Friday, 15 July 2016

Transpicuous News: Nice's Terror & Pokemon SpyOp

For todays Transpicuous News we have a double report:

First up- the "Terrorist Attack" in Nice France.  As we've seen so many times in the past, as this "attack" played out, the reports were full of vastly different information from multiple sources.  Deaths were listed as anywhere from 2 dozen up to 80, with 20- over 100 injured.... depending on which report you followed.  Mysterious, there are no reports on HOW these people died. Gunshot? Explosions?  Run over by the Truck?  Not a word.  And two reported "hostage situations" in Nice seemingly vanished and then were denied by the French Government. Meanwhile in Paris, a fireworks truck under/beside/near by the Eiffel Tower blew up/caught on fire/created a massive smoke screen around the most famous land mark in France.  Curious.

Second part of our report today focused on....

WTF's With all this Pokemon Shit?!?

Today I tore apart the background of the company responsible for the creation of this new crazed video game, and highlighted their very open association with every alphabet soup agency in the book.

Thought you were just having a bit of fun and joining in on the latest fad?  Think again my friends!!

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