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"While you were asleep" Story of the 2012 Revolution

A friend of mine sent me this article this morning. I just spent a  quiet moment drinking coffee and reading it and I quickly realized that this needs to go out immediately.

Hopegirl2012 has obviously spent an inordinate amount of time researching and writing this article. The amount of links included alone equate to hours and hours of work.  This might just be the pinnacle article that explains... well, almost everything!  From the financial collapse, to the illuminatti/cabal control of the planet, to the resistance, to the Neil Keenan liens and lawsuits, to Drake, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Dr. Greer, the Keshe Foundation, .... The article is long, as it has to be to address all these topics, and the links themselves represent hours of reading and watching alone, but this article is well worth reading and sharing. 

If you're attempting to wake people up, this might just be the best article to do that.  Friends and family might be a bit shell shocked- it is a huge amount of information to take in all at once- but it covers most of the bases and leads the reader on a journey to begin their own quest for further information.

I have several comments that I want to make, to clarify some points and add new information on certain subjects in the article.  I will be writing an update article later on today on the topics of the WGS, PPs, RV and the new global financial system, and about several major events that have happened in the past two weeks.  I also will discuss some of Drakes latest updates and how several articles that have come out over the past few weeks are involved with this information.  As soon as that article is done, I will edit this to add the link here.

WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl

Given the current state of the world today, it is clear to just about anyone that something is going to happen. But just what will happen?  I’ve been chasing down some interesting information, most of which can only be presented in theory form. The reason for this is that the mainstream media is heavily controlled, and the only way to try to get to the real information is through a variety of alternative news sources and the internet.  When gathering information in this way, it is not always packaged together in an easy-to-digest format.  I am attempting to do that now for you in this document.  In addition, there is a lot of secrecy in the world, and not much information is freely available. Some of this information is from “inside sources” who claim they can’t tell you everything. Wherever applicable, I have provided links to documentation so that you can track down these sources of information on your own to help you to form your own conclusions.
So given all of these factors, my goal here is to present you with theoretical pieces of the bigger puzzle, help you put those pieces together, give you a summarized extent of how far I got with my research in each area, and then ultimately it is up to you to make a decision on what you choose to believe.
Follow the MoneyWhether you consider yourself to be a “money person” or not is irrelevant. The truth here is that every single problem we face in the world today, be it the environment, disease, poverty, war or tyranny comes down to one thing:  Money.  If you trace each one of these problems back far enough, you’ll find money as the root cause of the problem.  The reason why the environment is trashed is because of the greed of those who wanted to make more money. People are sick because taking care of them with “modern medicine” generates more money for the medical industry. War is the biggest money making machine around.  The truth is (and I’m going to prove this later on this document) THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.  Money doesn’t “run out”. It goes somewhere, doesn’t it? So where did all the money go? Keep reading and I’ll show you where it went.  Once you drill down through each level, you’ll find the money. Then, if you drill down further than that, you’ll find the ultimate motive:  The desire of a select few to have power and control over the people of the world.
Total Global Economic Collapse is Imminent
First let’s start with the imminent total global financial collapse. This is real. This is not a theory. This is going to happen. The only theoretical part of this story is when it will happen.  My best guess is that it is going to happen between October and December of 2012.
This is a brief explanation of what happened in our economy in the last ten years. Most importantly, this is UNLIKE any other depression or recession.  I want to make sure that I clearly explain the enormity of our current crisis; this time is much worse than any other crisis the world has ever faced. Why? Because of the catastrophic size of debt that was allowed to accumulate once they lifted the regulations.
Let me try to simplify how this economy got so screwed up.
We used to have rules and regulations that protected bad guys from gambling all our money away.
We lifted all those rules and regulations and the bad guys swooped in and gambled all our money away.
Since our money is no longer backed by gold or silver, the bad guys can just keep printing more money out of thin air to give to their bad guy friends to gamble it away.
We, the taxpayers, were left with the bill of all the money they printed out of thin air and gambled away. And now our money has been made completely worthless because of all the money they printed.
Oh and by the way, not one single bad guy has been punished for what they did. Of course, there’s a heck of a lot more detail that can be added to this, but this is pretty much what’s happened. You can read a little more here, plus here are some great documentaries on the subject.
Meltdown The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse (Documentary)
Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Documentary)
Now to try to get to the main point.  The Global Financial Collapse is real. It is going to happen.  Ignoring this fact won’t make it not true.  And it’s probably going to happen in October.  But don’t take my word for it, read for yourselves:
Top 5 places not to be when the dollar collapses
The wealthy are even betting on the collapse to try to make money off of it! Rothschild takes bet against the Euro
This Next Economic Collapse will be greater that the Great DepressionSure, we’ve had economic collapses all throughout the world at one time or the other, but never anything like the one we are in store for. But what makes this one different?
Well for starters, it’s not going to happen in just one country. It’s going to happen to the whole world. The reason for this is we have centralized and globalized everything. So few things are separate from each other and trade lines are very blurred. As a result, if one country goes down, they all go down. Yes. That most certainly includes America.
The other problem we have that makes this one different is the derivatives market and the colossal size of the money to be lost in this crash.  The derivatives market, which represents all of the bad gambling debts that are going to be called in which will ultimately cause the crash, is estimated to be 600 Trillion dollars. Wait. Go back. Read that last sentence again. That’s 600 Trillion with a T.
In his epic work Financial Tyranny, David Wilcock does an incredible job describing just how much money this is and how much we could have done with this if it had been given to the people and not the banks.  The picture below is borrowed from his blog showing stacks of $100 bills twice the height of the twin towers. This is what 600 trillion dollars looks like.
As for comparing the coming economic collapse to the great depression, they didn’t have the huge debt market back then that we have today. Also, they had budget surpluses during that time; we don’t have any.  Also, America still had a manufacturing base back then, so we built our way out of the depression. We don’t manufacture anything in America anymore; we’ve shipped all the manufacturing plants overseas.  And here’s the last big clincher, back then after they had already fallen into a great depression, unemployment was at 27%. Today, in our supposed “recession” if you count REAL unemployment (not the unemployment they try to downplay in their reporting), unemployment is at 25%.

