Tuesday 27 September 2016

The One People: Major WWII changes to the TimeLine- Part 2

.... It all started with a simple question in the UnFuckers Unite group, about WWII and a discussion we'd had in the group about a month or so ago.  We covered this "Toto Effect" change to WWII during The One People Show on August 23, 2016 HERE

.... But now that WWII history has changed AGAIN!!!  Not only did Japan Balloon Bomb mainland USA and Canada during WWII.... Now Germany had UBoats and battle ships all over the world and blew up ships all along the US Eastern Coastline, along the St Lawrence Seaway in Canada, in the Caribbean, down the coast of Brazil and Argentina, AND Australia!!!

*insert exploding head here*

The First Part of this weeks One People show was me on an epic rant about the "Toto Effect" Changes to WWII.   This video is the entire Show, with Lisa joining me about 50 minutes into my ranting, lol.  All of the links for this weeks show are below.

Screen shots from the Wikipedia page: "Atlantic Theatre (WWII)"

This weeks Links:

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