Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Phoenix That Wouldn't Rise.

Over the past two years I have spoken several times about the templates that the "cabal" and "Powers that Were" continuously use in all of their activities.  These templates play out over and over again in all aspects of business/finance, war, "politics", "terrorism"/false flags, and "history".  Once you can identify the template that "they" are using, then you can see the entire scenario for what it is and know exactly how it is being played out.

The template that was used for the Colorado theatre shooting, Sandy Nook school shooting, Sikh temple shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing etc... made it very very easy to spot the next "false flag" the moment it was perpetuated. Hence the fact that now when they happen, the alternative media and quick witted people all over the world uncover the lies and deceptions within hours, if not minutes of the incident.  Many of us have sat back and laughed and pointed fingers at "them" and said "Oh my god!  What a bunch of idiots!!  I can't believe they thought that this would work!!!", and "How can they be so stupid?!".  Yet it's not actually "stupidity".....

They literally can NOT go outside the template that they have.

Let's look at the health "pandemic" template that they have (tried) to use on the public to further their "Martial law", "population reduction" and "fear and distraction" plans.  Norwalk, SARs, H1N1, H5N1, H1N5, H1N7, H7N9......... Not ONE of these "pandemics" worked on any level of what "they" were trying to perpetuate.  There was no mass die off's of the human species, there was no martial law installed, there was no massive panic by the populous.  None.  It didn't work.  "Their" template was a bust, and yet they can't break the template so they have to try again.... with the same damn template...

...Enter:  The Ebola Outbreak.

"They" had to jump to their last resort "outbreak" out of desperation of a completely failed plan.  "Desperation" because, even with 40 years of research and testing, "they" still haven't managed to weaponize Ebola into the bioterror weapon that "they" have been hoping for.   As I have pointed out in the last two articles I published:

"The Ebola Outbreak: The pandemic that isn't"


"When is Ebola not Ebola?  When it walks off an airplane"

"Their" attempted "pandemic" is a complete failure. 

The "Ebola pandemic" is running off of the exact same template as all the previous "pandemics" (because they can't change the template), using a failed chimeric frankenstein virus that hasn't even coming close to working they way they planned.  "Their" last ditch effort is aimed at distracting the public for as long as possible, and hoping that somehow they could figure out a way to at least scare people enough with the "Ebola" boogieman  that they could finally get their "martial law" thingy in place.....  which also won't work. Just like it never has worked before.

Let's move on.

The "war" and "terrorism" templates are also identical and have been played out so many times now that the main stream media is literally just changing the names in the headlines.

From RT in January 2012:  "EU places sanctions on Iran"
From RT in January 2014:  "EU places sanctions on Russia"

The "sanctions" didn't work against Iran, and they aren't working on Russia either.  Why?  Because it's all fake.

There is no "war about to break out".  "They" are trying to play out their "war" template, over and over,... and yet it isn't working.   Let's look at that template:

-Media hysteria over Syria- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Gaza- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Greece- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Iran- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Syria and toss in Turkey- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Gaza again- didn't work
-Media hysteria over North Korea- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Iran again- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Syria/Egypt again- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Ukraine/Russia- didn't work
-Media hysteria over Gaza... about to fade away

Up to bat is Ebola, on deck is Venezuela, Argentina, Syria or Iran.

Not ONE of these so called "wars" or "terrorist" driven violent actions has worked.  Their template is seen over and over again and no matter how they try to twist the shape of it, each one is still within the same template.  There is still no "World War III",  there is still no Martial Law,  the FEMA camps are still empty (and costing them a fortune by the way), and not a single attempt to get more money for "their" militarys has worked either.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the grandaddy template of them all:

The PHOENIX Template


noun: phoenix; plural noun: phoenixes

(in classical mythology) a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.
Unlike the other templates we've discussed, the Phoenix Template is one that has been running for eons.  This simplistic template has been used over and over again through out history, and yet is rarely seen for what it is:  the ultimate template.  While the "Powers that were" have been pumping out all the smaller templates, such as "war" and "pandemic", the ultimate template has been quietly and continuously running in the background.

In my skype rooms people have heard both myself and Heather use the term "Phoenix template" or "the Phoenixing of the system".  The PHOENIX is literally the entire "system" burning itself out and then rising from the flames all fresh and new.  Just as Fawks does in the book "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets", the Phoenix  get's old and crotchety and then it bursts into flame and out of the ashes is reborn- the exact same bird as before.  This is exactly what has been done for eons on our planet.

