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Sending out the call

I have been asked to come up with tangible solutions to help transition our world from the systems we have in place now to the systems we will have in place in the Golden Age. As we are all connected, despite our perceived differences, it would be foolish for me to think that I can undertake such a colossal task on my own. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CALL OUR FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. Humanity needs your help. This is your window of opportunity to contribute to the co-creation of our collective future. Please act now! This call is very real, very serious and incredibly important. Think of it in this way: What if the leaders or your country actually came to you with the problems we were all facing, and asked you to come up with a solution that they would actually implement? This may be hard to imagine as it has been so long since our voices have been heard and taken seriously.

In an effort to organize this, I have put together pointed specific questions that need your input. I’ve also put together a form and list of instructions to help guide you through your own thinking process, and generate clarity in the information that you will submit. I have set a deadline for submission which is two weeks from now (on September 24th.) After this deadline all submissions will be compiled into a document that will be the blueprint of our future written by the people for the people.

Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see.

Please be aware that these questions are going to be hard to answer. You may have to awaken parts of yourself to find the answers. This may not be easy, but the Universe and all of humankind depends on your answers. For this reason I would suggest that you read through the questions slowly, walk away, think about them for a while, perhaps even meditate and pray on them, and wait to see what comes to you for answers. Know that the answers are there inside of you. Ask your friends and family for their ideas, spread this document far and try to get as many people as you can to submit their answers.

First a little background

In my previous post “WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP The Story of the 2012 Revolution” I attempted to layout the background of how we arrived at the point in our history that we are at right now. If you have not yet read it, I suggest you do to help give you your own understanding of our situation. I know that the document is long, but it had to be to get the full story. It is also important that you were able to get through and read to the very end where most of the future opportunities are presented. The reason for this is because we need to be able to get into “possibility thinking”. It is through this thinking that we will be able to come up with the answers for the future of our planet. We need to remember who we all really are, where we came from and where we are going.

The Assignment

As I’ve stated, there is a tremendous amount of money that is about to be released to all of us. As wonderful as this sounds it is a difficult process to undertake. This is the problem we all need to resolve. Let me try to explain:

To simplify, the release of this money is the equivalent of everyone winning the lottery at the same time (and yes there is enough for everyone to get the full amount). What kind of effect would that have on our society? Suddenly you’re a millionaire, but so are all the people you know. So yes, while everything will be “reset” there is a very real possibility that everything will be devalued at the same time. If everyone has money, everyone might quit their job, then there will be no one to provide the goods and services that we would all spend our newly found money on.

Here is an important analogy for what we are dealing with. Our current system (regardless of how corrupt it is) is like a life support machine for our society. It pumps our blood and supplies the nutrients necessary to keep our heart beating. We’ve been hooked up to this system for so long, our society depends on its daily operation for our ongoing survival. You can’t just pull the plug, wheel in a new life support machine and hook it up. The body wouldn’t survive that sudden transfer. We need to create a detailed means of transferring us off one system and onto another without loosing one precious soul in the transition.

On one side of the pond we’ve got the history of our past, and all the associated problems with our situation in the present. On the other side of the pond we’ve got the Golden Age and wondrous dreams of our glorious future. There are plenty of great people who have given us details and an understanding of our past and present. There are also plenty of people who give us details of our Golden Age. But who’s talking about the bridge between the two? How do we get there? This, ladies and gentlemen, is our mission. We the people are going to build the bridge so that all of us can step into our Golden Age, and we are going to start with the answers that we provide through this assignment.

Collectively, we’ll create the blueprint. Each of us plays a different role. Each of us is a cog in the great living machine of consciousness that will bring us to the other side. If you have been waiting and wondering: “when is something going to happen? why doesn’t something happen?”, it may be because we have to make it happen! Awaken those parts within yourself may be asleep and open your heart to the Divine answers that reside within. Step up to the plate and take an active role in the tremendous leap of our evolution. You have been summoned. The time is now.

The Questions (these will also be outlined in the form below)

Question #1 High level question – this addresses the “big picture”:

Our main objective is to release this money without destroying our society by crashing our global economic systems. How can we do this?

You do not have to be an economist to answer this question. Think about it based on your own understanding and knowledge. If you want, you can think of this on a global scale. You can also think of this on a small scale based on your own town or community.

For example, how would you keep your local supermarket running if the owner suddenly became a millionaire? Come up with your own scenarios based on your own personal experience. Act as if you were the person in charge of implementing this change and explain step by step what you would do to create the transition.

Question #2 Low Level Question – this addresses details:
Releasing this money and rebuilding our world is going to have to involve re-defining our relationships with our current organizations and industries. How do we do this? Pick one or more areas of our society that you feel passionate about (education, medical, military, technology, spirituality etc) Propose the end result relationship/function of this particular area that you wish to achieve and then reverse engineer the steps to bring us from where we are currently to the end result.

For example, if the end result is to live a life completely free of our dependence of oil, how would we smoothly transition our current energy system from where we are now to one that is completely run on clean free energy.

Question #3 Alternative Question:

If you have followed the work of someone that has these answers, please summarize this work here as it pertains to answering these questions and provide a reference to their work. This is also a place where you can list any further thoughts or comments that you have that may not fit into the first two questions.


Please try to adhere to the following guidelines while submitting your ideas.

