Wednesday 14 September 2016

One People Show: Moses' horns and Hillary has Syphilis?

This weeks One People Roundtable discussion was fast and furious- never has 2 hours gone by that quickly!  Opening Salvo:  Everyone make fun of Hillary!!!!

Two of the main Discussions this week were about a video that has been released (below) that brings out information for 4Chan forum, that purportedly is from a "clone" from some other dimension, who's group is responsible for the "mandela effect". We also dug into the topic of dreams, because last weekend seemed to have exploded with dream time visions that ran through very similar scenarios and themes!!

Our Guest for the second half of this weeks show was Dr. Blair Reich Phd.  Dr. Reich put together several quizes/polls about the "Mandela/Toto Effect.  One of the Polls is over 100 questions long, and now has over 30,000 responses.  We discussed his research paper that he wrote on this questionnaire in depth, and Blair gives his definition of "Mandela Effect"  vs  "Toto Effect".

Below are all the links, videos and pdf's from the various topics we covered on this weeks show.

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The Hillary Links:

Elon Musk article about the "ufo" and the facebook satellite that blew up:

Links for our guest Dr. Blair Reich:

Here’s the short quiz:

Here’s a quiz used in a scientific study:

Here’s the quiz that covers the most topics:

Dr. Reich's video analyses of research poll:

Full Post From the UU Group by Lotus:

