Thursday 3 July 2014

D's Update: Computers, Communications and Cats

Edited July 3 at 9:54 am:  Well folks.... it's taken me 6 DAYS to get this article to post!  I was literally about to go over to Bill's place and retype it all out on his computer and get him to post it on American Kabuki instead!!  Well.... I'm about to press publish- everyone cross your fingers!!!

June 27th, 2014,

Good morning everyone!

I'm back..... again. lol.

Since my last post, I've run into a litany of communications issues.  It's almost as if someone is telling me to stay off the computer- which really doesn't work well with my schedule, lol.

This is just a short update to let you all know what has been happening with me in the past week or so- this is actually a communication to all my friends and family in the various Skype rooms and to those wondering why I'm not responding to their emails or skype messages.  Apparently skype is no longer my friend as it's refusing to update for me.  Yesterday I managed to get into the ONE room for a brief moment, but again this morning we are back to not getting any skype messages- either personal or in the rooms.   I also can't get my email account to open, nor can I get into my RTS site (I'm typing this into a word doc in the desperate hope that I can send it to someone else to try to post it on their computer- if you're not reading this, then obviously my plan has failed, lol).   I also seem to cause internet failure as soon as I come into proximity to anyone else's computer- Nick can't get online either if I'm next to him or have any plans to use his computer, lol!!!! I said, it's kinda like someone is telling me that I'm not suppose to be posting right now!  I can't even get Bill's internet network to work for me and he's only 30 feet away !!  Nick and Bill spent over an hour yesterday trying to get my computer to go online.... which worked for about 15 minutes- enough time for my skype to update, finally delivering messages - some of which were weeks old! ...

...Help me Obiwan Kabuki!  You're my only hope!


Any way, that is my huge tale of woes for this moment.  I have been TRYING to get online to post a pile of updates, but the universe is conspiring to make that difficult it would seem.  Nuff said.

As far as the updates themselves are concerned, the vast majority of them will be forth coming, but I wanted to let you all know about the biggest update for this very moment.  In the very near future, Lisa Harrison will be launching the new ONE Network!   I will be joining Lisa and Brian and Bob on the new network for the round table discussion, and we will be launching the new Transpicuous News Update Show!!  One of the biggest changes will be that the ONE Network will not be using blog talk radio any more, and the new format will be video shows!  At this point we will not be doing live shows until the internet is more stable, but Lisa has worked out a brilliant way for people to interact with the Video shows and to still be able to as questions etc. The ONE Network will also feature articles and links to notable pieces of information, a live chat room, and no doubt other bells and whistles as development moves forward.

The New Transpicuous News Update show will feature myself (and perhaps a guest or two) reviewing and deciphering the latest main stream media news and working on bringing information out to the public.... transparently. ...... most likely with a healthy dose of sarcasm and the occasional facepalm/headdesk to accentuate certain points.  The videos of the "news casts" will be posted on the ONE Network and the Transpicuous News sites, with a list of links to all of the News stories that are discussed for people to read (and dissect) at their own leisure.

edited July 3: At this moment we will still be using an audio format for the shows as several people are currently traveling.  The current plan is to move into video format for all the shows next month.

We are all pretty excited about all of this!

The final note for today is a personal request that is very emotional for me.  For the past year since our family moved to Morocco, one of my best friends has been looking after our cats.  We had hoped to be able to ship our cats to Morocco to be with us, but that hasn't worked out, nor is it in the best interest for our feline family members.   After a year of loving care, my friend can no longer look after them any more as they are moving. We cannot bring them here, and so we need to find them a new loving permanent home. They are in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada.  If you know someone who would like to adopt two loving  cats, please contact Nick at (...since I can't get into my email account).  Mobius is a Grey and Black tabby striped boy  who is 2 years old and neutered.  Iggy is a 14 month old boy who is white with coloured tabby spots.  Both boys are indoor cats and unvaccinated, they are use to being around lots of kids and love to play- but are NOT good with dogs.   I am hoping that one of my GTA readers will be able to help us find them a new home with a family who will love them as much as we do.   Because of my communications "issues", this matter has become an urgent need!

Our family will be moving to a new home in the next few days -our current house's well pump died when the water levels in the well dropped  below it's intake, and after three weeks of hauling water out of the well by hand, the well is now almost completely dry!!!- So I will most likely not be online for the next couple of days, but I will be back very soon ... even if I have to steal someone elses computer to do it, hahahahah!!!!!

edited July 3:  since writing this original post, our computer situation has drastically deteriorated as now Nick's computer has crashed and is no longer charging, and my computer is having an epileptic seizure every time I hit the enter button.   Side note to the Universe:  I DO NOT CONSENT!!!!    (seriously!!!   sheeesh!)  

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