History tells us that we have experienced many many "empires" over thousands of years- global empires and regional empires.  There was the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Turkish Ottomans, the Spanish, the French, the British, the American.....  (and yes, I've missed a few I'm sure, but I'm just listing them off the top of my head)... these were all perceived "empires", and yet they were all just a change of the Phoenix.  The historians try to tell us that each of these are separate and each of these "empires" were preceded by a "revolution".  The truth is that each and every one of these supposed "changes", "revolutions" or "empires" was actually just a Phoenixing of the existing systems, by the controllers.

The Phoenix Template plays out like this:

A perceived "empire" (be it lineage, geopolitical, or religious in nature) is very simply just a tool of the "controllers" to make the public believe that they have power.  As each "empire" becomes decadent and/or dictatorial, the people get fed up and stage a revolt in some way, shape or form.  at this point, the controllers toss the old "empire" onto the burning pyre of "revolution" and out pops another "empire" from the ashes to take control of the masses once again.  This "new empire" looks all shiny and new, spouts wonderful things to the public and the people cheer and dance in the streets, thinking that they "did it" and that life is now going to be wonderful and carefree.  Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the always existing "controllers" are still in control of the system and still maintaining their "kingdom" just as they always have done.

Whether you want to call these "controllers" the Banksters, or something else entirely, the name you/we give them doesn't change their existence.  They have been behind all the perceived "empires" since the very beginning and they have been working the Phoenix template continuously since the beginning of recorded history.

BUT..... whereas before all "they" had to do was stage a world war, an invasion, a revolution etc... and then just tell the public whatever cover story "they" came up with, TODAY is a very different situation.....

.... Enter the world of the INTERNET, Mobile phones, You Tube and live stream net based "TV".

"They" have no choice at this moment but to re-phoenix the current system.  But before they could attempt it in this new age of "the world is watching" they needed to do a test run.

Enter:  ICELAND.  A tiny island nation way up north, with a small population and little global notoriety.

I followed the "peaceful revolution" in Iceland that quietly snuck it's way into the alternative media's attention (albeit almost  2 years AFTER it happened) with a very sharp interest to seeing how it would all roll out. At first I was elated.  Here was proof that a "peaceful revolution" could happen!!!  It was only once I began to understand the templates that were being used that I realized what was really going on.

This was a test.  A test of how "they" would roll out a global system reboot.  A "Revolution".  A whole "new" system.

... Does this sound familiar?

Iceland was a perfect testing ground.  I spent about a month this spring with a good friend who is from Iceland and who was there to witness the whole thing.  She told me all about the arrests of the bankers and politicians who were supposedly responsible for the financial collapse of Iceland's bank in 2008.  About the creation of a "new" constitution, written "by the people", and the creation of a "new government" as voted on "by the people" and the writing of "new laws" as voted on "by the people"..... it all looked so shiny and fresh and "new".   Until you look underneath the new dress and see what it actually is:  the same ol' controllers.   Iceland now has a new set of bankers that are in charge of their financial system... and yet they all come from the same place as the old set of bankers that purported were put in prison (of which there is no proof).  The Icelandic people are being led to believe that THEY are the ones writing the new laws etc... and yet every law that has been passed so far has been done with NO transparency nor any full explanation of what these laws actually mean.

I will give you an example:  The Icelandic people just recently voted on a law that would limit bank/financial leveraging to "just" 3 %.  The public were told that the "old" laws allowed for leveraging of over 5%, so now the people are all thrilled that they've gotten it down to a mere 3%.... I mean, how awesome is that?  One problem.  At no point did the "new" Icelandic government explain to the people of Iceland WHAT leveraging actually is,  HOW it was used to topple the Icelandic financial system, OR the fact that the 5% leveraging that they use to have laws for was NOT the reason for the financial collapse!!!  At no point did the "new" government tell the people that the reason that their banking system crumbled was because after leveraging their  money the 5% that the "laws" allowed (ps: the same 5% that Canada and the US also has on the law books!), and THEN they took those leveraged funds to the City of London and re-leveraged them again to the tune of 90%!!!!!! So..... the people have voted on a law of which they had no understanding of and absolutely no transparency on, AND... just created yet another system of leveraging on the books for the "new" bankers and "new government" to use!!!

(This is one of the reasons that I laughed my ass off at the Main stream media earlier this year when the British "government" passed new laws to "protect" their banking industry and to "prevent" the collapse of the British Pound Sterling- because ALL of the major money laundering and leveraging done in the UK is perpetuated in The City of London, WHICH IS IT'S OWN COUNTRY AND NOT BEHOLDEN TO ANY LAWS THAT THE BRITISH "GOVERNMENT" PASSES!!!!).

So, we have a "peaceful revolution" in Iceland, which is being held up as a shining example by the alternative media.  The controllers still have absolute control of everything and yet the people are all happily smiling and patting each other on the back for a job well done. ... and nothing has actually changed.

