Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Transpicuous News: Arch of Triumph?

Yesterday I recorded a special TN report during The One People Show about the replica of Arch of Triumph from Palmyra Syria that was unveiled in London UK.  VERY interesting stuff my friends!!

The Arch of Ba'al, the Arch of Triumph, the history of "Triumphant" arches, Janus the god of all gods and the god of time, portals, arches, beginnings & endings, Lucifer, and just who was Jesus anyway?  Yea.... VERY interesting stuff!!

... And then this morning.... I had a chance to look at the new coverage of the Unveiling of the "Arch of Triumph" in London, and yea.... I was seriously underwhelmed.  $2.5 million dollars to build a rather uninspiring arch that is suppose to travel the world?  I'm not buying in.  On any level.

Below I've listed the news links, and a LOT of further reading and research material for those of you who want to really dive down the rabbit hole of Janus, Lucifer, and the Papal Keys and Vatican worship of Nimrod and Ba'al.

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