Breaking Yourself Free of the System-A Path to Freedom- Part 1

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Anyone who has read the This Mission page on this site, knows that I was inspired to create SoldierHUGS from a spiritual calling. Well, over the last few weeks I have been quite perplexed as I have known deep inside my own heart that there was more to this path to freedom other than the focus on a return to founding documents and structures of the united States.
I have since come into contact with some like-minded individuals along this freedom journey and mission. They have been a wonderful resource in helping me open my eyes further and discover just how deep and convoluted the layers of deception are as to everything we see, observe, and understand regarding our current society, and its evil and preconceived blueprint that is at the very core of our enslavement and lack of freedom and prosperity of all people of planet Earth.
There have been a number of metaphors used throughout various blog sites these days to summarize the discovery and disclosure of hidden or “inside” information such as, “down the rabbit hole, behind the curtain, whistle-blower, breaking the silence”, etc…. These are all good and fairly accurate in their assertions, but for me I liken this to an “Evil Onion”, that has many layers of deceit over millenia.
I must admit that I have just recently come across this information and as such am still learning more and more about it, but as I continue to read and digest the information, an inspired awakening fills my heart and I am compelled to share this with the world as I see this is the primary and missing piece of the puzzle.
The information described in this article is not only “mind blowing” from my point of view, but in my opinion, it is potentially the most effective and direct path to not only obtaining freedom, but could serve as the premise for the rapid and permanent eradication and removal of the Cabal worldwide!
Yes, I know that the above statement seems like a hefty claim. You can be the judge as you read and discover what this is and what implications it has. But wait, there´s more! A lot more……
This is not just an idea or a speculation. There are actual people whom have used this information and successfully applied it to free themselves from the system! This will all be laid out further down this article.
The key points in understanding this information as you read through this are:
  • Understanding that everything we see, observe, and interact with regards to Governments, Countries, Laws, Contracts, and the various Jurisdictions that are assigned to them are FICTIONS!
  • All modern day “Religions” are perverted distortions of their original intent, and were manipulated as such to install and provide the basis for these various layers of deceit through vehicles and structures of fiction.
  • Forgiveness. (You are creditor and debtor — when you forgive the debt, you zero everything out)
  • Becoming the Executor of your Estate. (This resurrects you from the dead, and back to living status)
  • Understanding “Mirror Reality” (described in the article below)
  • Avoiding Controversy (The system is designed to operate in conflict. Neither the truth, nor right and wrong is relevant, as they need a conflict to persecute you)
I thought about trying to re-write in my own words all this wonderful new information from scratch, but after considering this, I felt that the original author Mr. Rob Hay, did an excellent job and illustrated this material very precisely. As such, I continue this article by re-publishing all of the original sections of Rob´s article, with some of my own comments, assertions, and interpretations along the way in blue.
*Note: In my opinion, Rob´s article below is the absolute truth with regards to the “Reality” of the matter. As truth is truth, and no fiction can exist in truth. I also think that some people will have trouble accepting or understanding its full implications, but nonetheless, Truth is Truth.
If you cannot grasp or accept the notion that all religions have been manipulated, and that the basis for most of the “Law Structures” we observe and interact with today are based upon the ancient Torah texts of the Jewish religion, then this article may not be for you. Additionally, if you cannot accept the aforementioned, you may also have trouble understanding that all “LAWS”, Countries, Governments, Borders, Corporations, and most structures like them are FICTIONS, and that all the judges, lawyers, magistrates, clerks, court reporters, law enforcement officers, politicians, CEO´s, corporate officers, and any other “official titles” created, are ALL “dancing like marionettes to the tune” of these fictions. They do this to claim dominion or “rule” over others. And get this, they KNOW IT! (at least the hierarchies at the top of these fictional structures do)
I also think it´s important to mention that I feel the below article accurately summarizes what we as humans should strive to achieve with regards to returning our society to, as this is merely a “reawakening” to the universal truth that has always been and always will be. These fictions that have been perpetrated over the last several millenia, have simply served to covertly and maliciously pervert this original and universal truth, and are intended to keep the majority of humanity completely ignorant and docile to this fraud, so as to serve as hosts to the parasites that seek to usurp and feed off the energy and wealth of the “sheople” whom have been duped into believing these fictions are but reality, which they most certainly are not.
We all seem to be waiting in great anticipation of what is around the corner for humanity in 2012 and beyond, and what this means exactly in terms of “disclosure” and things like “ascension to higher levels of consciousness”. We all want to know just exactly what we will become and just how far will we “leap forward” during and after our great transition to higher state of awareness and enlightenment. I personally feel that the article below represents knowledge that is “self-evident” and “undeniable” to those whom can absorb its simplicity and logic as it pertains to “what makes sense” and “what feels right”.
Having said the above, and because I don´t personally know just how far or fast we as humanity will “leap forward” in the coming months, but I do know for certain that all of this hinges on the removal and eradication of the criminal dark Cabals who have been running this scam for thousands of years. I also feel that the article below provides us with a “road map” and destination point to aim for in our path to freedom.
The information at the bottom of this article takes us down a path to freedom by education of actions that are available and currently being applied by hundreds of others now! I have no doubt that with the right informational resources, and personal discernment from within, that thousands and tens of thousands more will be helped and inspired by this material. I feel that the information introduced at the end of this article gives us the first “baby steps” of actions we can apply right now that will hasten the demise of the dark ones and all their malicious control, by pulling the“carpet out” from under them, and evaporating their power base.
So without further ado, we continue with the article below:
This article is originally titled “Path to Freedom- Breaking Free of the System”, as referenced at Rob´s Freedom Files website.