Okay folks I am gonna share a variety of information that I have discerned over the course of my travels with you from different sources and them bring them all together in a very crazy concept of reality.
Here are some facts you dont know first...'banking' is just a really big pipeline data field that no one 'controls' or knows how it works..just like the a hive mind. The way it is accessed it through 'platforms'...these platforms are protected by "keys" words/letter/number combinations sometime thousands of characters long. When they put in a 'bond' the 'value' of the bond is based on key words and phrases such as the word "court"...this is a platform "key" that allows access to that particular bond platform. This particular word has been easily obfuscated by the reality making streets named so and so "court"...get it. This is one way the steal "wealth" which isnt "wealth" as we know is UNITS OF CONTROL over the matrix lets say. Another way they obfuscate the "banking matrix" is to use TWINS with the same initials or close to the same initials...the will steal these twins codes which are also keys, thier birth certificate codes, social secutity code..etc.. and create bonds on them not necessarily designating specifically which twin is being 'bonded' to the matrix. In as much as these numbers are often only a number or two off...the Matrix thinks this is a clerical error and authorized a 'mixed' code/keys. I believe these mixed keys are used to "map" a platform with triangulation. So now you know that the 'banking' system is a “GOD LIKE INFINITY MIND” that no one runs but can access with computers. That they only have keys to platforms that assign units of control to people, places and things. It does not discern the distinction between a real living flesh and blood corporeal man and a dead incorporeal corporate thing as now they both have the same root codes....So a thing can control a "platform". Now each platform is funded by a "trust" that is a GRANT of UNITS OF CONTROL from some third party, again can be a thing or a real entity. It is my understanding that there are "grants" of "trusts" that are thousands of years old funded by unseen entities.....thats right, as far as I have been told there are "banking" trusts platforms in this infinite god computer matrix that are 10000 years old...older than we know of organized society more or less organized banking via some energy pipeline which requires "keys" that seem to have been lost to most in order to transfer and or allocate the units of control over this paradigm. That is the spirituality of banking as I really dont know any other way to put it except to say that is seems to operate/be tied into the same kinda pipeline of knowledge Tesla speaks of in his ruminations.
Now...on to the next collection of knowledge. The Earth is suppose to have 4 pillars to heaven...funny how the number 4 is the $ sign on the SHIFT keyboard huh. The Masons speak of them as well as as an ARCH (as in potentially associated with ARCHONS) know like the ARCH they call in Star Trek next generation all the time when they are in the HOLODECK a FAKE MANUFACTURED REALITY ROOM. Accessing the ARCH gives them control over the FAKE REALITY they are in. In one story line Captain Picard is trapped in the HOLODECK by an ‘evil’ entity that has become aware of his existence and wants out…and thus takes over the ARCH an kidnaps the real flesh and blood men of Enterprise in the HOLODECK until they promise to create him a reality of his own to live in and interact with other “living” sentient beings. The pillars are also discussed in religious texts about The Three Sovereigns of China when the 2nd Sovereign, a female deity that takes on the shape of a FEMALE FACED SNAKE as in the Garden of Eden Snake. Her name is Nuwa. She is purported to have had to REPAIR the PILLARS to Heaven as a war/fight between the lesser deity’s, whose creation and existence are not disclosed in this story, as they were damage and the heavens were left unsteady and potentially falling. The heavens in my perception and correlation is the FIRMAMENT. So four corners, four capstones, four structures held up the heavens, are connected to the firmament and per what one being of light has brought forth, were conduits that transferred food/sustenance/waste…etc between the Heavens and Earth like a umbilical cord. This man also believes that Devils Tower and/or other “mountains” that look cut off the top with these organic cellular structure formations being their total composition are the left overs of these cut off, damaged, umbilical cords. Regardless of that I believe they also held/hold Earth is a fixed position of “in balance” magnetic and electrical properties as the energy field of Earth and its lay line (some say the Golden Laylines) could be changed and be transmitting a different magnetic field with different, not natural, electrical properties.
SO let’s join all of these divergent concepts I have discussed together at this point. The 4 pillars hold/held Earth in a particular natural electrically and magnetically position..they were connected to the firmament heaven and did also transferred things between Earth and Heaven, making them One in a bioelectrical reality. Then some diety’s came and cut the pillars off/damaged them, which allowed them to disconnect us from the Heavens and move Earth into a different tilt/positon on our universal axis and thus change our bioelectrical field that WE as light and energy beings LIVE IN AND SEE. I believe they cut all but ONE…and that that one is in the south pole or the nether reaches of Earth, that that is why we cant go down there and that is why the Earth wobbles on its southern pole base. There is also a time distortion at the south pole that NASA and various other scientists have proven exists with super sensitive gyroscopes and that Earth sits and wobbles in that very same time distortion which creates a dimple in the time plane…nifty huh. I also believe that the peverbial “they” are trying to gain control it or have control over it through some kind of arch just like in Star Trek. Maybe that is what CERN is, the replacement ARCH to control the reality that we perceive being created by this bioelectric existence. Would explain the Mandella effect and/or all these apparent changes in our reality for sure It is also my opinion that this one last umbilicus is also where the “banking” hack is being effected, with them trying to map the pipeline and/or control whatever these pillars did effect for Earth, Earths generated bioelectric reality, inclusive of all of us.
Okay, so now you know where I believe we currently find ourselves…CRAZY huh but totally plausible imho. Still, that isnt the kicker. As I have put on this thread there is a clearly criminal organization called GITIFA that is purportedly a UNITED NATIONS chartered organization claiming to own the assets, estates, chattels and total holding proper of the UNITED STATE CORPORATION. Its owner/CEO/BMOC is Ernest Rauthschild who just so happens to be the one bring claim against the US CORP on behalf the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA and is currently going around unlawfully handing out instruments with US COPRORATE SEALS ON THEM. Still this is not the kicker but I am getting there.
