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Defeating the Empire

Almost every story ever told is based on the premise of Light vs Dark, Good guys vs Bad guys, White hats vs Black hats, Rebels vs The Empire.  As the stories unfold, the good guys go through terrible hardships and set backs, many times teetering right on the brink of annihilation, yet they continuously move forward until they finally vanquish Evil Emperor Palpatine, and have a the biggest block party ever seen in the Galaxy. know, the whole Star Wars epic isn't all that far from the truth if you really stop and think about it.

Right now we are in the middle of the climactic final battle scene.  The Rebel forces have joined with the native Ewoks, fighting against the Emperors minions. While unseen by the forces below, the ultimate battle of light vs dark rages, with the withered arrogant evil Emperor smugly watching on.

Light vs Dark is not just a literary cliché.

So many articles and interviews and reports right now are focused on the crusade against the corrupt abomination of the Cabal.  The world is finally waking up and unplugging themselves from their TVs and Playstations, and voicing their cries of outrage against the Illuminatti and the forces of Dark that have come so close to taking over our planet in entirety.  This mass awakening is creating the light, and infusing that light with the power of the people.

Our focus now, right now, must be to empower that light with more and more energy, awakening more and more people, continuing the chain reaction that is propelled and propelling us forward.

Cobra from 2012 Portal gives a pretty good synopsis of the balance between Light & Dark and the compression breakthrough that we are working towards.

Grid Ratio between Light and Dark

The purpose of this post is to explain the balance of power between the Light and the Dark forces on this planet as a response to some comments in my blog. Further comments and questions are welcome but please with clear logic and without the emotional drama of “Cobra’s clones”, “shills for Rockefeller” and  “disinformation agents.”

Light and Dark are equal and opposing forces and this is the reason for the status quo. The Dark are prevented from carrying out their plans of putting everyone in their FEMA camps, starting WW3,... because the Light are opposing them. The Light are prevented from implementing NESARA, introducing free energy,… because the Dark are opposing them. This situation can only last until a certain point when the compression breakthrough will happen, the Light will win and the Dark will surrender / be defeated.

Positive ETs have technology to block the nukes from the distance in most cases. The reason why they can not block all of them is quantum foam anomaly on this planet that can sometimes cause their advanced technologies to malfunction (remember Roswell UFO crash). Therefore some of the remaining nukes need to be cut off from the Cabal by Resistance ground personnel. The Rothschild and Rockefeller factions had full access to nuclear weapons until December 2011. Only after that problem was solved in January 2012, the Plan for mass arrests could move forward. The Jesuit faction had some access to nuclear weapons until a few days ago. Only after that was solved, real negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal could start taking place.

The Cabal is now weakened but not yet without power. They still have access to conventional  and also some chemical / biological weapons. 20% of the military and at least 40% of the general population is still supporting them. They still have full control over the media and their Rothschild banking casino is still open. Even if the positive ETs intervened this moment, they could not block all negative actions of the Cabal against the general population. Imagine what just one massive attack with chemical weapons would do. 

The other factor here is the deeply ingrained fear in many of the positive ET races. They have been through their share of the galactic wars and to tell you the truth, they do not like the idea of being involved into something like that again. The Pleiadians have clearly stated to me that they will massively appear only after the Cabal is removed. They are happy to assist, but only from a distance. I had great problems years ago getting them more actively involved in the liberation of this planet.

Liberation of the planet would be much simpler if the general population would not be so deeply programmed so they could cooperate with the Plan. The key here is to take control over the mass media from the Cabal. Therefore this is the first condition for their surrender.

Also, through the control of the mass media the Cabal wants to create an illusion that nothing is happening to discourage people from actually doing something to speed up the changes. Actually much is going on in the background, as me, Drake and Fulford are reporting.