Path to Freedom-Breaking Free of the System


In all my writings I have strived to find and show a way to freedom for all. We can be free up to how much we are willing to risk to get out of the control system. For many people the idea of losing their house, family, job or any amount of property over a failed attempt to break free of the SYSTEM a.k.a. the status quo, is ominous. For many who do break free such as not paying taxes means to be cut off from all Government support. They don’t like to let the slaves out of the feeding pen as we the slaves are the main course on the menu.

The fundamental problem most people have is getting their heads around the idea the Government has no authority over them or more importantly over man. The World Freeman Movement is about making use of law to obtain freedom and from time to time it works, but fundamentally when you make use of their laws you are saying that you are a slave to the Government as their laws apply to you. All Governments regulate the activities of slaves not man. A slave is denoted as a PERSON, which has a name and a birth date.
The Path to Freedom can’t be one that makes use of Government laws, as to do so simply implies you are under Government authority. The problem is that most people believe that the Government has to follow the law and thus bringing forward arguments of mass fraud about the system will secure you your freedom. In truth the laws only apply to the Law Society and they may interpret what the laws say or don’t say as all law is written in the language of Lawyers, Legalese. Legalese is defined as a Jargon by Blacks 7th dictionary. Webster’s Dictionary defines Jargon as an unintelligible language. Thus when you go to court they are talking to you in the language of Legalese, not English and thus what you might believe you are being told or hearing is pure gibberish. The only purpose for you to show up in court is to create a contract with them implying that you are under the Courts authority, so they can prosecute you.
The other part to all this is that people believe that they own property. They are told they own their house, car and a whole bunch of stuff, even their children as they register their birth with the Government saying that they own them. No one stops to think about what ownership actually means and they go along with it as it gives them some level of control over that which they believe they own. In truth, no one is ever given outright title to any property. So does title to something mean that you own something? By whose authority is saying to you that you own anything? No one has any provable authority over any other man in the Universe, it is as improvable to say you have authority over someone as it is to imply that they are your slave. We are life and we have the right to exist and be free. If this were not true we would not be here and we would not have free will.

