Friday, 20 April 2012

Iraqi Dinar and the latest from "Drake"

I'm so swamped today that I'm not going to be able to spend much time with explanations and critiques of these links.... but this info is very important to be put out there for everyone to read and listen to. As usual, I'm just posting what info I have been given, you read and listen and then decide for yourself..... and hey!  Do some research!!

First off, the Iraqi Dinar revaluation.  While the usual naysayers are still running rampant, the intel on the impending RV is astounding and very convincing.  Never before have so many Intel providers been on the same (relative) page as they are now. All info is pointing to the fact that we are on the cusp of this happening, that the rates are all set and just need to be dropped into the front teller screens and the starter pistol fired.  Regardless of what the ultra patriotic want to believe, China is the big boy holding the bat over the guy with the button that needs to be pushed.  

This article was posted on Ben Fulford's blog that gives some background as to why China is holding the bat:

From Ben Fulford’s Blog: Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar Mistake, April 19, 2012
Posted on 
From a reader:
Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar MistakeWashington, D. C.– Iraq economy coming back – US derailed by DINAR
Promises of the self-financed Iraq war advanced by Bush/Chaney administration were derailed by Obama Administration costing each US tax payer $414,000 – $1,150,000,000 or between $129,000 and $138,000 per citizen. Even by Washington standards that is a lot of money. By comparison the US debt is currently $138,000 per taxpayer and $50,000 per US citizen (
The national curency for Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), was changed for US Federal Reserve Dollars during the Iraq War. After the new government was established in 2011 the new IQD were to replace the old US dollar as the currency. For alleged self-serving reasons the Obama Administration thwarted the global community banking system from putting the exchange price in place. Since the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve were holding 7.5 Trillion IQD the potential gain to the US Treasury was between 33.8 Trillion – 92.1 Trillion Dollars.
Since there has never been an audit of the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury, the location of the 7.5 Trillion IQD is unknown. What is known is that along with the 7.5 Trillion IQD the US was given the right to buy Iraqi oil at approximately 30 dollars per barrel after a stipulated holding period rather than at market rates. The exact terms of this Bush/Cheney agreement are allegedly confidential. The problem is that the US lost most of its IQD when the Chinese requested the return of gold on loan to the US. The only collateral available to the US that the Chinese would accept, in lieu of gold, was the US IQD DINAR holdings. Sources say at least 3.5 and then another 3.0 trillion IQD were handed over to the Chinese since the US had not the gold to make good on this obligation. Since then both Venezuela and Switzerland have demanded the return of their gold.
This loss is not the fault of the Chinese, rather the profligate mismanagement of other people’s gold reserves by the Federal Reserve and Treasury a line which the Federal Reserve Act likes to blur at its convenience. According to sources the Chinese have been diligently working with IMF to solve this problem. Being the US’s largest trading partner the Chinese wish no ill for the American economy or it’s people.
The Ron Paul campaign has succeeded in bringing the corruption of the FED to the main stream to some extent, but his discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg. The White Hats organization have also focused the financial chicanerary of our current administration and prior administrations through their reports to be found at In its 39th release it fingers very suspicious financial activity by both the Democratic and Republican parties and their respective nominees.
Our country’s full faith and credit depends upon ethics and fair dealings, as well as balance sheets. Failed delivery of other people’s gold symbolizes the worst bad faith and bad credit. When the final story is told about the gold and and silver markets manipulation we will learn just how bad that faith and credit were supervised by the Fed/US Treasury. A fee market economy should never depend upon manipulated markets.
If We the People do not monitor the government it is like leaving the teenagers at home with an unlimited credit card and we all know how that usually turns out.
Do you have any suggestions or comments on the content of this article. IT has already been reviewed by the White Hats representative.
Thanks for the information. A lot of Chinese were bribed with Iraqi oil by the Bushes to work against the White Dragon Society.