If you want to actively participate in the change (apart from the mass meditations) I have a suggestion: it would be nice to gather information about the top players in the Cabal, who they are, what they did, where they live, their addresses and phone numbers. For Rothschild and Rockefeller factions, this information is quite easy to get and it would be good to post it somewhere on the internet in a clear and concise way. When they are exposed, they will cooperate in negotiations even more and will be less prone to dirty tricks.

Further explanation about the votes on this and other websites: the purpose of the voting is not to decide the future of our planet, but to give the Light forces an idea of what people want so we can negotiate better.

Click HERE to go to Portal 2012

The intense effects of directed meditation, prayer and visualization are now being measured across our planet.  Even scientists are now studying the achievements and repercussions of directed meditation and the emotional outpouring of our hearts to create chain reactions of change.

This isn't new age hokum, it's  quantum physics.

I strongly urge every one to watch the two videos below.  The first one talks about the power of meditation to bring peace, and the second one is Greg Braden explaining the heart field and it's effects on our reality.  I highly recommend watching any and all of Greg Braden's videos (there are tons available on You Tube), as he discusses not only the effects of our heart and the field it generates, but the interaction of our emotions on our health and physical surroundings.

WE are the catalysis of change.  WE THE PEOPLE.

Back to the discussion I've been having recently about all the various players that have a strong presence in the roles of game changers.  As I said last week in the article "Updates for the first week of June 2012" ...

"Every one of these people/groups are working on a different part of the puzzle.  From their vantage point they can only see the part that they are personally working on.  I think that when they look at the section someone else is working on, they don't necessarily see the pieces that will tie their section of the puzzle to the section that another person or group is putting together.  To think that any one of these individuals or groups knows EVERYTHING .... is a mistake in my opinion.  That doesn't make them wrong. It just means that their section of the puzzle hasn't necessarily gotten to the point of being connected to the other sections yet.
But we will see the completed puzzle very very soon, and then we will be able to stand back and view the different sections and see how they have come together to create the whole picture."
We need to work together.  You may not "believe" some of these things that are being talked about, you may not agree with some things that are being talked about.....  But fighting, bickering, and backstabbing only feed the dark.  Remember this!

You may think that Drake's "Poll" is ridiculous and a waste of time. BUT.... it serves a purpose.  People are focusing on the issue and where there is focus, there is power.  When there is discussion, there is focus.

In my opinion the poll itself means nothing.  But the intent of the people, and the focus that has been put on THE ISSUES raises awareness none the less.

Instead of tearing apart one another, how about we put that energy to work for us?

If you WANT Change,  then you must be the change you wish to see in the world.  YOU can create change.

You don't need to band together with sling shots and clubs and spears, you don't need to roll large logs down the hill at oncoming  AT-STs, or catapult boulders at the legions of stormtroopers.

Let your heart do the work.  Smile.  Laugh.  Love.  All of these things spread positive vibrations to everyone around you.  Bring a moment of light into someone's day and create a chain reaction.  Smile and say thank you to the person who holds the door open for you.  Smile and chat with the woman who's ringing in your groceries and when you have to talk to a faceless person at a call center to get your utilities bill fixed- be nice!  Laugh, joke a bit, and when their done, tell them that you appreciate their help and wish them a great day!  All these things are working for the LIGHT.  .... and just good manners to boot!

Let your hearts guide you, and let their light shine out and push the darkness away.  WE have the ability to do this- each and everyone one of us.

Do the polls
Sign the petitions
Organize meditations and prayers
Talk to your family and friends
Write an article, song, poem
Paint a picture, sculpt, photograph
Share an article
Hug a friend, kiss your child
Occupy your city
Write a letter to your government
Phone your congressman/senator/councilman/mayor

.... Just DO something.  Take part.  You're awake now, so now it's time to get up and be a part of the change.

Yes we have help.......  But that doesn't mean we get to sit back and eat chips and watch the floor show.

Are you unsure of how to start the conversation with others and don't know where to start, send them this article. It's just a first step in the right direction to being awake.

You are now officially a Lightworker.  Congradulations!

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