The Torah and the Slave System

So what is the driving force behind the slave system we all find ourselves within? You find the answer to all this in the Holy Bible, or more specifically the Torah. The Torah actually means The Law. In truth it is the only thing on the planet that is actually called Law, however it is The Law and not Law. This subtle difference is important as there is no actual law on the planet and there never was, is or will be. Law does not exist in truth, it only exists in fiction. The slave system exists because those who have identified themselves as the Children of Israel have given themselves the Divine Right to Rule by LORD God in Exodus 19:12, where LORD God gave them the authority to round up all those who were not them as their slaves.
  • And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying , Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it: whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death:
What is happening here is they are free to enslave others so long as they don’t go up on the mount, because that is LORD God´s so don’t touch. It is a contract , and law is contract.
Exodus 19:5 LORD God says that he owns the world and thus everything on it.
  • Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine :
So you wanted to know why you were never given true title of ownership over anything, this is why. LORD God states to the Children of Israel that he owns the earth and so long as they obey his commands thus Covenant he is will to put them above all other people. Thus he is saying I am enslaving you, but if you help me I will let you enslave everyone else. That’s divine inspiration for you eh? Everywhere you look in the Governments around the world you will find that these Children of Israel or Jews control everything. They mostly control the world by proxy using mind controlled slaves or the so called Zionist Jews to run things. I am not saying all Jewish people are directly involved in this, but this is their reasoning behind what they do. The Jesuits are crypto Jews that do most of the high level controlling, but this is where they get their orders from.
SoldierHUGS Comment: The reference above to the “Zionist” sect seems to be the key factor here. This is also referenced and spoken of in great detail by David Icke with regards to the Khazarian´s whom infiltrated the Jewish community and claimed themselves as Jews, and hence established a “group within the group”. I thinks its important to note that this reference applies ONLY to these Khazarian Zionist Jews whom are masquerading under the cloak of the original and intended Jewish religion, therefore this is NOT a reference to true Jews, but rather a segregate faction within that is hiding behind to the true Jewish people and teachings. In fact the control system crosses all religious sects, borders and boundaries, but I believe it is the Khazarian sect that is the root of the blueprint.

So who is LORD God exactly? Well according to Exodus 13:5 MOSES states that LORD God is a man of war. LORD God is not a God, just aman with an ego personifying the will to be a God over man. The true God of the Bible is in Genesis chapter 1, where God creates allman male and female as equals to all that exists and gives man dominion over all the earth as per Genesis 1:26-28. Further he blesses man, which means to be without sin in Genesis 28.
  1. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth , and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
  2. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
  3. And God blessed them , and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominionover the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
Dominion means to rule. Thus the true creator in the context of the Bible states that all man, male or female are equal in their rule over all the earth. It means we are not under the rule of anyone else. From Genesis 2 forward everything is about LORD God, not God. Now I say this is within the context of the Bible, because the Bible itself is not a true document as per Tony Bushby’s book, “Bible Fraud” explains that the Torah the first 5 Chapters of the Bible are purely fiction and MOSES along with the rest of the cast never existed. It is important to understand though why it is fiction rather than absolute truth. The reason for the use of fiction will become very apparent when I start my discussion aboutMirror Reality a couple of sections ahead. But for now just see the simple fact that no one can prove ownership over anything. God created man equal to all of creation and he gave no laws, no covenant as it were. We have been entrusted to care for the earth and all the life upon it and in it.
In a major part law is all about Religion. They say that the courts are Secular, but that is not actually true. The entire legal system is based upon Religion and LORD God’s Covenant with the Jews, who rule over the world by Proxy. There are various levels to this and secret societies and organizations. They do a wonderful job in deflecting attention away from themselves, but in the end all law is based off the simple divine right given to them by LORD God to enslave the world. You will find the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 and in Exodus 21, you will see the rules by which LORD God gives to the Children of Israel, the Jews, to which they can treat their slaves. Basically it tells them they can do anything they want to them, so long as they do not kill them, but I suppose you could have another slave do that for you for entertainment or feeding purposes. This is what was behind the Crusades, Wars and Roman Entertainment for the most part.

