Monday 16 April 2012

UFOs: a vital video- please share!

Before I say anything else, I will say that I have not watched this video in it's entirety yet, but, like Kauilapele, I immediately realized the importance of this movie and the need for it to go viral asap.   I cannot embed this video here, so you will need to watch it on You Tube.

The creator of this film is writer, director, producer Jose Escamilla, who has been featured on a multitude of TV shows, news programs, magazines and editorials.

Aside from Jose's work with many artists and celebrities, Jose's UFO experiences that occurred at Midway, New Mexico on March 5,1994, have put him on a variety of lectures and television and radio programs talking about the subject. He has appeared on television shows such as The Learning Channel, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, Inside Edition, the BBC in London, Spanish Language programs, (Sabado Gigante-"EL Y ELLA"), and on many Network News broadcasts, ABC, NBC, CBS NEWS. He has appeared in many UFO related magazines, America On-line, The Internet, CompuServe, Newspapers and radio talk shows. He has lectured at many conventions on the subject including, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Mexico City. His first hand experiences with the phenomena and background in the Entertainment Industry, lend a unique quality in presenting UFOs to the public.

This video features a huge amount of UFO film footage, shot in regular and infra red spectrum.  Jose covers the major cover up by governments, and their desperate attempt to hide the truth from the rest of the world.

As we move closer and closer to the world wide full disclosure event that will announce that our Galactic family is here with us, films like Jose's are vital for the general public to see, to help them understand what is and has been happening for a long long time.

UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied - HD

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