3/2013 4:06:57 PM] D Breakingthesilence: so instead of having a few years left to keep pulling the they are totally fucked
[9/3/2013 4:07:16 PM] vlinder: ok... but then they have monopoly-money to pay soldiers too... isn't it
[9/3/2013 4:07:21 PM] D Breakingthesilence: Yep
[9/3/2013 4:08:00 PM] vlinder: but who can say... hey stop... you're playing with monopoly-money
[9/3/2013 4:08:03 PM] D Breakingthesilence: but the monopoly money is running out- ask JJ!  he'll tell you about how every month right now he's questioning whether he'll get his Vets pay
[9/3/2013 4:08:32 PM] vlinder: why is the monopoly-money running out?
[9/3/2013 4:10:50 PM] D Breakingthesilence: everyone- and they already are.  hence the BRICs alliance starting  their own central bank system, hence the fact that china, russia and India and Iran are trading oil for gold and other commodities- they are basically BARTERING because there is not money left and they know it- then along come uncle Sam who says "Hey, I'm going to be throwing a war in Syria next week, can you build me some missiles please?"....and china and russia look at Uncle Same and point their fingers at him and laugh their fucking ass off.... because they KNOW that uncle SAm is not only Broke, but in debt up to his eyeballs and NO ONE will lend him any money any more :D
[9/3/2013 4:10:26 PM] Jan Roskott: Money doesn't need to be back by anything to still have value.
[9/3/2013 4:10:42 PM] Jan Roskott: The belief that it has value is what makes it work.
[9/3/2013 4:10:48 PM] Jan Roskott: Just like in the game Monopoly.

[9/3/2013 4:12:21 PM] jan: Money doesn't need to be back by anything to still have value.
 The belief that it has value is what makes it work.
D: nope.  that's what they want you to believe... but it's not true.  Yes, since 1933 everything went off the "gold backed asset" rule..... but it was still backed by the value of the people- they just won't and didnt' tell you that.
[9/3/2013 4:13:18 PM] D Breakingthesilence: gold  has no value- it's just been the shiny thing that they show everyone to make them think that they have value
[9/3/2013 4:13:42 PM] Jan Roskott: But the point I am trying to make is that as long as we believe it has value, it has value ;)
[9/3/2013 4:14:27 PM] vlinder: and why is mon-money running out, in stead of running around?
[9/3/2013 4:14:53 PM] vlinder: as even china etc. doesn't have money left
[9/3/2013 4:14:56 PM] D Breakingthesilence: no it doesn't Jan.  because they could only hold up that charade for as long as everyone would agree to hold it up.
[9/3/2013 4:16:48 PM] D Breakingthesilence: THEN.... they "decided" to do the "New" Financial System and THAT means that they HAVE to have value behind their monetary system- because the REAL big boys won't take them into their "club" unless they have actual VALUE behind their "money"
[9/3/2013 4:17:44 PM] D Breakingthesilence: ...;.. they loved the plan and it was all going swimmingly until that fateful day July 25 2012 :D
[9/3/2013 4:18:06 PM] Arthur Koberinski: Good day all, looks as though the PTW are scrambling around wondering what the hell has happened to their illusions.They will not be able to return the stolen value as a distraction, and are now understanding how screwed they really are.
[9/3/2013 4:18:33 PM] D Breakingthesilence: .EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
[9/3/2013 4:19:27 PM] D Breakingthesilence: THAT is a very very important observation Arthur!!!
[9/3/2013 4:19:30 PM] vlinder: > [Tuesday, 3 September 2013 17:14:29 vlinder] and why is mon-money running out, in stead of running around?
[9/3/2013 4:20:25 PM] Luc: so D you have fucked up my account and donations..... lol with that OPPT (sun)(rofl)

[9/3/2013 4:21:09 PM] Justin Deschamps: ‘Sovereign citizen’ movement worrying officials as 30,000 claim they ‘freed’ themselves from Canada’s laws

[9/3/2013 4:21:14 PM] Justin Deschamps: woot!