Law is Contract

Because in truth man does have free will and thus they can only bring harm to a fiction not to a man according to the Bible. Because man is not bound to any law or rather rule. Never forget that Law is Contract and contracts can be made by tacit consent such as showing up in Court when asked or answering a simple question for example. It implies that you are under their authority when you do so and thus their slave. There is a real purpose in why they want a name from you. A name is a fiction so they assume that by giving them your name, you are the name and thus property of the Government and thus their slave. All law applies to fictions. When you state that you are fiction and thus not life, you are a copy of life and thus they proceed to suck the life out of you as you say, you are a fiction.
The most important things you can do to stop any and all legal actions against you is the following:
  1. Return all papers that are sent to you by fictions back to the fictions.
  2. Avoid controversy; that is only speak in terms of truth not fiction.
  3. Keep mindful that the system revolves around discharging of debt to free sureties.
  4. The system makes use of mirroring in that they project the power, but it is you that holds all authority and power.
  5. Recognize that all laws only apply to fictional entities not man.
Fundamentally Law is contract. You see this reflected in LORD God’s Covenant in Exodus 19:5. LORD God basically threatens to kill anyone who breaks his Covenant and explains it can only be done by going on his Temple Mount, otherwise get with the program as it were and enslave your fellow man. The Government is a much less sever in that they won’t typically kill anyone for breaking a Contract as they are interested in only making money off you in some way.

  So the most important thing you can do is thwart their assumptions that you are in contract with the Government. You do this by sending back any and all letters and documents sent to you to the individual if you can that sent them. Let’s say you get a letter from the Government. Do not open it. You care not what a fictional entity has to say, because it does not exist in truth to open the letter is to enter into contract with them and thus you have to return both the envelope and the letter to the source, making them wondering why you would open mail addressed to something other than yourself, that being a man. By opening a letter you create contract thus you have to remove that contract by returning the documents and envelop. I repeat this for clarity! After writing what I say bellow onto the envelope and/or letter if the envelope is opened, then stuff it all into a new envelope and mail it back to the sender via normal mail. I would not deliver it in “PERSON”, just mail it back, they will get it.
On the unopened letter you would write the following:
  • Return to Sender. I do not wish to contract with you. I am not a fiction. I am a man created as male/female by God standing in my dominion over all the earth as per Genesis 1:26-28, with God.
  • If you live outside of the Commonwealth, I would adjust the above to say; Return to sender. I do not wish to Contract with you. I am not a fiction. I am a man created by God standing in my dominion over all the earth as per Genesis 1:26, with God.
The difference is that in the Catholic Bible it only references Dominion to man in Genesis 1:26. Since Islam is an offshoot of the Catholic Religion you may see a preference to referring to the Catholic Bible rather than the Queen’s King James Bible. But all Bible say that man has dominion over all the earth. Again Dominion means to rule.
All Constitutions except perhaps China make reference to the Almighty God or God in some way. The U.S.A. Constitution makes reference to the fact that all men are created equal in the Bill of Rights. This goes back to dominion and Genesis 1:26-28. As a side note Almighty God is not God, God is God and the Almighty God is actually LORD God, Satan/Lucifer.
The second thing to do is not to create any controversy. Controversy arises when you make a statement that can be argued over, such as a name. A name is a fiction and thus not true, so it can be argued. A statement that you are a man created as male or female by God standing in your dominion over all the earth is provable within the context of the Bible, upon which all law is based, hence LORD God’s Contract with the Jews, who run the System directly or by Proxy.
To avoid Controversy you first must know what it is and how it is created.

Definition of Controversy:

Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of opinion. The word was coined from the Latin controversia, as a composite of controversus – “turned in an opposite direction,” from contra – “against” – and vertere – to turn, or versus (see verse), hence, “to turn against.”
a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.
When a Police Officer says that that is your opinion of the law or interpretation of the Law, he is merely entering a state of controversy with you. Because all law is written in Legalese, an unintelligible language that mimics other languages, it is all about opinion and interpretation as I said it is unintelligible jargon. Legalese is defined as being a jargon by Blacks 7th, which in turn jargon is defined as an unintelligible language according to Webster’s Dictionary of English. So anything in their law system is up for dispute and interpretation and thus controversy.
Firstly by contracting an agent of controversy, a lawyer, is always a bad move when you are trying to defend yourself. Always remember that it is the truth that sets you free, not arguments. To eliminate controversy you can simply say, “I can see how you might think this or that about the all cap name person” Never admit that you are the person or the name in question. Never even say that you have a name as that means property and thus all property is owned by their God Lucifer (LORD God) and you become a surety for it. In truth all you can say is that you are not a fiction and simply a man, created as male or female, nothing more needs to be said other than you do not wish to contract with them.

