Friday 6 November 2015

Welcome to the New Home of Removing the Shackles!!

The time has come, so walk away from the Google Monster and get the hell out of Dodge!!

Introducing the New Home of Removing the Shackles  &  Transpicuous News!!!

The decision to get off of Blogger and move to an independent host was a major one, that was finally forced upon me with the Google monster rearing it's ugly head time and time again.

From this point on, all new articles and videos will be posted on my new website.  The plan is to slowly move the content from RTS over to it's new home and to populate the video archive's for Transpicuous News and the One People's Roundtable least for 2015 anyway!

Stay tuned for many changes and many additions to the new site!!

Welcome to UnFuckers Unite!!

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