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Fighting for the Freedom of America.... and the world

Over the past few months I've written several articles about "Drake" and posted updates and links. But Drake is not the only one fighting for your freedom and organizing the rebel alliance to fight the scourge of the Empire.  His site is only one of many many sites out there that are bringing order to the disorder that is the United States Inc.

Before giving  a couple of links and info, I want to say that I am posting these for YOU, the reader, to investigate, research and discern for yourself. I do not endorse any one of these groups- only YOU can choose who to support, exercising your free will.

Please notice the common motif of these organizations: a return to the original Constitution and an abolishment of the criminal acts of those who have warped and bought and sold the rights of the people.

In no particular order....

The Republic of the United States of America

The year 1776 marked America’s victory in the war for independence.   The lawful right to re-inhabit is inherent in The Declaration of Independence circa 1776.  The Declaration, one of our founding documents, declares our right to change, alter or abolish any system of government that we believe is contrary to the safety and security of the American people.  
In concern for all of humanity, “We the People” re-inhabited our lawful de jure (meaning “by right of legal establishment”) government on March 30, 2010, by serving notice on the de facto corporation, known as the “UNITED STATES”.   (USC 28 Section 3002, No. 15(a) “United States” means a Federal Corporation.)   The United States was incorporated February 21, 1871 (16 Stat. 419, Chap. 62, 41st Congress, 3rd Session), the purpose being “an Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia, reorganized June 8th, 1878, (20 Stat. 102, Chapter 180, 45th Congress, 2nd Session) as “an Act providing a permanent form of government for the District of Columbia” aka US Inc.  Uniform Commercial Code, UCC9-307 (h) states “Location of United States.  The United States is located in the District of Columbia.  A lawful grand jury in each of the fifty republics created a new Declaration of Independence that was lawfully served on the corporate UNITED STATES informing them that the original de jure government was restored.   We have claimed our right to exist as a free and independent people on our land, thus exercising our God-given unalienable rights as defined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
On July 21, 2010 “We the People” of the de jure government proclaimed worldwide and made our “Declaration of Sovereignty for the Republic for the united States of America” to The Hague (a.k.a. the International Court of Justice), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the United Nations (UN).  On September 23, 2010, the first session of congress was convened by the united free Republics of the re-inhabited united States of America.  The seating of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Republic government were successfully established.  This was completed by more   than the required two-thirds majority vote of “We the People” on the land of the independent Republics.  Delegates from more than 42 free Republics (States) attended, and officers for all three branches of our government have been officially sworn into office, lawfully electing interim President James Timothy Turner and interim Vice President Charles Eugene Wright, along with other established cabinet members with a presiding majority vote of 94% approval.  Thus, the Republic government is officially re-inhabited and staffed for the first time since 1868 by the will of “We the People”.
The de facto UNITED STATES CORPORATION was unlawfully established by the forty-first congress in 1871 by deceptive means and without proper consent from “We the People”.  The American people were placed under involuntary servitude by a “Legal” system of laws that have continually violated the “Constitution for the united States of America”, “Bill of Rights” and the “Declaration of Independence”.  The corporate constitution was changed from the original form, wherein Amendments were unlawfully added and removed without the people’s consent.  Since 1871, the abuses of this corporation upon both the international community as well as the American people are inestimable and unconscionable.  De facto Congress has repeatedly violated their Oaths of Office, fiduciary responsibilities, and in many cases, committed treasonous acts against “We the People” of the united States of America and the world.
We humbly come forward apologizing for the numerous atrocities we have unknowingly allowed the U.S. CORPORATION to carry out upon the international community.   It is our mission to establish the American image of truth, honesty, integrity and honor around the world.  Our plan is to rebuild our economy and support other economies around the world, fulfilling humanitarian needs.  We will allow our military to withdraw from unnecessary conflicts around the world and promote world peace and prosperity.  We intend to follow God the Creator’s command to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the sick, irrespective of creed, religion or race.   There is no law against these things.
We are calling on the support of all Nations around the world to help us end the tyranny that has been perpetrated by the unlawful actions of the UNITED STATES corporate government.  We shall achieve this goal PEACEFULLY AND LAWFULLY, with boldness, integrity and truth, so help us God.

The Confederate States of America

Welcome to the official website of the government of the Confederate States of America established in 1861. Though we currently exist under the occupation of the UNITED STATES, INC., our culture, our customs, our heritage and most importantly, our Constitution, are alive and unconquered awaiting the day when freedom loving Americans awaken to once again take up the banner of liberty by becoming registered citizens of the Confederate States of America. It has already begun and a substantial amount of progress has been made, All that is needed now is a few good men and women and we will, with the blessing of God Almighty regain our sovereignty.

It is important to note that the central government is not structured to legally have control of the State C.S.A. governments, but rather for them to function with the central government and each other in accordance with the central C.S.A. Constitution and their own State Confederate Constitutions according to the dictates of the citizens therein. The government of the Confederate States of America is not a political party nor a club but a government and thus does not endorse any political party or candidate nor club or other organization. Nevertheless, the government does appreciate positive support by such other organizations and/or political parties.

The government of the Confederate States of America never officially surrendered and thus still exists as an occupied government under the control of the national democracy (UNITED STATES, INC.) in the Southern States of America including: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, No. Carolina, So. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia and within the Territory of Arizona (defacto States of Arizona and New Mexico south of the 34 degree parallel), and the Indian Territory (defacto State of Oklahoma east of the 100 degree Meridian).

C.S.A. registered citizens live in these various states and are eligible to vote in Confederate elections. C.S.A. citizens also live outside the States and Territories of the Confederacy but may vote absentee in the last State and Territory they registered to vote in.

