Wednesday 19 April 2017

Removing the Shackles has a New Home!!

We are MOVING!!!!

The new home of "Removing the Shackles" (and Transpicuous News & Views) has moved to a new permanent home:

At the moment we are still in the "building" phase so some features are not yet published, but all rts , Transpicuous News, and Transpicuous Views videos and articles will be published on the new site only from now on.

This blogger site has been the home of Removing the Shackles for over 6 years now, and will remain "online" as an archive of older articles etc... until I have the time to move them all over to the new site, which, needless to say, will take a while, lol.

Please come and join us at RTS Earth as we build our new community!!  This will also be the new home of The UnFuckers Unite Group as well- yep we're getting the hell off of facebook!! There are a LOT of news things that will be happening and will be launched very soon as we continue to build the new site into the home community that is in our vision.

We are in Beta testing at the moment of various plugins and sections of the website- such as the members social media, the forums, and the new Classifieds and Shopping Mall!!  So please be patient with us.... we're going as fast as we can and battling "time" that keeps speeding up and getting away from us, lol!

See you there!

love d

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