Saturday, 9 June 2012

Petitioning for Freedom

 This won't be one of my epic, pages long posts this morning.  Short and Sweet.

Message:  Sign The Petition, share it everywhere and spread the word

World Peace, Free Energy and Personal Freedom

World Peace, Free Energy and Personal Freedom
The Pentagon Good Guys, Through Drake Kent are seeking your vote on the following points, after the peacefull surrender of the CABAL (NEW World Order)

1- N.E.S.A.R.A. The National Economic Security And Reformation Act.
This offers financial freedom, and debt forgiveness. Please read the history of NESERA for more in depth information at these 2 places This can be enacted world-wide.

2- Release of ALL advanced technologies. Free Energy, advanced health cures etc. The Collateral Accounts will be used to set up manufacturing and installation.
This offers jobs. There are between 6 and 800 of these that will change all our lives for the better.

3- Return to Constitutional Law,
Bill of Rights etc.
This offers you FREEDOM.
All of this together can offer world peace and prosperity.
Your Vote numbers will be passed on to The Pentagon Good Guys, to enable implementation.

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