Saturday 5 September 2015

Death and Distraction: Do you GET IT?

Facebook post from this morning:

Those of us who are posting this picture (below) are doing so for a purpose: to WAKE people up to the truth of what's actually happening. In my 2 decades as a political advocate and activist, the unfortunate truth I have witnessed over and over is that sometimes you NEED to use SHOCK to shake people out of their comfort zone. This isn't about not honoring the child who has died a needless and horrific death. This is about showing the world that he DID die a needless and horrific death. We are surrounded by people who are blinded by media spin doctoring and propaganda, who are posting ridiculous bullshit about refugees stealing away ...... oh god, just about everything!!! THIS is the bullshit that needs to be smashed. And if these innocent childrens deaths can be used to get people to snap out of their blind obedience to the propaganda machine.... then perhaps this childs needless death can be use to create CHANGE.

It's time for people to be shaken out of their comfort zone. It's time for people to start paying attention to the world and realizing that what they are being told by the media and their politicians and churches are LIES. It's time for those "New Agers" who are waiting for Ass-ended Masters, Galactics, Sphere Alliances,  and bluebirds from hell to swoop in and rescue them, to stop staring at their fuckin' navels and take a hard look around them: your saviors are all bullshit. Keshe and his threats to force peace? BULLSHIT.  Every Single Savior Meme is BULLSHIT.

If you can't look at these pictures and see the problem, then you need to smack yourself in the head a few times. If you can't look at pictures of what's happening, because it's uncomfortable, or it upsets you.... and you feel the need to put the blame on myself and others for posting these pictures, instead of looking at the reason WHY YOU are upset, or WHY YOU have a problem with this....... Well, then you are the one with the problem.

I will continue to post shocking pictures of what is REALLY going on, because I hope that each picture of horrific reality will shake the mind numbing drugs and propaganda out of people's heads, and perhaps shake them hard enough to begin to think for themselves and start to question lies that they've been fed.

I also want to add that this is a DISTRACTION. YES, a tool of Distraction that is being put out to keep people emotionally preoccupied. BUT.... it is a DISTRACTION that we can CO-OPT. Take this Distraction and use it to educate and wake people up. Take this DISTRACTION and use it to DIRECT attention to what is really going on in the BACKGROUND.  USE this DISTRACTION to pulverize the bigotry and bullshit of the self righteous, and religiously & politically blinded people that are perpetuating the propaganda of hate and division.



I said a few weeks ago on the One People's Roundtable Discussion:  The time for handling people with kid gloves, the time for molly coddling and pandering to peoples personal agendas and "sensitive feelings", the time for "Political Correctness" is OVER. 

NOW is the TIME for Cold Bare Truth, with a side order of Wake the Fuck Up.  

The MATRIX is FALLING and it's Trying to take YOU With it.  RIGHT NOW.


In Turkey last weekend

This is YEMEN this weekend
THIS is YEMEN last month

NOW... Do you understand THIS desperation?


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