Friday 4 April 2014

Important Links and Data for these 'Accelerating' Times from Ralph Ring

We are in the explosion point in this moment of NOW.   All things are being made visible and being brought forth to be seen openly and transparently.  The bridges are being built that will catapult knowledge and consciousness forward to incredible "discoveries" and "new" technologies.   Instruments and tools like the QEG are only the very beginning of all that is about to be SEEN  and kNOWn.  

Thank you Brian and Justin for getting this out to the public while I had a little 18 hour hiatus!!!!

Love D

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Important Links and Data for these 'Accelerating' Times from Ralph Ring - Jamie's Letter to Ralph and Marsha Ring

Brian Kelly asked me to post this email from Ralph and Marsha Ring in relation to the major QEG and free energy developments occurring the world over. 

Ralph and Marsha revealed on the Expanding U Radio show (link found below) their knowledge of how Implosive, Over Unity, Zero Point or Free Energy devices all are consciousness affecting machines. Their ability to generate 'Free Energy' is a direct result of implosive dynamic systems and geometries, which is exactly how our Skin Suit or Human Technology works as well. 

All of this is important because the use of these devices will be hindered by disharmonious applications of its energy once produced. Dan Winter reveals in this video, that the etheric or astral levels of reality can be drained instead of healed if a harmonious consciousness is not at the heart of the intention for it's use. 

This can be revealed by contemplating the nature of our reality, which is sympathetic or vibrational. God, the Creator, Source is an Omnipresent Eternal Reality, a Holistic Time-Space Transcending Vibration which Entrains (harmonizes to itself) other vibrational systems contained within. This mechanic is governed by volition or free will; the choice to harmonize. In other words, if the Vibrations we generate are not in harmony with all that is, it will have negative effects at various levels of our reality because Implosive devices are inclusive and literally the entire Universe adds energy to the compressed implosion at the center of these devices. 
- Justin

Email from Ralph and Marsha Ring:
Ralph Ring's website Blue Star Enterprise

Adonai Mark, Thing's are now accelerating and it's time to move forward. Would you please post these link's on the Bluestar website? Let us know what we can do to help you...Love,Light & Laughter...Ralph & Marsha

ALCHEMY EVENT 2014 MASTERPIECE, APRIL 11-13, 2014 - BannerSnack


Quantum Energy Generator | LIGHTWORKERSXM

Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced

Ralph Ring's Website » The QEG Quantum Energy Generator works!

3D Printer World

The Modular Aquaponic Geodesic Bio Dome & Home Micro Kits by Future of the Free — Kickstarter


Inspiration: Thrive (Full Movie)

Mind over mechanics : College of Science & Engineering : University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

New Earth Project Introduction and Promo 1 Video - YouTube

I UV | D Breaking The Silence New Website: To BE Community

Brian Kelly's Blog: Free Energy Update -- Ralph Ring -- Africa -- An Invite for All Innovators to Step Forward -- NOW is the T

MISSION I'M POSSIBLE 6 : On Expanding U Radio : THE PLEDGE TO PERU LIVE ON AIR : Friday 21st March : 8 :00PM EST : Answering t

MISSION: I'MPOSSIBLE 02/28 by ExpandingU RADIO | Education Podcasts


Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage) - YouTube

Continue reading and to view videos HERE

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