Most C.S.A. registered citizens are also U. S. citizens by virtue of the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, which is not necessarily recognized by the Confederate States of America, but yet applies due to the occupation and thus such C.S.A. registered citizens may individually vote in U. S. and U. S. Satellite State elections.

So long as a peace treaty between the Confederate States of America and the United States recognized by the UNITED STATES, INC. has not been signed, the occupation and reconstruction still apply.  Therefore the government of the Confederate States and the citizens thereof are obliged to obey the laws of the occupying nation.

No new treaty between the Confederate States of America and any foreign government other than the occupying nation may legally be concluded, but the subjects of the occupation living within the Confederate States, whether or not they are C.S.A. registered citizens, may avail themselves legally to the laws and supposed rights and protections of the U. S. Constitution.

Meanwhile and prior to a negotiated peace treaty and termination of occupation, the C.S.A. registered citizens are admonished to avoid any form of military hostility against the United States and the satellite states thereof.  We pray that the Lord will bless His people if we are worthy and that He will shield the innocent from harm as in the Lord’s prayer.

In the Service of Almighty God,
The Executive Council

And of course there is Drakes site:

American National Militia Website

This is different than most sites.
It is designed for and dedicated to present and upcoming events.
Due to patriot efforts, Americans are at a crossroads. We, as a people, are living in extraordinary times. These are the times that try mans  souls…
Each of us knows the patriotic feelings that are at a height few are familiar with. In recent years the freedom idea has flooded the internet with everything from no drivers license and straw men to sovereignty, all of it being loaded with legalities and filings…
I dedicate this site to my Oath of Service.
I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
Although the things here will be slanted towards the military, I offer that any true patriot of any background is welcome. There will be information available through this site, individuals, and directives of various nature to inform and instruct.
It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their countrymen.
Several individuals in several states, got together and decided that being free was the only alternative to our present situation. Out of this was born a second revolution. The paperwork was filed from a majority of the several states that notified the world that We The People declared ourselves Freemen once again. That, as the Declaration of Independence states, We The People have a duty to replace a governance that refuses and is opposed to freedom for its people.
There are efforts underway that are to allow for mass arrests of those who would rule the people. The power derived and used has been mostly financial in nature, so it is in these areas that the actions will be concentrated. ALL those who have participated or originated suppressive actions are to be taken into custody for adjudication. Everyone needs to be aware that the level to which this main effort is designed to go, only reaches to the Governor level. Therefore, everything under that level will be left for the local population to deal with. This is the second part of this overall action.
In order for We The People to deal with such an undertaking, we need to organize. That process is called ‘The Community or Localization’ project. This consists of everyone any of us have dealings with. The people you see regularly, pass by ever so often, and those you talk a little with, are the key.
This all depends on a persons individual feelings about the subject of freedom. IF you are already ‘awake’ then most likely you are already ‘active’. There are too few who have any idea…and there needs to be an awakening of those who are asleep.
Most people think you are crazy when you try to talk to them…Why?   Simply, they are not aware that the enemies of freedom are sneaky, stealthy, and are willing to go real slow and easy in their efforts. The plan to enslave all of us has been in the works since the 1700′s and even before that. A Frog won’t jump out of the pot if the heat is turned up slowly… Yes, those who are awake know all about a lot of what is really going on, BUT, what about those who just refuse to listen to any of it?  In what way can the truth be offered so they can hear? So now what?
Approach is how you come up to something. Addressing is how that approach is made. Then you have to know what works…how have ‘they’ been doing all these things to us for so long, and no one saw it? A very methodical approach, stealth works. How can you be sneaky with people you know? Simple, you don’t cheat fair…
While talking to someone, think about what their interests or concerns might be. Then ask them how they feel or what they think. At this point, SHUT UP, and let them tell you. Follow this by the simple question, what do you think should be done? Again, SHUT UP, and listen. That person will tell you the key to offering an answer, no matter the problem. The next step is for you to know or decide what part of our efforts might be able to fix that problem…now there are two of you.
Eventually the subject can become about freedom. Let’s go take care of that. It doesn’t matter what, it matters that the other person is involved and you are there to help. The question then moves to, do you know anyone else who might use a little help? Think we could go see about it?
It might be a small group that decides to fix a broken step, a loose handrail, or a little painting. Cleaning up a persons yard who can’t for whatever reason…sharing a ride. Absolutely anything, anything at all…
By getting together, people get to know each other. Do you know your neighbor? If not, go over and talk to them. Eventually ask them, do you know your neighbor?
It is in this way that a local area of people can organize to support those they live near. This is how a Community’ is supposed to be, this is ‘Localization’.
When several people come together for a common goal of support and involvement, all those people also become more self reliant. Someone in most groups knows how to do whatever needs done. Add experience and common sense together and it just might be that We The People have a better idea of what should be done. Ya think?

These websites and groups are definitely not the be all and end all of groups working towards the Freedom of the United States of America and her people.  Go read and research- there are many groups organized at the state and county level.

You know... what we need is to get all these groups to drop the ego and the bashing of each other and pull together a United Front!  If Drake and Turner could drop their personal animosity towards each other, think of how much stronger each group would and could be.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Sheeesh!  Snap out of it!

My personal note:   Beware the groups and organizations that are founded on hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and religious and political supremacy.  In my research I was disgusted to find so many sites that advertised themselves to be "patriots" when in fact their sites were full of worn out rhetoric trying to disguise the blatant hatred, bigotry, racist, and moral supremacists that they really are.  In my opinion groups of this nature are not truly working for the good of the people but  using the "patriot" banner as a way to inflict their limited and biases views on others.

...just because you have political and religious beliefs doesn't mean that yours are more important than someone elses.  Think: freedom of religion and freedom of speech and freedom of choice.  

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