1. This is not about competition or perfection. Please just do the best you can. Perhaps you don’t have all the answers; perhaps you can only contribute a small part. That’s ok. Do what you can and leave the rest. Your heart’s intention will be “good enough” to complete this assignment.

2. Standardization. To make this mass communication as efficient as possible I have created a standardized format that I would ask you to adhere to. This format is also designed to help guide all of us as a collective as we all partake in our own thought process. I have tried to make the form as intuitive as possible to help you complete it. Please think about your answers within the context of some of the following key points:

Goal/End Result: Please provide a summary in one or two sentences that can easily be listed with several other goals and end results on the same page. Please be concise and get right to the point with your Goal or end result. For example: “Goal: To end world hunger and provide sustainable food security through the use of local community co-ops where every member of the community volunteers their time in exchange for food to feed their families.”

Explain how we can accomplish this goal through the use of contingencies and milestones. (Below) This will help you lay out the step-by-step instructions that are necessary for these plans to be implemented.

Contingencies: Any process is laid out in a series of steps and you often have to complete the first step to move on to the second step and so on… Please define your idea’s contingent relationships here. For example, if we want to build a house, first we need to pour the foundation and wait for it to dry before we can build the frame on top of the foundation. After the frame is built we can then build the walls, etc.

Milestones: Please name specific points within your process that would be progress -marking achievements. For example, once we have finished building the house, we have now achieved a place to live!

3. Assume that the Cabal has been abolished and the financial collapse has been prevented. There are powers in place now that are helping to take care of these things. Our mission here is to design our world after this has been done. The beauty of this assignment is that by providing a detailed book of solutions now, we will also help play a part in the removal of the cabal and the prevention of the financial collapse, so it’s a win-win all around!

4. Apply the lessons we have learned. I know that this assignment may be overwhelming to some, but it is partially our complacency that has helped to get us into this mess. In the past, if we didn’t want to think about solutions, someone else did. And many of these solutions were based on greed and personal ego. Now is the time to break this pattern. Get up, stand up, do something, and speak out!

5. Check your ego. It has become natural to think in terms of “what’s in this for me?” Try to think of the collective. Remember the ultimate answer lies within the context of what you can do to help humanity, and not only what you can do to help yourself.

6. Think outside the box. You would be amazed at the types of answers you can come up with when you use “lateral thinking”. For example, challenge traditional ways of viewing things, make random assumptions about things to help break yourself out of the way we’ve all been programmed to think. (It’s not the spoon that bends; it’s your mind.)

7. Please — no hate, and no complaints without solutions. I understand that we all have strong feelings about the oppression and suffering that we have had to endure. And I understand that you will probably have to identify a problem in order to provide an answer. Complaining and people-bashing alone keeps us stagnant and we need to move forward. I will not be able to include any submissions in the final document that are purely negative and void of solutions. If you are angry (as many of us are) please use that anger and focus it on coming up with an answer to get us out of this mess.

8. Brainstorm with your friends and family. Some of us are awake, some of us are not. Everyone has a brain and a heart. You can ask simple questions without having to reveal everything all at once. In many cases you might come across something that is very common. Some people will just shut down and say, “It can’t be done! It’s impossible! Never gonna happen!” They state it as if it were fact, back it up with little or no coherent thought or justification, and brush you off. This is “contempt prior to investigation”. It is a classic conditioned response and part of the programming of the Cabal. Hang in there as we are all being reprogrammed NOW as we speak. If you feel safe, try to ask some gentle probing questions to see if you can shift their thinking just a little. If this doesn’t work, then just shower them with love and drop a hint or two in your own way to let them know that everything will be ok, and when the time comes, you’ll be able to help them. The heart remembers what the mind forgets.

9. Share your story. If you have a story that you think would be beneficial for explaining your solution and reaching the hearts of others, please have the courage to share it! If you want, you can share anonymously or under a pen name. Too much has been hidden from us for too long. We need to know about your experience. We need to walk in each other’s shoes. We need to find compassion for one another. Your story plays an important role in awakening the hearts of others, and allows us to usher in the Golden Age.

10. You are significant. You are good enough and smart enough. You are more valued than you may ever know. It does not matter your age, your level of education, your culture, your income level or your occupation. You are part of humanity and you are needed at this time.

Next Steps for HopeGirl

I will be collecting submissions as they come in and organizing them into a larger document. As I am only one person, I certainly have my work cut out for me. I am dedicated to this cause as I am answering the directive given to me to do my due diligence. I know that I will receive help in every way I might need it.

Please feel free to post some of your ideas in a summarized version in the comments section below so that others can read and be inspired while this collection is in process. Please do this of course IN ADDITION to submitting the form, as only form submissions will be included in the finished document.

Remember the deadline for submissions is on September 24th at 12pm EST. You can start submitting your ideas as soon as today. After the deadline, the document will be finalized and submitted to the parties mentioned and will also be posted on this blog for all to read. I am assuming the finalized document should take a few days to complete after the submission deadline. At this point in time, we have to assume that this is the only opportunity we will get to pull this type of information together and submit it. I do not know if there will be another chance in the future, so if at all possible please act now if you want to contribute.

Please spread this document far and wide. We need as many submissions as possible and everyone needs to know about this opportunity to contribute their ideas.

Many blessings to all of you my beloved fellow humankind. I am very excited to hear what you come up with. Good luck!


Click HERE for Instructions and Form for Submissions

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