One of the other reasons that China has a huge club over America's corrupt government's head is because the PTB tried to pull a fast one a while ago:  When China received some of their gold back from the Fed, they discovered that the lovely shiny bars they had been sent were just gold plated tungsten. 
To say that China is unhappy about this might be a teeny understatement.
Now, there have been several updates from "Drake" this past week.   I'm not embedding the videos here but will give you links:
Here (video link above ^), Drake is talking about the Federal Reserve and the heaps of trouble they are in. I strongly suspect that THIS ARTICLE is showing some of the documents that Drake mentions being released. Along with the Leins placed against the Fed Res that David Wilcock outlined earlier this week, I am getting bits of other intel that the good ol' boys in the Federal Reserve are in serious serious trouble.

The site 2012: What's the "real" truth has put together a great run down of  Drakes lates video update:

This news comes through a pipeline that has been accurate, but is unsubstantiated at this time.
Generals under the Joint Chiefs of Staff told everybody to shove it.
Secret Service is extraordinarily upset – ticked because they’ve been dumped on, as well as Delta Force. . . along with this there is Clinton partying in Columbia (SS got the pics). She was supposed to have been in Turkey at a Nuclear conference with Heads of State. Israel is livid. Clinton is not in her best situation right now.
UN under heavy investigation.
Central Banks in uproar because of some things filed against them. Same topic:  DC was completely lost as to what to do, as well, running around like chickens without their heads.
GSA investigation. [See separate article with more info. ~J]Pinetta with all this recent fun and games with the military, Pinetta was told in no uncertain terms that he was not the boss of the military.
The arrests are going to be methodical (the word methodical is a guesstimate – very, very difficult to understand) , one at a time.
Last remark was, “The war is on.”
Now, take it this as rumor mill news if you want to. Drake has not heard back yet as to its validity. Drake goes on to say he has to be careful about divulging things because of the safety of those involved. It already has taken 14 lives, two of them children in a family, one at a time, with the message does that answer the question as to whether or not you should be doing this.
My final notes for today:

- do NOT invest in any banking products/investment for the next 6 months at least
- do NOT invest in bullion- buy up gold and silver in the form of old coins etc... 
- the prosperity packages are being launched- I will be writing about this in much more detail later today or tomorrow... Hopefully
-be prepared for some very major changes and events- this includes having enough food and water and supplies for your family for at least 3-7 days... just in case.

...and finally: Spread the word!!!! If you KNOW what's going on, you have a responsibility to tell others.



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    This will blow the average person's mind! No wonder so many banksters resigned...they have been exposed!

  3. But even if the country got new opportunities that can lead to the revaluation of its Dinar, still, the revaluation of the Iraq Dinar is under the authority and provision of the Development Fund for Iraq protection (DFI). But the revaluation of the currency will be delayed because the UNSC or the United Nations Security Council just declined the country's plea for an extension of DFI protection of one year. Fortunately, the UNSC decided to give the country a protection for six months. And for this reason, the revaluation is expected to happen after the month of June 2011. The date of the revaluation is expected to be after June 2011 or after based on the parliament approval stated on the Article 110 of the Iraq Constitution.
    Iraqi Dinar

  4. amazing work here...good piece of information..thanks..

  5. Nothing equals a good piece of information. Thanks for this neat post..

  6. Thank you for the information.. This was so well written it explained what is going on very well.. I ordered both the minimum of Dinars and some Dong too.. thank you..

  7. I enjoyed reading this post. I think the Federal Reserve's true intentions need to be exposed, and their policies revaluated. I wish one of the running candidates would be brave enough to put this in place. If they tried, however, then they would not be a "running candidate." I'm leaning towards Romney in this election, but an evaluation and exposure of the Federal Reserve would be my determining factor.

