Monday 17 September 2012

Message from Neil Keenan and the continuing conversation

Sunday Poofness posted a link to an update article I wrote on Friday with the current updates on the World Global Settlements and the RV etc. 

Monday I received this message as a comment on that original article:

There was a Link in the Poof report yesterday titled Removing the Shackles here------> I sent this to Neil Keenen and here is his response to that article. [3:34:22 AM] Neil Keenan: You can answer Removing the Shackles with this JJ and say it is from me. No problem.
[3:36:14 AM] Neil Keenan: NEIL kEENAN said...
The prosperity packages are rolling out very very quickly right now- and we are looking for a magic number to trigger the event we are waiting for? This is not going to happen so stop playing with the people.

The World Global Settlements have been launched and that money is already on it's way around the world? This is not true at all. It cannot be touched as you perceive it either.

The Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/Funds have been released? This will never be released seeing it was stolen money from the Global Accounts used to destroy the USSR's economy by the above mentioned. These funds are now safely resting in the Global Accounts where they belong.

The Soekarno funds are Not part of the WGS and have not yet been released? The Soekarno Funds are part of the Global accounts seeing they are Dragon Family and Heritage Foundation just to name a few and are registered in the BIS. As for the Soekarno Foundation that is a different story and their mandate expired in 1998 but it is possible to find ways to get the funds owed to them by the West to the tune of over 4 Trillion USD. 

Loved the history lesson and much of what you say is true. Overall knowing what I know already I loved it and it helped tremendously with what I am doing. Take care and feel free to contact me whenever you wish.

Neil Keenan

After a brief game of tag, Neil and I were able to get together on Skype and have a very enlightening and long conversation. Followed by another conversation with Neil and Drake, and then another long conversation between Drake and I.

...There was some very Very interesting information exchanged back and forth to say the least, and I am hoping to have permission to write about some of the things we discussed in the very near future.

I want to thank Neil for clarifying some extremely important information on the Wanta Reagan Mitterrand funds. I have passed that information along, and a few of my sources are being seriously questioned about their information and where they got it. 

I think that some of the confusion that circles this money is the cabal driven hatred and distrust of the USSR and Russia.  Many people hold those responsible for the creation of this fund as heroes because of what the theft of this money accomplished.  But the money was stolen, regardless of the American biased opinion. That money was mirrored from the Global Accounts and according to Neil was never under the control of those people to begin with.

As for the World Global Settlements and various Prosperity Packages, Neil and I disagree on where we stand on that at this moment.  His prime focus is on the Collateral Global Accounts, as it should be, and I am waiting for his next update on that topic with much excitement.  

I want to say to those reading this that we, the people of the world, are very fortunate to have people like Neil and Drake, and many many others, who have put them selves out there to bring us the truth.  You might not agree with them, you might not want to believe them, but the truth will come out very soon that will show that they are true Patriots- Patriots of Humanity.  It is the inexhaustible resolve and committed actions of amazing people like Neil and Drake that are bringing Freedom & Prosperity to the world and her people. 

It is sometimes difficult to see the entire puzzle that is coming together piece by piece.  Sometimes we focus so closely at one section of the puzzle that we are unable to see other sections, and the different people working on other areas.  It is even harder still to step back and try to view the entire puzzle as a whole.  Until you've stood back and viewed the various sections of the puzzle that are being worked on all at once, you really cannot sit back and say "Hey, that piece doesn't go there, it doesn't fit!", because until you've studied the whole, you can not understand how the parts will come together. 


  1. Thanks D! I was hoping that you and Neil would have an in-depth discussion. Hopefully you can be another outlet to get updates from Keenan. We are all craving truthful information into what is happening behind the scenes. As you know, the information is tightly controlled and the people are trying to figure out what is happening. Keep up the great work and always look forward to the newest updates.

  2. I must disagree strongly with Neil about the Global Settlements not being out. I received a letter almost 2 months ago from my mortgage company saying that my Second Mortgage is paid in full by the World Global Settlement Funds. It was delivered by Fedex. It was for a little over $21,000.00. I live in NC and it is apparently happening here. I sent a copy to John McHaffie from Nesara-News when it arrived, but declined to let him post it because I didn't want to be responsible for tons of calls going to the bank with people asking where theirs was. But it is absolutely TRUE, these letters are going out, at least on mortgages.


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