Thus shoving affidavits etc. there way only enforces the idea that you are making use of their laws and thus stating an opinion in controversy about your interpretation of what the legalese says. An Affidavit is actually a confirmation that you are operating under their laws and giving them permission to proceed against you as such. It doesn’t matter what the Affidavit says as they own the law.
Once you understand that that controversy doesn’t care about truth only that you argue about something, the truth does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you do not contract with these guys and don’t offer up a name or give them any kind of documents. If they hand you some document hand it back to them, don’t keep anything they give you as it is an acceptance of their offer to contract.
The money game is all about the charging your trust account with debt. If you discharge the debt or rather forgive them for creating the debt they must let go of the surety they are holding for the debt. Here is an example of this from Mary Croft’s Blog:


We have all heard of “debt forgiveness”. “You, the Crown/state, charged the JOHN HENRY DOE Birth Certificate Trust Account, thereby creating a debt which requires offset/credit in order to balance the accounting. It appears as if you intend to hold me, a live man known as John Henry Doe, liable for a debt you created. Since a maxim of law states, “the one who creates the liability must provide the remedy”, yet you appear unwilling to do so; and, since there is no money to ‘pay’ your debt for you, nor do I have the authority to access the account in order to offset your debt for you, all I can do is forgive your debt for you. I hereby do so. Ergo, you are now free to forgive your surety, John Henry DOE, thereby leaving me, the live man, completely out of your accounting, as “John Henry Doe” is not listed anywhere on any of your documents.
One thing to keep in mind is that in doing this you are making use of the systems rule.There is nothing stopping them from not following their rules as they rule. However this example about Acceptance is important in that it shows how that everything revolves around money and more importantly it shows how they make use of the mirror. Everything is in reverse or backwards to the way you would normally think in the system and for good reason. It is done to create maximum harm against those who engage the system as to allow the parasites to feed off of those who do engage the system. Further and most importantly it protects the parasites from any free will violations in that they gain no Karma or retribution for the harm they cause because all the causality effects are reflected back onto those who engage the system, not the Parasites. I will go more into this in the Mirror Reality section further below.
The last thing to keep in mind that it is your energy that is animating the actors in fiction. With every document that they generate or things that they do, it is all done in relation to you. They draw their energy to do so from your signature. A signature means agreement thus contract. A signature can simply be a mark on a page, it does not have to be a name, although they attach the signature to their all caps name. They may switch the all caps name to a regular name as a deception, but you are still contracting with them by giving them your attention and agreements, tacitly or directly. They see their world based upon contracts because it operates much like a computer following instruction lines in a program. The problem is that their AI (artificial intelligence) programs can change the programming to fit the parasitical outcomes it desires, although through fraud, it is their system.

The world is a stage as Sir Francis Bacon once said as Shakespeare. It is indeed a stage and we are its directors and actors, however it is rather the Freemasonic world stage and not yours. Much of the Justice systems throughout the world are run through the Freemasons. There are no secrets in love as truth always leads to love, but there are secrets in fear and all fear is created through fiction and illusions. The foundation of illusions is the use of mirrors, which has two modes, reflection and inversion. There is nothing Free about the Freemasons. Islam is the same in many ways, leaving all the decision making authority in the hands of the Mullahs etc. leading the flock in a sea of rules that benefits the authority structure and not the people. One only has to look at Indonesia or Saudi Arabia to see how corrupt and arrogant the leaders are there. Again Islam works on contract. When a child reaches the age of 9 they are “allowed” to confirm their religion as Islam, and leaving or rejecting Islam after this is a death sentence in some Countries and situations. What would happen to a child if they decided not to join Islam, do you think? In Indonesia it is written in the Constitution that everyone must believe in the Almighty God, who is actually not God, but Satan.
All Countries do not exist in truth; they exist in a world of fiction. No one can point at the ground and say that it is part of any Country for the Creator never made Countries and no one has any authority to divide up the planet. Yet because in fiction there is no truth, there can be no truth in fiction and thus Countries can exist. The New World Order is based one planet and one Government, again the Government is the fictional component overlaying upon the truth, being the planet. This is how the Parasites work; they take what is true and they overwrite their programming code on it telling you that it is a title or a name of a thing, rather than what it is in truth, a kind of life or the Earth.