How will this affect my everyday life?Now this next part is very important.  For some reason, many people hear all this news and they think of these things as some external event that is happening “over there” that will not affect them in their everyday lives.  The reason for this is most probably because most of the people alive today do not remember what it felt like to live in the depression, so this stuff is not real to them.  Also, most people do not remember or know what it feels like to have war on their own soil.
Let me take this moment to try to break through to these people. Let me show you how real this collapse will be to you in your everyday life.  Hang in there while you read through this and please know that I’ve found a light at the end of this tunnel and my ultimate intention is to give you hope and to show you that there is an alternate plan in the works.
You leave your house in the morning to go to work, you stop to get gas. You realize it’s $15 a gallon. You then try to pay for it, and your debit card doesn’t work.  You go in to the store and the cashier tells you that no one’s debit cards are working today. All the banks are closed and all debit and credit cards are offline.  At first you think “what a pain in the ass”. But then as your day unfolds, you have wave after wave of realizations on how much you depend on that debit card for everything in your day.  You instantly feel completely vulnerable because you’re out in the world, with no money.
Somehow you managed to get home; you’re now with your family who are all telling you about their experiences for the day with no debit cards. You manage to find a couple of hundred dollars in cash lying around the house, and decide to use it to go to the supermarket.
When you arrive at the supermarket, the parking lot is completely full. You walk into the store and there are more people in the supermarket then you’ve ever seen in your life. People are fighting over the last pieces of food. You look at the shelves, and they are almost completely bare. Everything on your list from toilet paper to rice has been bought out.  You buy what you can, and decide to go to another supermarket to get the rest. When you get to the second supermarket, it’s the same situation.
Then, when you get home, you go online and look into all of your accounts. Massive inflation has kicked in. The dollar has collapsed, and since we base everything on the dollar or “fake money” fiat currency, you suddenly realize that everything you have in your bank account is worthless, your entire life savings or retirement account is gone. Any stocks or investments you may have had crashed.
It is then that you realize how much you depended on this system. It is then that you realize you can’t eat money.
What makes you think this will happen in October?So why October? First of all, from all the headlines, it really does appear that everything is on the brink of collapse.  Technically, it’s already collapsed; it’s past the point of no return. Everything we are running on today is completely artificial, and it would appear they won’t be able to just keep printing money much longer.
Gerald Celente of Trends Journal says we’ll have a collapse this fall.
Banking crises historically tend to happen in the fall
Why did this happen?
Here’s one way of viewing this whole mess.  The financial collapse was a giant mistake. No one anywhere was paying attention and it just ended up being a big mess by chance.  You can choose to believe that if you want.
Here’s another theory.  This Financial Collapse was brought about on purpose. It’s been carefully strategized and orchestrated just like the other financial collapses of the past as a way to redistribute the wealth of the world out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the elite.
It’s been historically shown in March of 1929 Paul Warburg gave a tip to the elite that the crash was coming.  The elite then got out of the market and preserved their fortune.  They then came back in and bought up everyone’s companies for pennies on the dollar. Everyone suffered terribly from the depression, except for the elite, who stole the wealth of the world from the people.
The Great Depression was deliberately created. The Elite got all the money.
There is no current recession, this is a planned financial demolition.
The planned economic collapse.
Economic Collapse was a planned power grab.
Deliberately planned economic collapse in leading USA to martial law
Who’s Responsible for this?I am normally not the type of person to point fingers and shift the blame.  But in this case I’m going to do just that. Like any other chain of command, you can follow the money up to the top and ultimately find the person or persons in charge of making all the decisions.  In any situation it’s important to ask: Who runs who? Who owns who? Who’s really in charge? Below is a pretty in-depth organizational chart explanation that will hopefully give you an in-depth view of what we are dealing with here.
The following chart shows the real structure of ownership and power. I’ve recreated this based on Foster Gamble’s chart in the documentary Thrive:
From the bottom of the pyramid we have the people planet and all living things. We are controlled by the governments.
But who controls the governments? The corporations do! (Like Bechtel, Exxon, GE, Halliburton, Pfizer, News Corporation and Monsanto)
