Thursday 12 September 2013

Project XIII Desktop: Interview with Caleb and D

I just did an interview with Caleb Skinner for the launch of ProjectXII- the Desktop app!!  We kept the chatting to a bare minimum and managed to keep to the bare basic essentials and the interview is about 15 minutes long it total.  With the wonderful help of American Kabuki to upload the audio into video format and onto Youtube..... it's a team effort. :>D

... Just the facts mam

The PXIII desktop app will be released most likely in the next few days- I will definitely let you all know the moment it's ready to go.

The first launch will be an alpha version- which is fully explained in the interview.  For the First while Caleb will not be answering a lot of technical questions, as he's highly focused on the next sections that will be added to PXIII for the beta version very soon, BUT... if you have any technical concerns you can email ProjectXIII here:

Please watch and share the video!!!  I'll meet you over there very soon!

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