Mirror Reality

The most insidious thing about the SYSTEM is how they get you to cause harm to yourself to advance their agenda. It completely protects the parasites and gives them all the benefits from your enslavement and harm done to you. The structure is based upon granting all authority to a fiction called LORD God set up with the ideology of owning all that is, within the world of fiction. The problem is that fiction cannot determine what is real or fiction as it is fiction, thus it is not responsible for any harm that comes to people in truth, because to this Beast, all is fiction.
From what I have heard about Orwell’s 1984, everything we are confronted with in the SYSTEM is upside down and backwards. The reason that the Jews do not rule the world directly, but do it indirectly through Proxy and False Religions and Institutions is protect the Puppet Masters. Again not all Jews are involved and it seems that bloodline among the Jews is most important in terms of who gets to lead and who doesn’t, much as it is with the world Monarchy etc. And that is what seems to differentiate most of this from the rank and file Jews is Bloodline. This Bloodline expands to all corners of the earth and in all races and religions. The Jews are prominent in all this again because it is their divine right to rule they got from LORD God and the SYSTEM that totally supports Israel and Jewish Banking SYSTEM.
So in order to protect the parasites they have to deflect or rather reflect all aggression against them back onto the people doing it. This keeps the Sheeple in perpetual confusion and fear as they try to break free of the SYSTEM, which I am sure is full of agents leading those who would try back into the SYSTEM and thus under the rule of the SYSTEM as no one is ruled directly, only indirectly through the laughable rule of law scenario.
Satanism is based upon an artificial intelligence. In fact the Parasites that perform Black Magic Rituals need human psychics to create the energy fields needed to open portals to the demonic realms. The Parasites do not work directly at trying to control anything, the leave the casual effects of doing harm to others to be asserted on their slaves. The entire system is based upon Black Magic and the deflection of casual energies back onto the true perpetrators is paramount to keep the system running.
In part it works on ignorance of the Sheeple, in that many actually believe in the fictional reality as being true so they don’t see the Parasites as evil, but rather as good. Thus all the positive energy flows to uplift the Queen and such as they work to enslave humanity by getting people who are in ignorance of what they are truly doing, to do the bidding of the system. The System rewards those who use force against others to enforce the System, yet no man is actually the System, just the fiction based names. Satanism is all about deception and dumping the negative aspects of casual energies onto the slaves. Just sit back and think about all the ways this happens, it is endless.

