Tuesday, 12 April 2016

One People Roundtable: Apr 12, 2016

Welcome to this weeks One People Round table Discussion.

This week Lisa and D covered a list of ongoing insanity in the world, Including:

-the financial collapse that is underway, (with D's comments about the "RV" and the "cash in" groups),
-the Baal (or not baal) archway in London,- but not New York,
-more fall out from the panama papers
- and the wild ride that this past week has been- emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically.

Our Friend Duncan O'Finioan was suppose to join us to dig into the topic of sliding and crashing timelines/dimensions, and the issue of magic.... but as per usual when we try to get together to have these conversations, we could not get Duncan onto the call no matter what we tried!  But.... we will persevere and get THAT discussion recorded as soon as we can!

The very best news?  As of this weeks coming show- April 19th (in Australia, 18th in NA and Europe), we will be able to have 200 people in the live audience!!  For the past 2 months it has been a scramble to "get in" as we only had room for 50 people per show!!  The Zoom ID to attend the live shows are listed in the UnFucker's group on Facebook and on Lisa's web site calendar.

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