Wednesday 4 April 2012

Being Prepared

This is an good run down of information about getting prepared. I've just done a hasty C&P so the links are not live here (or at least not all of them.... sorry), but you can C&P them  into a new browser window to access them.

In the last year, we have had more natural disasters than any other year in the past couple hundred years (or at least, since records have been kept). Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earth quakes, wild fires, droughts. If you don't want to think about the economic crisis that is raging around the world, or believe the reports of the massive arrests and changes that are about to happen.... fine. Don't. Instead, think about the natural disasters that could strike. Instead, prepare your family in case of a natural disaster. Do you have enough food and water for your family to survive for 3 days or more? Do you have a way to cook your food without electricity? Do you have a way to keep your family warm without natural gas? If a disaster strikes and you are forced to flee from your home (think: house fire, earth quake, flooding,....) can you get everything you need and get out- in 2 minutes or less? Where are your important papers? Do you have warm clothing ready? Do you have food you can take with you? What about your pets? What about your memories- photos etc? Do you have an emergency meet up place planned just in case your family is at different locations when you need to "bug out" - if you or your partner is at work, how will you find each other? 

please review this doc from the USNA about natural disasters;

review info about creating an emergency plan and an emergency kit:

Remember Katrina- hundreds of people DIED because they were not prepared and just thought that the government would take care of them.... we all know what a mess the US gov. made of that emergency. Do NOT assume that someone else will "take care of it" or that your local government will look after you. YOU need to be responsible for YOUR family. Keeping your head in the sand and ignoring the potential dangers is risking the lives of your family. Being Prepared doesn't have to take lots of money. Being Prepared doesn't have to take a huge amount of time.  But being prepared can save your life. 

********If you ARE prepared, Share this post out on your status- make sure that your friends and family are prepared in the event of an emergency.*******

Here's some food for thought:

....oh and here's one of my favourite articles of all time about disaster preparations.... who said the CDC doesn't have a sense of humour?!

Here is a huge list of E-Books that have excellent info that can be printed off for emergency reference:

Emergency Childbirth

Rixa’s Birth Manual

Among the Truthers – Jonathan Kay

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

Acorn as Food

Backpack Gourmet

Canning Basics, Wild Game

Canning, Complete Guide

Capturing Heat

Complete Book of Home Preserving

Cooking with Acorns Recipes

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms

Edible Wild Plants

Handbook of Medicinal Herbs

Handbook of Medicinal Spices

Homemade Jerky Drier Instructions

Native Game Recipes

Physical Principles of Food Preservation

Preparing Safer Jerky

Raw Foods for Busy People

Root Cellars Vegetable Storage

Sausage Making

Survival Foods

The Jerky Chef Recipes

Army Survival Field Manual

The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

A list of online resources for down loading books and information:
this is a search engine to find free downloadable books
June 1992-
U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76May 2002

Ranger Handbook  SH 21-76

US Army Survival Manual - 1999 - pdf download

Books from Hesperian Foundation
Like - When there is no doctor, When there is no dentist ...
This is an excellent page with numerous links to downloadable info on foraging, herbals, survival, canning and perserving, making fuel, ...... this is one that I will spend a LOT of time reviewing!!
and excellent resource for solar anything- with links to many "how To" sites- definitely one to bookmark

especially "Where there is no doctor" and "A book for midwives"

Red moon herbs: This FB page/site has a 'Herb of the Month' feature, which is a great way to learn something new:

topographical maps of canada
Huge selection of maps of canada on all ranges of topics
MTO road maps of ontario
links to download google maps, mapquest, yahoo maps etc...

Mushroom Info with Photos


excellent link with info about starting coummunity/comune type houseing:


This site is an excellent place to get great "how to" instructions- for everything from building a shelter, filtering water, lighting a fire, making a survival kit, making solar ovens and dehydrators..... you name it- it's in here:

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