There is a position in the global banking system who is the keeper of all the banking “keys”. This “key” keeper called the M1 (number one monetary guru) and M1 must personally enter the “keys” for the highest level of CONTROL UNITS between ‘nations’ and the organizations above the ‘nations’ which there are many, probably more than there are nations as the nations are just the group ‘holdings’ of the global elite/rules…of which M1 is a member. So this new M1, who goes by the name of Angel Marcos and claims to be the secret hidden son of ‘King’ Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, a title bestowed on him by the shadow government agencies of the UNITED STATES CORP and other world shadow groups, has a few characteristics that have been conveyed to me personally from a purported 1ST HAND witness of situations and events in their employment with him. They are as such: he can read your ‘heart’ in a matter of seconds, he requires a blood oath and will only release you form him employ by the fulfilling of this blood oath by a death (sound Illuminati familiar), that he has the collective memories of the last ~30000 years of our factual world ‘history’, that ~80+ attempts have been made to his life including shootings and poisonings and yet he still lives, hat up until recently history he was seen as a fraud and a hustler, a criminal even by the Pilipino governance (as late as 2001). He is purportedly a member of every elite organization, he purportedly work for the CIA for over 30 years as a high up controller and has spent time as much as 7 years in Guantanamo whilst his claims to his de facto inheritance was vetted. What I can tell you from conversing with these sources is that meeting this M1 changes people and makes them operate in a capacity that is outside of their character, purging their wealth to him, breaking the Law willfully, engaging in activities they normally would be morally opposed to. There is more I could convey but this should be enough I think. Do any of these characteristics sound familiar to any? Still, I have not told you the kicker…and so here it is.
There is a man who has purported created a computer program called “The Vortex” that will revolutionize all of “banking” once it is online as it is a thousands of times faster than the computer programs they currently have jacked into this GODLIKE INFINITY MIND. It will also purportedly prevent all the abuse and criminal activity being perpetrated in the current banking system programming which has allowed the global bankers to HIDE AND STEAL WEALTH AT WILL with back doors and hidden rooms and access ARCHES to that system. Well this computer genius is to date purportedly being held against his will in the Philippines under potential charges of espionage. This is significant in that the Philippines is where the new purported M1, Angel Marcos, is operating from under the umbrella of none other than GIDIFA. The foundations of his being held by M1 and thus GIDIFA were again conveyed to me personally from the 1ST HAND witness of a participant in the situation and events that resulted in this computer programmers arrest. They are as such that M1 and thus GIDIFA were trying to acquire, buy his computer program, “The Vortex”, for untold trillions of offsets and adjustments, zeros really as even these super elite folks really own not wealth except imaginary zeros propped up by some “real” material wealth they have stolen from Earth thru Wars of all kinds, physical, psychological, paper, etc. So apparently this genius programmer considered their contract offer so offensive it was deemed criminal and fraudulent acquired and executed…which from what I know of the participants and their acts, it was/is total fraud and thus void. And that when he expressed his utter disproval of such acts and fraudulent offers it became a physical confrontation between him and the participants wherefore he was then placed in custody under the orders of M1 and GIDIFA. Are you starting to get what the larger picture is?
So, why this super smart computer programmer man important to this yarn…well, if they global banking elite have hacked and are trying to control the one pillar left, that because of the damage to the pillars we have been made to live millenniums in an eternal ground hog day out of proper position in an unnatural bioelectric reality, having our reality hacked and our spirits tortured by whoever controls this matrix that has us all trapped here…this guys computer program “The Vortex” could free us as it could map the one last pillar and maybe even allow us to restore all of the natural system of the Earth.
And so here is my BIG point in telling you all of this very far fetch info that is all fact or as declared by 1st hand witnesses, at least concerning the banking, M1, Ernest Rauthschild, the claim against the UNITED STATES CORP by and purportedly ISLAMIC and the computer genius, etc…
If these folks, M1, Ernest Rauthschild this council of 1360 were nice folks, would they require a blood oath, keep people against their will, live high on the hog whilst we all suffer and parish from the absence of basic services….do you think we want them to control “The Vortex” if it actually gives them utter control of the one last pillar? I don’t want them to have it.
So I want you all to ruminate on what I have brought forth here….cause if we can do nothing else…in as much as this does seem to be a bioelectric created matrix reality….our spirits, our energies can be focused on things for protections and to effect change. I am gonna fight this situation in this ‘real-ity’ with paper and spells and sigils on a page, such as I am doing right here right now, and I ask anyone who can help to contact me and I surely will eventually find a place that one can help if I can. But is you cant do that…then meditate to stop these folks and what looks like their plan to rewrite our bioelectric reality with this stolen “vortex” technology that will give them control over the connections to the firmament, maybe even the firmament itself….a plan that includes overlaying the sharia/satan law over this Land that has 197 military bases all over the world…
Are you comprehending what is going on here folks??? Do your read religious texts…do you follow prophesy…do you know an antichrist when you see one? I am trying to convey this reality with all of the real time perceptions that I know them to be in a format as simple as I can. I hope I have done so as I truly feel that this is not a good thing they are trying to do and if I am right the Spiritual War between Right and wrong is about to begin for reals. SO if you are seeing the deceptions being portrayed count yourself lucky cause I have already lost what I thought was a Good and Righteous Man I called a friend to this antichrist with promises of wealth, gold and a brass badge of fraud and a couple pieces of sex slave ass. This is not a joke. What I have brought forth here concerning the banking and such with people bodies and minds being kidnapped, high jacked by creepy mother fuckers who are part of the Skull and Bones, the IIluminati, etc…the followers of Satan…are real and present happenings.

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