The corporations only exist because they get large amounts of money loaned to them by the big banks. (Like Citi, Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and HSBC).
But who controls the Big Banks?  The National Central Banks do! (Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and the Reserve Bank of Australia)
These National Central Banks are controlled by the International Central Banks. (Like IMF, and the World Bank).
And at the top of the chain of power is the elite, who control all of it through their main banking channel the Bank of International Settlements, which controls the international central banks.
Who are “The Elite”? They vary a little here and there but believe it or not most of it comes down to a handful of families in the world and those that work for them.  Be sure to watch thrive to get a better idea of who they are.  It’s basically an elaborate close knit network of a select few that give the orders and carry them out.
They control almost everything. They control ALL THE MEDIA (News, TV, Hollywood, entertainment)
They control the education system, they control the medical system, they control the food supply. Again, there is tons of documentation out there on this, start with the Thrive movie and look this stuff up for yourself, don’t take my word for it!
In addition to the pyramid structure above, you can break down the structure on a more detailed level as David Wilcock does in his blog here
Basically, a group of highly respected scientists, using a very fancy one of a kind computer ran a series of intricate cross referencing data analysis. They discovered that every company in the world was owned in some way by another company, which was owned by another company etc. The end result is that 50 companies control most of the wealth in the entire world. Those companies are (in order of their level of control)
Top 50 Companies that Run the World
FMR CORP US 6713 IN 8.94
AXA FR 6712 SCC 11.21
UBS AG CH 6512 SCC 18.46
10 MERRILL LYNCH & CO., INC. US 6712 SCC 19.45
17 NATIXIS FR 6512 SCC 24.98
19 T. ROWE PRICE GROUP, INC. US 6713 SCC 26.29
20 LEGG MASON, INC. US 6712 SCC 26.92
27 INVESCO PLC GB 6523 SCC 30.82
28 ALLIANZ SE DE 7415 SCC 31.32
29 TIAA US 6601 IN 32.24
31 AVIVA PLC GB 6601 SCC 33.14
32 SCHRODERS PLC GB 6712 SCC 33.57
33 DODGE & COX US 7415 IN 34.00
37 CNCE FR 6512 SCC 35.57
41 ING GROEP N.V. NL 6603 SCC 36.96
46 BNP PARIBAS FR 6512 SCC 38.56
These findings were published in a well respected Scientific Magazine earlier this year.–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html
What are Their Motives?OK, so now that we are pretty clear on the fact that everything in the whole world (just about) is owned and run by a select few, what are their motives?
Before I go into this, I want to make sure that I put in an important disclaimer here. A lot of people who are involved in this are there against their will. They are at the lower levels of this powerful organization. They are usually good people just like you and me. They just made a mistake along the way, got involved, and in a way similar to a mafia situation, they can’t get out. Their lives and the lives of their families have been threatened if they were to try to leave. For this we must have sympathy for many of these trapped individuals.  Also, not every member of an elite family is part of the dark agenda. A lot of them are good people too.
So to sum up their motives: They want to take away all our money and keep us as debt slaves, then they want to bring us into World War 3, and then they want to establish their New World Order so they can have control over all the people on the planet.  Oh and by the way, they think there are too many of us, they want the world population to be trimmed down to about 500 million.
These individuals have been planning this for a long time. And they don’t have the best morals. Many of them dabble in sick secret rituals. There are many terms used that relate to these groups and what they stand for such as Illuminati, Skull and Bones Society, Bohemian Grove, Luciferianism.  And a lot of people involved are famous people, presidents and leaders that you know.  Here’s a few educational links and important stories you should become familiar with to understand these people a little better.  For all intensive purposes, these individuals and their dark agenda will be referred to throughout the rest of this document as “The Cabal”.
Overview of the New World Order
Bohemian Grove Where the Rich and Powerful go to have their Secret Rituals. Very Impressive video!
List of Bohemian Grove Members, past and present.  Some of these names are very familiar!
Skull and Bones Secret Yale Society.  This is where George W. Bush came from. (And others!)
Video of sick Skull and Bones Initiation ritual
The Illuminati. There’s lots of documentaries out there, here’s one of them.
Midway Break From all the Negativity!I know I just hit you with a lot of really ugly nasty crap just then. Believe me, this kind of stuff is not my cup of tea, and writing about it and finding all those links has made me want to go take a shower and watch cute kitten videos on YouTube for a week.  All I can say is hang in there. It’s almost over and I’m going to get to the good part really soon. But it’s important that you know about this stuff.  This is the reason for the suffering in the world, and it’s all going to come to end. The first part of this healing process is completely exposing them for what they are.  We cannot fully heal until we have the truth.