 D: and why is mon-money running out, in stead of running around?
Several reasons- it gets "spent"- ie: the government pays JJ his monthly Vets benefits, JJ puts that into the bank, he pays some to the bank for his (fraudulent) mortgage, he takes some and buys groceries from Bill,  and gets his car fixed by Bob.   Now both bob and bill have an itchy feeling that things are not very right in the world and dont' trust the banks so Bill puts his money in  his matress, and bob take s his and buys silver coins and burries them in the back yard.  JJ also pays Barbara for some free range eggs he bought off of her. now barbara puts some of that into the bank, and pays some to Bob for fixing her car and the rest she puts in a rainy day jar on the closet floor.  out of the money that the government paid to JJ, they only got about 10% of that back into the banks, the rest just disappeared off their screens, never to return.
[9/3/2013 4:26:08 PM] vlinder: ok... I follow
[9/3/2013 4:26:09 PM] Jan Roskott: We need to distinguish actual coins and notes in circulation and "fiat money" being used (which is digits)
[9/3/2013 4:26:42 PM] vlinder: but why can't they simply print more mon-money?
[9/3/2013 4:26:46 PM] Arthur Koberinski: the missing funds are why the law societies of the world are scrambling to steal whatever they can before the entire judicial system is exposed for the fraud they are
[9/3/2013 4:26:49 PM] Jan Roskott: the main problem is that the system is set up to fail
[9/3/2013 4:26:49 PM] Jan Roskott: the 1% hoard the wealth
[9/3/2013 4:27:04 PM] Jan Roskott: take it from the people (the 99%)
[9/3/2013 4:27:09 PM] vlinder: o yes... that has to be backed up
[9/3/2013 4:27:21 PM] jan: We need to distinguish actual coins and notes in circulation and "fiat money" being used (which is digits)
D: coins and notes are fiat currency too

[9/3/2013 4:28:41 PM] Sue Rhoades: Their whole system of "lack" is backfiring on them.  They created the illusion, now it's coming back to bite them in the ass.
[9/3/2013 4:28:43 PM] Luc: Even the transitional system got blocked..... lol
[9/3/2013 4:28:58 PM | Edited 4:29:26 PM] Jan Roskott: this is how the Morgans and co seized lots of real assets during the so-called stock market crashes
[9/3/2013 4:29:24 PM] Arthur Koberinski: it never existed in the first place...that IS the entire scam Jan
[9/3/2013 4:29:46 PM] D Breakingthesilence: but why can't they simply print more mon-money?
D:well see they'd like too?  but there were these guys that got pissed off at uncle Sam for trying to pay them with counterfit gold bars that were actually made of gold dipped tungsten? and they took over the "treasury" because obviously Uncle Sam couldn't be allowed to keep just randomly printing money, so they took away all their printing presses and all the special paper needed to print Federal Reserve Bills.   soooooo....... uncles sam can't print any more money.  Ever.  there hasn't been a bill of any denomination printed since 2010.
[9/3/2013 4:29:56 PM] D Breakingthesilence: go look!  I'll wait here..... (chuckle)
[9/3/2013 4:30:15 PM] Sue Rhoades: Yep, it was our perception that kept the game going.
[9/3/2013 4:30:39 PM] D Breakingthesilence: so reason number 2 that the money is disappearing.... it's literally tattered rags because no new money has been printed to replace the old bills that are disintegrating!
[9/3/2013 4:31:05 PM] Jan Roskott: Uncle Sam is the US-The US does not print money The Federal Reserve does. The Feds is NOT the US. The Feds is a private company
[9/3/2013 4:31:56 PM] Arthur Koberinski: not being able to access the Bonds and securities created from them is a bit of an irritation to people who spend $800 on a pair of slacks
[9/3/2013 4:32:00 PM] Jan Roskott: The printing of money is done by the Federal Reserve bank

D: you know that, I know that, everyone in this room knows that..... but the rest o America and the world think otherwise.  I was totally speaking from their perspective. ;)

[9/3/2013 4:32:19 PM] *: the main problem is that the system is set up to fail
D:  it was designed to fail darlin- right from the very beginning!!!  the whole thing was an exercise in duality and separation and designed to completely fail- that's part of the so called "Divine" Plan :D
[9/3/2013 4:32:26 PM] Justin Deschamps: On 9/3/13, at 11:30 AM, D Breakingthesilence wrote:
> so reason number 2 that they money is disappearing.... it's literally tattered rags because no new money has been printed to replace the old bills that are disintegrating!

nearly forgot this point. yah they really don't have any capitol left, and even our sleeping brothers and sisters are selling their stock in the OLD world order.

