Wednesday 6 June 2012

A Soldier Hug- message to the oath sworn

Brilliant!!  That's all I have to say about this new website.  Make it Viral!!!!!! The message is far to important to be missed by a single member of those who have “sworn oath of service” to defend against all ENEMIES of the united States of America both foreign and DOMESTIC.


This Mission

SoldierHugs was created in support of the Freedom Reigns  information and Drake´s broadcasts  with the specific intent in mind to give our brave men and women of the US Military a central and collective platform to view support and authority given by the citizens of the USA and other peoples of the planet to act accordingly by intervening in support of MASS ARRESTS, DETENTIONS, and ADJUDICATION of the criminal elements that have illegally usurped our societies, governments, and planet.

This blog is also intended to give both the general civilian public and military personnel a platform with which to communicate and interact with each other via blog postings and comments to be viewable by all openly.

It is my upmost and heartfelt desire that this blog serve as a “common ground” for all of us to unite in our joint mission and against our common enemy of the dark cabalists whom seek dominion, control, degradation, and enslavement of the planet´s populations.

It is time for humanity to ascend and manifest its intended nature of enlightenment, freedom, and plentiful prosperity for all people and move into the “Golden Age” that we are so overdue to achieve from the consorted efforts of those whom seek to deny us these divine rights.

 Open letter to all US Military Men and Women worldwide;

Create a Soldier HUG

“Civilian Authority and Supportive Action Request”

               As a means of enacting and communicating my constitutional free will civilian authority, I hereby request and instruct with full intent as a citizen of the “united States of America”, all oath sworn Men and Women of all united States of America military forces and/or extensions thereof to recognize, act, and abide by this same “sworn oath of service” to defend against all ENEMIES of the united States of America both foreign and DOMESTIC.

           I hereby request the complete acknowledgement and appropriate response to treasons committed against our Sovereign Republic Nation by a large covert and illegally conspiring conglomerate among which include political officials, financial experts, banking and regulatory institutions with organizational structures and hierarchies that have intentionally infiltrated and embedded themselves within these highly influential positions ILLEGALLY, and with preconceived malicious intent aimed at forcible manipulation, control, enslavement and degradation of the lawful citizens of these united States of America and other International States and peoples of the planet.

        I hereby faithfully and lawfully request all united States Military personnel to act in support in the MASS ARREST, DETENTION, and ADJUDICATION of these criminals under the appropriate and lawful mechanisms by which any such “Individuals, Entities, or Structures” are determined to be in breach, conflict, and directly illegal under our original or lawfully amended;

Constitution for the united States of America, Declaration of Independence, and Articles of Confederation.

       Additionally, I hereby authorize the support and action necessary in cooperation with united States Marshall Service, local State Police, County Sheriffs, and local organized Militia groups on American soil in the successful arrest, detention, and adjudication of any and all such treasons perpetuated by Individuals, Entities, or Structures involved the aforementioned criminal conspiracies as

ENEMIES of the united States of America.

   With authority, love, admiration, humility, reason, and above all GRATITUDE, It is hereby my free will choice to Stand and be Counted for reasons of participating in this collective and MASS CIVILIAN AUTHORITY communication to our

united States of America MILITARY PERSONNEL.

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