Monday, 26 November 2012

No Update Tonight

I'm sorry my friends.  I know that there are a few of you waiting for news, but I was asked not to post an update tonight.  At all.

So I'm off to bed with a smile on my face.

Sleep well everyone!


  1. POO!

    Well, at least you're smiling which I'll take to mean that the situation hasn't taken a catastrophic (for us) turn. I can wait a while longer and hopefully I won't have chewed my fingernails off by the time you can update us! Nite.

  2. thank you...good night *D*...Oh! and KissKiss! for Poofie...i love him so...~chinka~

  3. Does that mean update tomorrow or no update at all?

  4. A treat (blessing) comes to us UNEXPECTEDLY while we have been counting chickens before they hatch.
    I have tried and tried to stay busy in the past year by working to generate an income to help those who needed my help so that I did not have the time to despair.
    I thank the Universe for the strength to carry me through.

  5. Very soon I suspect we'll all understand the why's and wherefores, then in our rejoicing we will see CLEARLY, though through tears of joy why it had to be as it was.Namaste

  6. Poofie had a few words for the masses here It pretty much sums it up. I expect lame stream media will be making announcements this week. Love and Light to All

  7. I feel that arrests have been taking place for the last month but they are not keeping us in the loop because it would be distracting for those who have to do the dirty work. That is a good thing. It's best to know what has taken place after the fact. Thank you for all the hints. It keeps us going. We love you an Poof and never want to be without you, even after the fact.

  8. OK...its Monday morning where I live and within the hour it will be morning even in pacific wakee good news....eager to get me some...

  9. Smile...reminds me of this song

  10. I read the latest Poof!!! update.

    Is this what he means, when he refers to a D9 ???

    1. Yep, that would be a D9!


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