[9/3/2013 4:33:16 PM] jan: The problem is leverage and the problem is interest
D: it's much more basic than that- the problem is that the entire financial/monetary structure is built on fraud- the VALUE IS THE PEOPLE!

[9/3/2013 4:34:09 PM] *: this is how the Morgans and co seized lots of real assets during the so-called stock market crashes
D: yep and then they lost it ALLLLLLLLL! (rofl)
[9/3/2013 4:34:37 PM] Terra E Stella: If we were not, they wouldn't have used us as collateral in 1933!
[9/3/2013 4:34:56 PM] Jan Roskott: Having money based on people's value is not the fraud. Isn't Heather's concept based on this too?

[9/3/2013 4:39:59 PM] D Breakingthesilence: Having money based on people's value is not the fraud
D:.having money based on the peoples value is just GREAT!!!!!  IF.... you tell them.  if you lie to them and tell them that the people are the debtors and they (banks) are the creditors, and you charge them interest on THEIR own money to buy houses and cars and trick them into thinking that THEY owe the BANKS their own money/value..... yea, THAT my friend, is FRAUD!

Jan: the point is, that a money system CAN work.

D: but why would you want it to?  what is the need of it?  to keep score?  why?  we are all the Value, we all have the same value...... so therefore what is there to keep score of?

Kathy Kelly: Here is an idea that just popped into my head....instead of having to paste chats between Heather peoples trust, D, kathy kelly, Brian, etc into this room, why not just get rid of the agents of distraction from this room so they can have these conversations here amongst the people who are also directly involved in bringing about our new world, thus making all of us do-gooders a part of the conversations (sun) first hand vs second hand. Just an idea.

D: because I WANT the agents in here.  they do all my work for me ;)
[9/3/2013 6:39:37 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i'm fundamentally lazy
[9/3/2013 6:40:59 PM] Kathy Kelley: Lazy D Ranch Tangiers Morocco (rofl)

*:This pops up more questions:
Is every central bank/Fedbank around the world in a corner?
D: yes

[Tuesday, September 03, 2013 8:30 PM] vlinder:

<<< Does China/Russia/Briccs still have money and power or have they also loosed their power to the people?
D: nope- i mean, nope, they have no money
[9/3/2013 10:58:09 PM] *: i believe all BIS banks are in the shite right now... There is literally a handful of non fed/bis banks... Iran, north Korea, Iceland and now Hungary. I think Venezuela aswell.

D: the only non-Federal reserve controlled central banks are Cuba, North Korea and Iran.  Libya and Afganistan were the last two to fall.  before that, Iraq. 
Iceland is controlled by the Fed, so is hungary and venezuela

[9/3/2013 10:58:23 PM] *: Ooo... and what about Saudi-Arabia?

D: 100% fed controlled

[9/3/2013 11:00:27 PM] *: or who is not accepting it anymore?

D: not really anyone- well I mean, the G8 are still pretending, but even that is very strained because they can't even pretend to loan each other money now because they are so broke

*:If the Fed/Bis is running out of money, there's still the Vatican with a lot, lot, lot of that stuff. What about that?
D: the vatican has "stuff" - art , artifacts, property... but they're pretty much broke too, and stuff is no good if you cant' find anyone with money to buy it (chuckle)

[9/3/2013 11:07:09 PM] D Breakingthesilence: THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! - ok there is a lot to cover, so lets get to justin!!  Ok I think I can retire now!  Justin, you're in charge of answers for the rest of tonight :D
Justin: (Justin was responding to a question from Kevin)
> hello everyone.  I would like your comments on the following article please.

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! - ok there is a lot to cover, so lets get to it.

we have to consider logical arguments. When Arguing a point, this point needs to be supported with certain logical assumptions. So we can reverse this process for the author and try and determine what, if any, conceptual basis there is to support his assertions.

Firstly what is this article's conceptual foundation. Essentially 3 fold. that the paradigm report is suspect because the logo used may be a fax or copy, the Corporations listed on it can not be found any where, and Heather has failed, allegedly, to respond to communications, as the 'leader' of the OPPT.
- The logo and manner of the Paradigm Report may not match standard banking reports, however this, in and of itself does not create a logical basis of suspicion.
- The Corporations listed may not be easily found, but there are a great many organizations which are Occult on earth, again this in and of itself does not create a logical basis for suspicion.
- Heather, as the leader of the OPPT, has not made herself available for questioning. This assertion reveals a fundamental flaw in the authors data set, that being, there is no leader! Heather was a trustee, which reconciled the trust as of march 2013.