  The big part of the Game takes place in the Court. This is where they seek to get your tacit permission to proceed against you as a fiction. To do so they need you to sign some document, usually a Promise to appear and thus to represent the allCapsname in a Court of Law. Because a fiction has no physicality, they simply focus on the name and not the man, creating all kinds of bonds and money from the signature to procure them millions of dollars, when the case hits the International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland, the Banking Capital of the world. The Judge sentences the name to prison not the man, you the man are an actor in fiction and have given them tacit permission to harm you by merely showing up in court and/or not confronting them about you dominion and not wishing to contract with them. It doesn’t fly with traffic tickets because you contracted with them through a driver’s license and registration of your vehicle, even insurance.
The trust laws are based upon you being the beneficiary and the Clerk of the Court being the Trustee. The problem with the Trust Laws is that the name is considered to be lost at Sea, or lost on the Holy Sea as this is a Vatican game. Essentially the Court sees the names as dead souls they are responsible for and also responsible for all human creatures as per the Papal Bull of 1312. The dead have no rights because they do not exist. Thus when a Police Officer kills a human being, they are really just acting on a contract that they are responsible for the human creature and there are no consequences usually to their killing others; this goes with the Military as well.
Some of the other ways you see the System making use of the mirror is that there is as follows. The Queen for example sits on her throne waiting for a Dead JESUS to reappear to take it, thus it is why she has a reign rather than rule over the Common Wealth. It is the dead JESUS that is responsible for rule, much like the Pope being the Vicar of Christ, standing in for the LORD JESUS CHRIST. The Queen is not responsible for the consequences of her actions because all those that hold power in the Commonwealth pledge their allegiance to her. Some oaths are false oaths of course as there are corporations that are controlled by the Jews that have usurped nation states such as Canada, Australia, U.S.A. and many others I am certain.
The purpose of paying taxes for example is to enrich the Queen not to pay for roads and infrastructure. That is taken care of through printing of money, via the signatures on pay checks etc. that are cashed at banks, as signatures have value when you endorse a check for example. The Federal Reserve was recently reported to have been adjusted to give Israel unlimited money to sustain their nation. The root of all evil always points to the power structure of evil don’t you think?
The simple reality of the system is again that no one is actually responsible or accountable for anything done to the slaves, but they hold all the decision making power that appears to be indirect through democracy. Democracy is just a cover because those who do not follow the party line and vote as they are told are removed from the party as an independent and lose out on substantial income etc. Most people in positions of Government are well screened by the Parties to ensure loyalty and thus control. It is not about what the people think, it is all about what the controllers want. In the USA they don’t even bother to read most of the bills they vote on, there is no point as the controllers tell them what to do or else.
So imagine looking at a mirror and seeing that the image in the mirror makes all the decisions rather than you. The mirror is active and needs energy so in order to carry out the functions within its fictional world it must draw energy from you the living man to do things within the mirror reality, it’s a parasites dream come true. So long as you agree to having the mirror do all the work rather than you, it gets to suck your life energy in doing so. Thus a mirror cannot be held responsible for anything done, because it is merely an illusion. Thus is the purpose for putting labels on everyone and using names. Social hierarchy does not exist in truth as we are all created equal and thus need titles or fictions to create social structures to make up all these separation games.
The only purpose for the mirror’s existence is to suck life from life. Thus if you allow them to see you as a mirror image of life, there is actually no life in the image and thus you are sucked for all your energy. Thus economic collapses, famines, disease and a whole host of mind control educating stuff all awaits those who forget who they are and consent to being a image or rather fiction to the System.

The Altar of Fear

Those that attempt to break away from the System are mostly threatened and arrested. Many people have tried using law to gain some level of freedom from the Government, such as not paying taxes. Perhaps a few prevail and get free, but for many they make mistakes and end up in court and thus judged as slaves. They make mistakes out of fear of facing more sever fines or jail time for not appearing in court for example. They simply have not grasped the concept that if they started on the outset using their dominion and not giving into the separation games, they would be free.

