Saturday 7 November 2015

Mandela Effect Just jumped to a New Level!!

Well folks, this whole "Mandela Effect" shit just jumped to a WHOLE new Level!!

If you've been watching the One People's Roundtable Discussion on Monday nights, then you' know Lisa harrison and I have been discussing the  so called "Mandela Effect" for months now.   And over the past month or so, there was a decidedly new level seen in this mess, as we talked about on this weeks show- with us now seeing very blatant changes in modern history.

Specifically, the Iraq War in 2003-07.   In a completely different conversation in the UnFucker's facebook group, someone brought up that Mongolia had fought in the Iraqi war....  and I said "No fuckin' way".   So I went to check and sure enough, according to our "new" history/timeline/matrix fuckupery, yes, Mongolia actually sent troops to fight in Iraq in 2004!!   I'm not going to get into the whole discussion from Monday night about Mongolia itself, but rest assured we have a VERY different view of Mongolia from what is being now portrayed in the Media/news now-  please listen to the show for more on that, HERE.

But I went looking for the lists of coalition forces that supposedly were in Iraq during the war.... and I just about fell off my chair!
If there is one topic that I have read quite a bit about over the past 5 years or so, it's the Iraq War- being the backdrop to the purported "IQD RV" , so when I saw this list I knew immediately that there was no way that: Mongolia, El Salvador, Tonga, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, South Korea, Fiji, Iceland AND Japan had forces IN Iraq during the Iraq War!   The other countries listed you might be able to kinda sorta maybe see as having participated.... but not these countries.

Japan.... I've been reporting on Japan's Defense Forces and the HUGE change to Japanese Law that Abe pushed through their government, on Transpicuous News several times this year alone.  Japan's military is ONLY Defensive, and has been ONLY defensive since WWII.  When Abe pushed through a new law- this spring 2015- that would allow the Japanese Defense Forces to act OFFENSIVELY, and to LEAVE their country to support their purported "Allies", the Japanese people had a serious freak out.  One man even lit himself on fire in a public square, and immolated himself as a show of outrage against this new law.  When this was going on I did several house of research into this law, and into the background on the Japanese Defense Forces.... so I know for a FACT that they were NOT in Iraq in 2004.

With this information, on this area of change, it showed a definite jump in level of what sort of Mandela effects we're seeing.

Then today in the UnFuckers group, someone dropped a bomb that nearly knocked me over.  Not just in the bare HUGENESS of this change, but what this change signifies.

Just about every child who was raised in a christian household knows the Lords Prayer.  Let's face it, even non-christians know the Lord's Prayer.   You know it, right?  Can you recite it right now, in your head?

What if I were to tell you that it's now changed?

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