Finally the author asserts, inaccurately, that the OPPT created an express trust, and placed all the world in it with our duly consenting the people. Again reveals fundamental flaw in the authors data set. The OPPT asserted the Natural Law trust between the creator, and his creations (as far as i understand it) and as such collapsed the fraudulent trust ostensibly created by Unum Sanctum in 1302 (dates could be off).

The Author Refers to Frank O'Collins's statements in march that the OPPT is fraud. (frank never actually said that in the video btw). Frank, like the author, is under the misunderstanding a new trust was created by the OPPT, when i fact it was not (again as i understand it).

- The rest of the article is a series of speculations based on poorly contrived Logical assumptions. Had the author accurate deduced the logic of the OPPT, his speculations would dissolve accordingly.

Therefore, this pieces is one, amounts a litany of pieces, by authors whom do not have key knowledge and understanding of all the data involved.

Oddly enough, I think UCADIA and the concepts of the former OPPT, now the I-UV, harmonize well with each other, it is the people attempting to apply these manifold ideas which improperly deduce that the OPPT is fraud.

/end rant :D
[9/3/2013 9:14:16 PM] Steph: Heather is not Chris Hales, Charles Miller thing was addressed by Randall and Heather...Heather is not a Jesuit...I don't really know what to say, the whole thing is someones fuzzy misunderstanding and filling in holes with untruths...whatever. There is no "movement" anyways.....If folks are confused, I get that. If folks are scared, I get that. I am neither, so I can't really comment

Kevin, looking at that link, the thing that jumps out at me is the apparent supposition that this must somehow be a "controlled opposition" operation by the PTW for the various reasons asserted. All I can think of is that if this is a "controlled oppostion", it should go down in the record books as the most botched one in history. When you stand back and look at what HAS come out (all the data on all levels) as a result of this, it has set a foundation for the deconstruction of the whole control system. How many "old paradigm" structures have put so much information out which is to the detriment of the old structures? How many old paradigm leaders tell us to look to ourselves and each other for answers, instead of themselves? I don't care so much about who triggered what and why they did, I care about what the results on the ground are.

on Earth, most people do not develop the true process of truth acquisition, that being personal involvement in truth discernment. I call this the "Creditability mind trap" Wherein, the being seeking truth, assumes, they are not capable of conceptualizing and processing the raw data, and there for 'stand on' the assertions and conclusions of others. This is how our educational system is based. And this the basis for an elite class. IN a society based on individual personality attainment, this model cannot survive, as the people with that society see the forest for the trees, and will not accept deception. Externalization of reality appreciation.

As a result, because they have not reconciled the data INternally, they can only make generalizations. "opt is fraud because Frank O'Collins said so, OPPT is fraud because Winston Shrout said so."

Once you have attained a process for inner discernment, the source of the data being discerned is irrelevant, because the data will be the basis in and of itself.

"by their deeds you shall know them" has profound meanings in the light of this.. As soon as you attempt to externalize the foundations for YOUR CONCEPTUAL reality, that is when sacrifice KNOWING, for BELIEVE, and cease your development truth attainment within.

If we can recognize when we are 'dismissing data' based on its source, and try and distill the raw data offered by ALL sources, we can acquire a heightened process for truth discernment within.

/end rant lol
[9/3/2013 9:50:12 PM | Edited 9:50:30 PM] Kathy Kelley: I was one of the people who tore the filings apart, googling UCC codes to ferret the meaning in the very beginning. I got one hell of an education and had my own absolute data as a result of the "footwork"
[9/3/2013 9:59:06 PM] Arthur Koberinski: Well said Justin

[9/3/2013 11:17:35 PM] D Breakingthesilence: ...and on that note.... I"m off to bed.  Justin is in charge of answering questions,  kevin is in charge of asking the questions, Kathy is in charge of the naughty corner.
[9/3/2013 11:17:40 PM] D Breakingthesilence: have a good night everyone!