The Strategy of the Cabal
First, let’s start with a brief summary of the past. Three World Wars have been planned for hundreds of years. WWI and WW2 obviously already happened. The purpose for each was to gain control over certain nations and confiscate their wealth.  WW3 has a purpose too, and this is where the Cabal is trying to lead us.  No matter how much anyone tells them we don’t want any more war.
So basically their whole plan is to first create the problem, by bankrupting the whole world. Then swoop in like heroes to save us all from the problem they created with their promising solution of a new world order and global currency. And anyone who objects to this New World Order will end up being defeated in World War 3 which is supposed to start in the Middle East. This is why they have put so much attention on Iran and Israel.
OK, so where are we in their strategy so far?
Step 1: Create the problem. = Done! The world is pretty much a mess from what they‘ve done.

Step 2: Crash the Economy and Bankrupt the world.
 = Almost there! Just waiting for the interest rate to go up to 1% so they can crash the derivatives market. (See more on this below)

Step 3: Create one world government, and one world currency.
= Getting really close! This is being set up now through the UN and Agenda 21 and the UN’s proposals for artificial one world currency.
Agenda 21, an attempt to create One World Government
UN wants to stabilize the global economy with one world currency. And of course it’s not based on gold or silver! Its “artificial” currency, so they can keep control.
Step 4: Start World War 3 in the Middle East= They sure are trying! Keep your eyes on Iran and Israel. If they are successful, this is where it might start.