Don’t think for a second that the system does not know that laws do not apply to man, they do. The question is do you know and do you follow this knowing up by your actions? Many fall into the trap of getting a lawyer, which is a confession that you are a fiction and the lawyer is there to fleece the Sheeple for all they can, prior to judgment, which is not in their control. Notary Publics and getting documents signed only shows that you are making use of their laws as no Notaries are needed within your dominion. A quorum of four witness’ signatures is all that is needed to certify a document as true.
It is my experience that most people will operate out of fear rather than knowing, because so few ever take the time to think all this stuff through. By the time they figure out that their plan is not working, it is usually when they have signed a Promissory to Appear or have been given a Summons. All crime is commerce and thus based upon money, debt money. Life has no debts as it exists in truth! You as life, have the right to exist, because if you didn’t you would not be here.
If there ever was a path to freedom the simple disclaimer of you as man, holding dominion over all the earth has to be carefully considered. Anything beyond this ties you into Satanism and thus the Jews´ slave system. It is a highly distorted system to teach you about who you are. We are love and God is love. Knowing that love does not judge, should be repeated in your mind as you deal with this crap. There is no fiction in truth and truth always leads to love. It is mostly by tacit consent that they gain authority over you, and which you have to be keen to thwart their attempts to do so. Simply telling them you do not wish to contract with them, is all that is needed. It doesn’t mean that they won’t try to intimidate you and see if you actually believe in your convictions about your dominion. They are going to test you as their masters demand it.
I wrote an article called The Altar of Fear if you like to learn more. I think that for many this document is mainly an overview of what I have been talking about in other articles. The entire SYSTEM works upon the illusion that there are no Puppet Masters and that everything done is done by unaccountable people. The Oath that some take pledging their allegiance to the Queen for example ends, by saying they do so according to law. What is law? There are no laws. This is done in corporations that have usurped power away from the Monarchy. Yet it is the Queen that controls it all in the background and holds much of the decision making power. It is why draconian laws get passed and the Police State has so much power over the slaves. The Parasites are not going to expose themselves, but if you watch carefully you will see them as the Puppet Masters.
The Bible itself is a work of fiction, but very symbolic in many ways. It is fiction because again there can be no truth in fiction. And thus the actors such as MOSES never existed and thus no casual energy can be put upon a fiction for harm done to the living. The minds behind this scam are thinking this in a multi-dimensional forum. Perhaps what really happened is that the Jews were contacted by ETs in the past and for exchange of technology and knowledge they enslaved humanity for these parasites to rule over everyone, including the Jews from another dimension. So much harm and suffering has been brought unto humanity through this system that is really a perpetual war with no possible positive outcome, except for the controllers, for a short time. Once the planet dies and cannot support life, perhaps a new planet will be created and this all starts over again. With all the trillions of stars in the Universe and this one planet full of life, it is hard to believe that so much misery can exist here in the infinite vastness of life that must exist on other planets. Why are we abandoned to this? The only way out is to stop playing the separation games and love and protect one another.
June 18, 2012

Taking Action Now

DISCLAIMER: Of course we do not intend ANY of this article or its contents to be construed as “legal advice”. In fact the very notion of this would be in direct contradiction to the intent and purpose of this article by virtue of not recommending or participating in any means of giving away your power or position, by engaging the fictional system. We are not lawyers, or “negotiorum gestors”. Therefore, here is the standard notice and disclaimer:
None of this article´s content or information is intended or to be construed as “legal” advice, nor do we instruct or advise the use of it as such. The information contained herein is solely for “educational” purposes. Personal discernment is requested and advised.
Your path to freedom is simpler than you think. By taking individual action now, and realizing Who You Are in the corporate government system, you can take the power they stole from you at birth, the power you have always had that has been hidden from you. This was by design, to keep you playing their corporate for-profit games with your life. The key is forgiveness .
These documents, when recorded with your county recorder, will get you free from the corporation of government that is taking our money, our homes, and our happiness.They are only effective if you use them to teach the corporate government and legal system how to treat you, as you are the Master, given your power by the Creator. It is the corporation who are the servants, not us!
  • Download an example 1 of the Forgiveness document here, and example 2 here
  • Download an example of the Executor document here
  • Download the instructions on how to fill them out and record them here
  • And before you have them recorded, go here for more information on how powerful these documents are and what they mean
  • You must know what they mean and exactly how to use them in order to exert your power effectively.
  • It is recommended that you know this material inside and out, compose your own documents, in your own words. With that comes the understanding of how to use them to keep the parasites at bay. You will realize that you can hold them accountable for their fraud and deceit, and literally watch the system feed off of itself and not you and your loved ones.
Ongoing classes are located at Sign up for a class, they are free. The truth costs nothing, but is worth everything!
*It´s extremely important that you become knowledgeable and educated on these concepts and their proper use. This is NO small decision! In particular because these actions can and most likely will have drawbacks and potentially create some hardships in the immediate term as the current “fictional” system is still very prevalent and engaged by most today. This absolutely must be an informed and internally based action that is decided from within your own heart and soul, and cannot and should not be something you do as means of following someone else.
Part 2, of this article is currently under way. I expect to have it up and released in about a week or so. In this second piece, we will dive more directly into these aspects and provide a much broader expansion of these actions as well as other actions that will actually indict these usurpers of the people and turn their scam against them. So please stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to the “SoldierHUGS Mission Briefs & Updates” to be the first to receive this next follow up article.