....and....I love you (heart):*(hug)

*: Senators strike deal on Syria resolution
House leaders back Obama on Syria strike ok,

D: 'cause noone else will- including the military (chuckle) so unless O has learned to fly a plane and how to shoot, he's shit out of luck
[11:24:57 AM] * while Cobra is of the devine plan, he has stated very clearly that any attempt to start a war with Syria will sprark "the event"  Fulford has stated the same..... I said, it won't be allowed to happen- by either those in the "Divine" plan nor those working in the Absolute plan (which they are both working for, it's just that the one side is a bit slow in getting the drift (chuckle) )
[11:26:27 AM] D Breakingthesilence: be a observer, stay balanced, meditate on peace and love and visualize the future you know, nuff said
D:to quote heather: imagine the  "Impossible" (I aM Possible) then do what you imagine!
[11:30:41 AM] D Breakingthesilence: We will need a system of exchange, do we not?
D: you give me wheat, I give you a loaf of bread, you give me milk, I give you a hair cut, you give me some carrots, I give you a hug.........
[11:36:15 AM] Jan : If we "build" an exchange, we will use units of something to understand how we go about exchanging things of similar value.

D: who defines the value of something?  Do Canadians place the same value on clean water as the berber tribes in the Sahara?  Do those in the tropical forests place the same value on a banana as those living in the arctic?  No.  the value of something is ever changing according to the needs of the persons involved in the exchange. I might have an old pressure foot from a sewing machine that doesn't work any more laying around in a junk box- it's worthless to me, but to the person that needs a pressure foot to fix their sewing machine that they need to make clothes for their village, it's worth more than gold.
If "someone" decides to set up units to describe the value of things then that person is setting up a control mechanism geared towards their perception only.  thereby giving them a set amount of control.  I need no one to tell me what value is or what the value is for something I have or need.  I KNOW what value is.
[11:36:46 AM] *: If we "build" an exchange, we will use units of something to understand how we go about exchanging things of similar value.
D: why?   why in the world would you set up yet another system of control?
[11:36:49 AM] nick mckenny: D Breakingthesilence: <<< that ok, 'cause noone else will- including the military (chuckle) so unless O has learned to fly a plane and how to shoot, he's shit out of luck

>>>Here is something from mainstream media, that I though would be relevant in light of the current discussion.
[11:38:42 AM] *: I have the impression we have definition issues as the i-UV exchange uses a concept of "money" as well.

D: the filings talk of Value.  they give a representation of value based on the current system of finance.   BUT it is the value that is the root.  I  can say that this dozen eggs represents one hair cut- but that doesn't mean that a dozen eggs costs one hair cut.  Do you see?

[11:44:32 AM] Luc: D I am sorry who invented CVAC ???? that was the OPPT group or not.... So I am sorry but have to say this.... Are you then all divines???
[11:45:11 AM] Luc: Do you have then maybe a divine plan agenda .....
[11:47:22 AM] Luc: I am sorry the ranting against CVAC's that have been invented by those now propagating only energy exchange and no transitional model is for me a bit hard to swallow and makes me think your in seperation not unity thinking.
[11:50:11 AM] Luc: I am writing an article on that. Do not forget where you all came from and lots are still in.... the shit that OPPT filings and CVACs wanted to address as a tool not the only tool ...I do not like the superiority that is blown out here the whole time as if Heather and others are the gods that are telling us what way the winds blows now.... I am sorry I am THAT I AM not what someone else things I have to be......
[11:51:41 AM] Luc: Had to get that out of my chest.... if that is enough to throw me out and shut me up please do....  I have been working with all so long and see now how people are getting dropped as filt. By those in groups rampiing up to feel superior in being able to create their realities.
[11:53:39 AM] Luc: fuck it
D: my friend.... where did that come from?  When has anyone ever done this?  or more importantly, when has Heather or anyone associated with Heather or the trustees ever allowed themselves to be put upon a pedistal?  What is the basic statement that Heather has been saying over and over?  (All of us in fact):

DO what resonates with YOU.  Listen to your heart and use your tools of resonance to guide you to whatever you feel is the truth.

You are you. and only YOU.  DO Luc, as you always DO.  You're fuckin awesome in who you BE and what you DO, and I don't think that anyone here would ever tell you to DO anythign different.  I love you brother (heart)

[11:56:36 AM] Luc: I think things have some validity in trying to give a transtion a change and I belief we need to have for all a way to get eventually to a total vibrational frequency exchange....
[11:56:44 AM] D Breakingthesilence: D I am sorry who invented CVAC ???? that was the OPPT group or not.... So I am sorry but have to say this.... Are you then all divines???