Important Information about the Derivatives market and the Federal Interest Rates
In regards to the financial portion of this planned collapse, Coast to Coast Radio did an incredible multiple part show called the Financial Crisis. You can listen to it here:
At the end of this interview Lindsay Williams, a pastor to several members of the elite, shared incredible inside information on what to look out for. I took notes and looked up all the news sources to back up what Lindsay was saying. They are posted below:
According to Lindsay Williams:
The Elite will take down the total global economy through the derivatives market.  As a matter of fact the derivatives market was created by the elite to serve this purpose.
Don’t pay attention to the dollar, or the Euro. Don’t pay attention to the markets; these are not the real indicators of the collapse.
Here are the real indicators:
Watch for the Derivatives market to crack. The big banks have taken all the money that we gave them in the bailouts and instead of investing it back into the public they have put all of it into the derivatives market.
Signs of a derivatives market cracking are the following:
Indicator 1: Currency wars. This has already happened on two occasions:
April 14 2012, China said they would let their currency rise from .5 to 1% of the American dollar. This would mean a 100% increase in every product sold here that is made in china. They warned the Americans not to put in QE3.
April 11, 2012, the president of Brazil came here to tell Obama to stop the expansion policy of QE1, QE2, QE3. We don’t have a Federal Reserve and we can’t print money like you do and this is hurting the value of our currency. If you don’t we are going to have a currency war.
Indicator 2: Trade Wars. This has already happened.
Look what happened to the dollar in just 90 days:
April 5, 2012 group of countries called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) met in New Delhi. This group represents: 43% of the world’s Population, 18% of the worlds GDP, and 53% of the world’s Global Financial Capital. At the meeting, they decided that they were not going to use the American dollar any longer in sale or trade of products amongst themselves.
February 2012 China and Japan made a trade agreement. The largest ever signed, on the face of the earth saying they will buy and sell products amongst themselves; they will not use the American dollar.
March of 2012 India told Iran (the 4th largest supplier of oil on the planet), we need your oil but we can’t use the American dollar to pay for it because the Americans have put sanctions on us, so we’ll pay for it in gold.
March 2012 Saudi Arabia (our biggest foreign supplier of oil) told China we want to sell you oil and we will not use the American dollar. (Reneging on the agreement made with Nixon?)
SWIFT Nations transfer funds through SWIFT (kind of like Western Union for the American dollar). 10 countries including India and China said they will not use SWIFT any longer for the American dollar.

Last indicator before complete collapse: Interest rates. This has not happened yet.
When the Federal Reserve announces that they are going to begin to raise interest rates. This is the final indicator that we will have before a complete financial collapse. 1% rise in interest rates will be enough to do it.
What to do:
Secure your assets immediately. Get out of all paper. Buy gold, silver, land, anything of value.
Gold will go to $3,000 an ounce at first and will go up to $7,000 an ounce before it stops.
April 26 2012 Bank of America said: Gold will go up to $7,000 an ounce.

Other Strange Signs of Cabal Strategy to be Aware of:
What is all of this recent military movement? In locations all over the country there have been strange military operations and exercises that have been conducted on public streets that have had many US citizens suspicious and concerned. Check the dates on these stories!  All of them are recent!
Hundreds of Tanks being transported in California

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  1. This is a very good article and the perceptions of total civil catastrophe are reasonable--but that is not what is going to happen. Behind the scenes many have been working for the last 24 months to quash the cabal's planned coup that was meant to sweep them into their NWO --total control of the planet. There has been enough done to almost totally negate their efforts. We will implement asset-backed currencies globally which will eliminate their basis of control--their weapons will continue to be neutralized, so no bio-genecide, no WWIII--the media will immediately be liberated so no more propagandizing--disclosure will happen, the collateral accounts and PPs will be released--mass education will begin through the freed up media---yes it is a lot--but it has been well orchestrated to cause as little distress as possible to the peoples of this planet. Hold on folks and keep fear at bay--this change will be good for everyone but the 1%...


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