Now comes the BIG Phoenix roll out.   "They" have been preparing for this for a long long time, setting the stage through the alternative media, the various "patriot" movements, the "freemen" and "sovereign" movements, the constitutionalists, the "occupiers", the "common-law" supporters, the "RV'ers", the nesara supporters, .....  then you add the various groups and organizations: the vatican, the jesuits, the masons, the illuminati, the zionists, the dragons, the new world order, the new earth nation, the new agers swiss indo, ... the list goes on and on.  Each one is designed to pull in people to their order/organization/group/movement, and to perpetuate the idea of "CHANGE" that they will bring to humanity.

They offer promises of Peace & Prosperity, of a "New Age" of paradise/enlightenment/ascension/heaven on earth..... and yet, it's all still the same controllers.

..... I will be writing much more detail on this subject in a separate article.

Edited 09/08/14 at 12:22 to add|

It has been brought to my attention that certain groups are upset that I have listed their "group" or "Movement" in a list that includes "Illuminati" and "zionists et al.      I am NOT stating here that swiss indo, or new earth nation or any of the others are in bed with the illuminati or masons or jesuits or any other the other purported "bad guys".
It's just a list.  I have edited the above paragraph so as to not hurt anyone's feelings.... 'cause I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings you know....

Part of the Phoenix is the big glitzy "New" financial system.

... the one that they have desperately been trying to put into place for the past year.

...... the one where they have actually "pressed the button"  at least 3 times since the middle of June....

........... and nothing has happened.

Each time the global financial system is rebooted, it is mirrored.  Hence the "new" is just a reflection of the old, that keeps on chugging- same ol' same ol'.  In 1998/99 the entire system was completely re-mirrored. In January of 2010 that Mirror was pierced and it caused panic in the banking and insurance sectors. In the end of 2010, during the manic flurry of the banking industry desperately trying to re-mirror their now compromised financial system, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf expanded the investigation of the international banking system, that was industry specific, to a global level, an investigation that would result in the Paradigm Report being issued on March 6th, 2011. From December 2011 to early July 2012, the investigation expanded it's scope from global to universal and that resulted in all the One People's Public Trust UCC filings between July 25th, 2012 to March 18th, 2013- when all hierarchys, kingdoms, networks, and systems were reconciled and closed.

This was the End Game for the perceived global financial system.  Once all of the filings were done, the already pierced and crippled "financial system" completely collapsed.  "They" could not "issue", "distribute", "release" or mirror any funds or currencies.

In a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that "their" system was now dead in the water, "they" have played a continuous game of  "DISTRACT DISTRACT DISTRACT"  for the past 4 years.  "They" have continuously played out every template in their arsenal- from "terrorism" "false flags" "pandemic" "war" etc..- waving any shiny thing they can come up with to keep the public's attention away from the truth.   The "controllers" have lost all control of their systems of control.

While the Media continues to uphold the mythos that the world of finance is "business as usual", anyone following the perceived "global" markets and the economic  undercurrent of the planet can blatantly see that the sky is falling and that all is not well in the realms of finance.  When the tellers start asking the bank managers why the vaults are empty... you KNOW that the gig is up.  The global banks etc have spent two years pretending that they are "liquid" while in fact all they've been doing is pulling money out of their own personal savings and hidden accounts to create the illusion that they have money to lend.

Their pockets are now empty.

.... The reason that every time they have "pressed the button" - and we KNOW that they've "pressed" it at least 3 times since mid June of this year, 2014- nothing happens, is because there is NO Gold,  there is NO "money", there is NO "global accounts", there is NO hidden vaults, there is NO VALUE that they can use to back their "New" Financial Phoenix.

Some time today, "they" will be trading "bonds", that have no value, no backing, no basis in this reality in order to attempt to "prop up" a "new financial" system, and hide the fact there is no physical gold to directly implement the "Basel III" scheme (a long-planned phoenix of the "new world order"), the precursor requisite to attempt to implement "new governance" over the "human" capital, which is  Source, in body....ALL bodies....the original depositories and true vaults of Source...I AM .  "They" think that they can just give the illusion of a "new" "legitimate" financial system, by issuing and trading allusions of "bonds" that pretend to have some sort of value. These bonds have less value than the paper they are printed on.... and that is not even slightly a joke or exaggeration- right Ed?

..."They" have already given everyone the "cash" in frozen accounts.... yet what will they do when the "cash" remains frozen because their Bonds are bunk?  The IMF can't keep up the illusion, and they can't be used as an excuse that they are "holding back" these accounts forever.... and at some point the lies will shatter no matter how many magical illusions are put in place.

This Phoenix won't Rise.

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