D: heather created the CVAC early on- before the Dec 2012 emails that even announce about th eUCC filings.  the CVACs were an earlier creation to change the monetary system.  I believe (and this is me talking, not heather) that once they were "launched" the trustees realized that the CVACs also were a control mechanism.  I know that when Heather talked about the CVACs immediately we were inundated with emails from people saying "I can be in charge of the German CVAC"  "I would like to help organize the Canadian CVAC"  "I can set everything up for the distribution of the Italian CVAC"..... and suddenly I realized that the CVACs were going to be another tool of control used by those who set them up- not meaning that everyone who wanted to help were bad or trying to get control.... but just by their very set up, they became a control mechanism. After that, Heather launched the I UV system.  the I UV replaces the CVACs and gives NO ONE control over another persons value.

.... in my opinion?  the CVACs were a tool to draw out those that would usurp control from the people and use the CVACs to try to set up another system of slavery.  It was a tool to make visable the "Divine" plan and the plans of those who thought they could take advantage of the UCC filings for their own benefit.
 (my added note:  the CVACs were designed to be a replacement of the current system. Once it was launched, it was quickly usurped by those with not so transparent ideologies.  Hence the fact that Heather launched the I UV, as I said above.

[11:54:58 AM] Christine Hauser: All the Swissindo People that I have become friends with on facebook are sending me emails but not in english. I have no idea what they say. I think they are offering some amount of fiat money? i will listen to MelV's mideo tomorrow as I am off to dream lan now. Got to get up early later today

[12:04:14 PM] nick mckenny: Here is one of the biggest communication breakdowns I see repeatedly. I know that I have been guilty of it in the past. When speaking of VALUE our minds tend to automatically hear the synonyms of the word instead of the actual word. Dollars, Gold, Property, are the words we have been programmed to hear when speaking about valuables. Since the root of the word valuable IS value, the association is readily made. Then I started to realize that without PEOPLE, there is no one to mine or covet gold. There is no need for money, or its creation. There is no need to have, hold or fight over land. ALL of the value system is by OUR consent!( Although not necessarily our creation.) The system we have been using up to now obviously does not work. I will not go into the details, nor do I think I need to. Especially here. I would like to say, however, that the untenable nature of that system has been artificially accelerated recently. So what kind of a value system do I want, moving forward? Good question. After all of the years of societal programming, I am not even sure I could fully imagine such a system. One thing I do understand... Value, expressed in dollars, regulated by banks and private corporations(ie. governments) DOES NOT WORK! Value should no longer be measured in currency.

[4/09/13 2:09:11 PM] Reuben Bailey: Jan, why are you concerned about ensuring that things are of "similar value"? Why does it matter? Who determines the value in such a system? What is the problem with people creating what they love to create and giving it away, knowing that they will get what they need and want? Why put so much emphasis on the "value" of things, rather than the value of people?

[12:53:14 PM] Jan Roskott: I don't have to put emphasis on the value of people :). That is a given for me. The issue we discussed, was the role and form of "money". Or an exchange medium. I believe ( I might be terrible wrong) that we will need some form of exchange medium. That is a base assumption for me to use in my discussions of this topic of money and money-systems. Clearly, you believe an exchange system is not needed?

*Value, expressed in dollars, regulated by banks and private corporations(ie. governments) DOES NOT WORK! Value should no longer be measured in currency.Why would we want/need to "measure" - quantize "value" at all?
Some things seem to come-up over-and-again - even in here:
The "OPPT" or the "trust" that went by that letter-code WAS a tool - that was first used to set some basic truths and definitions straight - most of all the definition of >Value< - to expose and proof the inherently fraudulent nature of the slavery-shytstem - and then as a self-destruct-device to bring down the whole fraudulent system of "trusts" and has served it´s purpose well I should say.

The I_UV is a concept - a truth revealed - a paradigm corrected - how we get to manifesting it in each of our every-day-lives and interactions with "other" IMbodiments of Universal Value will play itself out - in both the Macro- as well as each individual Micro-sphere of influence.

