Sunday, 29 September 2013

I am I

I had a message that I wanted to pass on today.  I sat at the keyboard several times and it just didn't.... flow.  I've learned that when it doesn't flow, there is always a reason and to just put it away.  32 minutes ago Lucas sent me the link to his latest article and I then knew that the flow was waiting for his article.

My message is quite short tonight and comes from several conversations I've had with some of the most amazing people that I have the privilege to call my "family".

I AM ..... I






..... ONE

I am I.

I is ONE

ONE IS Eternal Essence.

Each perception IS ONE

Each Inbodyment IS ONE

Each ONE is Eternal Essence

Each Eternal Essence is I

I am I
           Eternal Essence Inbody
                Inbodyment of ONE
                        One body of  I

I am I

Call Out One- Sept 29th, 2013

File:The one ring animated.gifCalling out the  darkness in the night. Everybody is asleep and nobody listens.

Calling out the darkness in the light.  Everybody is awake and nobody listens.

Calling out the light in broad daylight. Everybody is awake and still nobody listens.

Calling out the light in the deep dark night. Everybody is asleep and still nobody listens.

Calling out…!

Do they listen?

If the One is found without old darkness and old light polarities  interfering in the balance of all, all will listen and see.

No dark nor light will be important anymore as just all IS and therefore it does not matter in the space of One who is on what side as there are no more sides.

Call out One and see One in all.  Now they will listen.

If you still perceive the old as being One in separation ask yourself if One in You can be split without hurting yourself. Call the One within and see and listen.  One will talk about harmony and balance instead of  division and hypocritical thinking and acting with deceit and lies. One does no talk about ego or being more or better. One is all and all is One.

Call out your name it is One with all. One is the Oneness and unity that is real. It is felt in your heart and  it is heard with your ears, it is seen with your eyes and it received with all your senses.  One interacts with all sides as it is One with all. One calls out the one in you to be but consciously.

No rights or wrongs are necessary as One is always there where ever you wandered off.  Learning and experiencing. One  is NOW. One stands strong in its power of Being.

Love and Light,

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