Friday, 1 April 2016

Full Metal Retard: CIA, Pentagon & Turkey...oh my

When the US's associations with all these armed and trained "militias" in Syria becomes clearly seen by the public, they need to start the spin doctoring.....

"Oh poor us, we just can't control these guys!!   No No!  it's not our fault!.... they're just soooo difficult to control!!"

.... and then there is Turkey's role in all of this Terrorist" stuff, which is being now outed daily.  There really is no hiding the fact that Turkey's government, led by the completely egomaniacle psychopath Erdogan, has been blatantly funding "ISIS" by buying their stolen oil and antiquities AND using their border with Syria as a 10 lane super highway of drugs, terrorists and illicit stolen goods  being traded back and forth.

You gotta ask though:  Why is the American Media NOT talking about the fact that Erdogan's personal security goons just physically assaulted American Citizens on American soil?

... Full Metal Retard Indeed!


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