Jan : I believe we will need something of external value as an exchange medium.
D: then go ahead and make one darlin- you can make Jan bucks or what ever you like.  but don't expect me to pay with them or to use whatever value system you work out for yourself.  I will use what ever resonates with me and encourage everyone else to use what ever resonates with them. :D

* give everyone on the planet free energy and replication technology and no one will ever need money again....remove the struggle for survival and minds flourish
D: bingo!  (clap)

[3:55:00 PM] *: I do not resonate with Karen Hudes see there is still not told the absolute truth.....

D: neither do I- I have yet to see her "whistleblow" on ANYTHING that is new or not already known.   here's a prediction for you- over the course of the next few weeks she'll start with the fear porn.   I have one shiny Dirham to put on the table.  anyone want to bet?
Jan: To me, money is materialised energy.
It is not necessarily bad.
D: no. money is the REPRESENTATION of energy.   there is a very very big difference between money being something and it being a representation of something.   semantics are very important here

[3:57:44 PM] Jan : an exchange mechanism
D: an "exchange mechanism" doesn't need money or any basis of value that is mandated by someone else.
[3:58:15 PM] Jan: How can we expect my brother in law, who has a good job in a transport company to abandon that life for some flakey vision?
D: no one said he has to.
[3:59:17 PM] Jan: I am simply referring to the different dates we missed, with OPPT documents and apps and exchanges
D: no you're not.  that has absolutely nothing to do with the current topic of conversation about "money" and Value and exchange.  this is a brand new topic that you are bringing into the conversation.

[3:59:49 PM] Jan: we are not capable of explaining to each other here what that future looks like?
D: sure we are.  we have been for a long long time.
[4:00:40 PM] Jan: to start off with: people can't put it into words.
D: people have been putting it into words beautifully every single day.

D: you and many other seem to think that the I UV Inchange isnt' up and running- and yet it is!  I exchange value with heather, I exchange value with you and everyone in here, I exchange value with muxi and with Bill and with many many others.  Nick exchanges value with the neighbor when he fixes the kids bike and the mom gives him a plate of cookies.  my daughter exchanges value with her friend when she gives her some paper to draw on and her friend gives her an eraser to erase the mistake she made on her homework,  Bob exhanged value with several people to get a ticket to morocco, ........  these exchanges are going on constantly all the time.... without any system whatsoever.  because I know and am fully responsible and liable for any exchanges I make with any other person.

Jan: Ok, so if I can't pay my mortgage now and the bank is threatening to push me out of my home. That is in front of me now. What can the Cn and the I-UV do for me?

D: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"?

I spoke about all of this yesterday.  scroll back (or someone can bring my comments forward please)  the CN etc have done an incredible job of moving things forward. as I said already.  Everyone is a hero in my eyes on this topic.

[4:19:38 PM] Jan:  So what is OPPT then for me?
D: oppt is nothing- it's retired and doesn't' exist any more
[4:20:17 PM Luc:: We are not saviours nor gods to others nor is the OPPT or other tools always the sollution it is about you and growing and getting into your inner power.... I can not do it for you. But I am here to be  supporting you or sheering you or listening and maybe advicing but not doing it for you....
D: .Awesome!!!!  (clap) exactly
(note: I'm sorry, I've lost the original post that Jan put in skype- so below is the cut and paste that I did at the time of replying)

[4:21:57 PM] Jan : CNotices had a purpose
D: first off the CN's were created by Chris Hales and the Bartles- they had nothing to do with the OPPT trustees.  they did the job they were  suppose to do: to notify the corp/governments that we are awake and aware of their fraud.

Jan: the I-UV exchange would come
D: it's been here ever since it was published

[2:23 PM] Jan Roskott: <<< Swiss indo would make digits available
D: again, nothing to do with OPPT, it's (former) trustees or anyone involved with the I UV INchange

[4:24:43 PM] Jan: The app is still not here?
D: the "App"?  :^)  I assume you mean Project XIII which also has nothing to do with heather or oppt.  it is a private project created by Caleb.  the windows app is out, the i phone people are being a bitch so it's not out yet and the desktop will be launched in the next week or so.