  8. I'm wondering how ivestors of the Iraq Dinar will get around having to actually go to Iraq to exchange the Dinar for US Dollars. According to this US Gov. website anyone wanting to exchange Dinars for US dollars won't be able to do this IN THE USA.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=47a2fcfaf4647c4e&bpcl=35466521&biw=1366&bih=609

  9. I don't think the Iraqi Dinar revaluation will happen the way ivestors think it will. IMO when a country revalues its currency they merely issue new currency and simply subtract (in the Dinar's case) three 0's off the end. Drake himself mentioned the subtraction of three 0's in the Oct. 7 interview. You then are required to turn in your old Dinar's for the new Dinar's. Lets say you are currently holding a $5,000 Iraqi Dinar bill. When you go to exchange it for the new revalued currency you will be given back a $5 Dinar. Once this process is done, you can now exchange your new revalued Dinar's back into US dollars. In this example you will receive $5 USD's for your new $5 Iraq Dinar. The end result will be no gain or loss. You break even on the deal. Think of it as a reverse split in stocks. Its the same thing. You end up with less shares and a higher price per share with the end result being no change in the overall value of your investment. Plus, as the fella stated above, you may have to physically go to Iraq to trade in your Dinars for the new Dinars. This could end up being a disastor for many. I would like to hear an opposing view from someone else on this matter before jumping to any conclusion because I'm not a professional advisor by any means. I adhere to the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is".

    Don't get me wrong. I would love to see many people get stinking rich off of this Iraq Dinar thing, but like Drake said, "Do your own research". Good Luck!

  10. I need to add one more thing to my above previous post. It has been mentioned by Drake and others, the Iraqi gov't will set/peg the revalued Dinar back to where it was pre war days and possibly higher, which was just a tad over $3. It took 3 USD and change to buy 1 Dinar under Saddam Hussein, but Saddam himself set the rate. It was not a free market rate. But.......if the Dinar would actually get revalued back to $3, then the current investors in the Dinar will get a return on their investment. Basically you will triple your money as long as you can get your new revalued Dinars exchanged back into USD's. Drake also mentioned the new rate of exchange "could" be higher than than $3. If it went to $5, then you would make 5 times your initial investment. Easy to do the math on this. Its all going to come down to what exchange rate the Iraq gov't decides on. Being Iraq has such huge oil reserves, which would provide a good backing for its currency, I could see a case where it may be valued higher than 3. The price of crude oil will be a factor.

    I think the biggest misconception about investing in the Iraq Dinar is people believing they will have the same "quanity" of Iragi Dinars after the revaluation. This IMO will not be the case as explained in the above comment, but you still may see a profit depending on what the new exchange rate will be set at.

    Again, I'm not an investment advisor and what I write here is just my opinion, so............"Do your own reseach and decide for youself if the Iraq Dinar is right for you".

    Actually I hope I'm wrong on this, because I personally know a few people who will instantly become millionaires if the Dinar gets revalued with no 0's being subtracted off the ones they currently hold. Who knows, I could be wrong.

    Cheers! Good Luck! and may next year be the best year of your life.


  11. This is why I only invest in REAL SILVER IN HAND. Paper is just that, paper. You can go anywhere in the world with silver (or gold) and it has value there. It has gone from $4/oz all the way to $50 and currently is trading around $30. Wow, what a return so far. Even at $30, my return has been over 700%. Silver is still grossly undervalued compared to ALL other commodities. Adjusting for inflation, silver should be trading near $150/oz. IMO it still has a ways to go.

    A good rule of thumb for investing in precious metals: "If you don't have it in your hands, then you don't really own it". That means no paper contracts and no stored silver accounts. Silver mining stocks are ok, but you must do your home work on these. A lot of these miners operate in foreign countries which are subject to gov't take over.

    Iraqi Dinar's????????? Hmmmm! Sounds like paper to me.

  12. Oil trade is the primary asset of Iraq. The country receives massive investments from foreign countries every year. At this time Iraq exports 2.6 million oil barrels for each yr, and steadily attempting to improve it up to 3.6 million barrels per yr. It's been noticed that oil trade will gradually develop the economic condition of the nation. Click here to know more about how can you iraqi dinar value

  13. I read the article "Click here" in the above post. I noticed the article did talk about the removing of three zeros off the Irag Dinar currency to accomplish the revaluation. I think the fella a couple posts back is right. You end up with less Dinars in hand after this is done. A $5000 Dinar would become a $5 Dinar. Those who bought a million 1,000,000 Dinars would end up with only 1,000 Dinars. Does anybody know a different outcome for the Dinar after three zeros are removed?


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