(Note: apparently the istore has accepted the ProjectXIII app and it should be out in the store within a day or two)

*:I said there is more than only OPPT and others have contributed to the exposing and bringing out of truths also.
D: exactly again- and heather is the first person to talk about all the help she had in formulating all the documents and filings- to talk about the groundbreaking work people like winston shrout have done to start the process, and the work of others like Drake, and wilcock, and fulford and various channelers to wake people up to what's actually happening around them.  this is NOT a one person show!!!  The basis for what has been done- the UCC filings  etc.... have been brought to this moment by teams of people who have worked through the system of corruption- many to their own detriment- look at heather and calebs friend Miles!!!  NO....... This is about the work of EVERYONE.

[4:37:07 PM] jan:  And I simply want to understand how things will work out, according to the OPPT visionaries
D: there are no visionaries here darlin :D

[4:39:19 PM] Jan:  Because somehow people are quick to dismiss the concept of money but at the same time tell me that "it is all unknown"
D:  (chuckle)no. that's not once been said.  that might be your interpretation according to your perception, but it's certainly not mine

[4:42:18 PM] Nick: OPPT just took things a little further by finding a huge fundamental flaw/paradox with the entire basis of the entire 'legal' system, and used that paradox to shut it down. Like that movie plot where the killer logic robot is given an illogic loop , to fry its own circuits.
D: yep- as I said before- based on the hard work of many many others who were also working for the same thing- to take down the system of corruption.
[4:43:16 PM] D Breakingthesilence: one of the main differences is that :
a) the Trustees actually DID it
b) they then gave it to the people and didn't' turn it into a revenue stream, and didn't' ask for a single dollar to do it.

[4:44:47 PM] K: athy Kelly:  everything has become transparent. There is absolutely NO THING HIDDEN any longer (clap)
D: nope- it's all being made very very transparent darlin ;)
[4:45:18 PM] Carol: ok so then lets get our DOV implemented???

D: go for it!!!

[4:48:39 PM] *: when enough souls demand the banks redeem their value... attraction rather than promotion, the banks will have to conceed or cease to exist
D: yep!

*So, if we re-cognize our real value and take it back, there's no-thing to limit us.
D: you know what?  I'm going to get a stamp made that says "EXACTLY"!!!!:D

*: we are all part of ONE, all have our missions and roles....if it were not for the Fulford and Wilcock and the many others, I would not have awakened and I would not be in this room either...knowledge is power, discernment is necessary
D: EXACTLY!!!!!   even those working for the "Divine" plan are working or the  Aboslute plan ;)  even the cabals agents that they planted to try to reek havoc have actually done amazing things to wake people up.  it's actually quite comical when you really look at it, lol (rofl)  Occupy Wall Street is a prime example of their plans completely failing!!! :D

[5:16:37 PM] *: Sooooo....I guess that tank to take down the Monsanto labs is out of the question..
D: not so fast!!!  I'll drive!!!! :D

Luc: No need to take out anybody only ignore and be... All that is not up to the new frequency and new way of being and creating in oneness will disappear eventually

D: awwwwww!  But Luc!!!  taking a tank to Monsanto would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!  you're ruining my happy moment :(
[5:17:37 PM] D Breakingthesilence: (chuckle)
[5:18:31 PM] Luc: bunch of militant quietly loving monsanto ones.....
[5:18:35 PM] Bill American Kabuki: Would you settle for  a d9 bulldozer?

D: nick can drive !!!

[5:20:21 PM] Luc: bunch a missles filled wiht laughing gas would do also

[5:22:24 PM] D Breakingthesilence): (angel)we can shoot them with non gmo tomatoes.... hold on I'll go manifest some!!!!
[6:40:23 PM] Carol: Hey D -- next time you manifest something video tape it -- would love to see that.......
D: .darlin, it's not manifesting out of thin air. :D  I havent' mastered that yet.  but when I say "I need something to treat my daughters scalp condition and my husband walks into the house and say "What's this herb?" and it's the perfect herb I need to make an infusion for scaly scalp..... that's called "manifesting".  when I think: "I NEED some chocolate!!" and heather walks over and gives me a bounty bar 15 minutes  later- that's manifesting.  when Nick needs a cresent wrench and I'm going to the market and the first thing I see is a guy with exactly the right crescent wrench he needs for 40 dirham (about $4.50 US)- that's manifesting.
* :Bingo!!!  That's how we consciously create.  You make the intention known, via thoughts/words, then watch for it to show up to you!  This can happen in any way.  But its all conscious creation!

The rest of the evening has been spent with people reciting all the magnificent manifestations they've brought into their lives.... but that will be told another day.

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